*New Music* Mr. Hawkins releases “The Goodfight”

This is just a music-filled week.

The big homie and my partner in our new “Plates & Crates” event endeavor, Mr. Hawkins just released his latest and dare I say greatest project to date! The GoodfightTHE GOODFIGHT BY MR HAWKINS MIXTAPE COVER

The title should let you know the level you’re about to get on when you turn to the first track “SuperBlack BarBeQue” and get taken in with a brilliant sample of one of my favorite songs of all time, “Summer Madness”.

Fred does this all through the project, catering to his mature listeners by blending soul with hard drums and speaking in language that pushes the less mature to  nod their heads and catch the most profound bars. It’s a great marriage of street smart and conscious. The best example here being when he flips Kanye’s banger from last year “Thera-Flu” into what has become his show staple “Righteous Anymore”. Here he poses the ultimate question with the delivery you hear from trap rappers.

My favorite track this week is “Pushaman Pushaman”, where he flips the classic Curtis Mayfield sample the best I’ve heard making clever analogies and metaphors. This is Hip-Hop! Support The Goodfight!

Click the pic above to download the mixtape.

New Redhead video “Bow Down”

We gonna keep the video trailblazing for the unofficial releases from the S.F.E. fam today! We’re going into this second quarter hard with a new joint by Redhead that he told you fools he was going to drop on well…The day for fools!

“Bow Down” is the rapidly recorded and edited interpretation of Queen Bey’s oh-so controversial week-worthy teaser, with a Maryland/Steady Building twist. Red does what he does best, giving you color, character and creative ass bars while repping PG County like none other. The homie Flex Matthews plays hypeman while I sit here shaking my head saying to myself, ‘this is my fault for having that fish-eye lens that day that we shot Talk White. Video just has never been quite the same for Red since then.

My favorite part? Him making that old school talkboy from 1994 look gangsta throughout the whole video.

Anyway, enjoy kiddies. We’re coming to shake this game up. Separately. Just imagine when we actually rock the same crowd together??!! Howard Homecoming 2013 you say? Do I hear requests?

*Easter Special* New Old Malik-16 video “212/Check-In”

I don’t celebrate Easter at all,

but I thought that shouldn’t stop me from sharing a Holiday treat with you all who do. Not that what I’m sharing has any semblance of what this Holiday supposedly represents. I mean, it is kinda colorful, I’m wearing greens and purples and oranges….But nevertheless, I’ve been sitting on this for some time and I decided that today would be the day.

Besides, I want to conduct my own little social experiment to combat this VEVO count debacle that happened with my first official release.

These are the visuals to what was to be the 2 lead singles off my first mixtape of original music, Party Of 1: The Best Rapper Never Heard. “Check-In”, which is still one of the leads (along with “Grown”) and “212” – which is no longer featured on the project (and relegated to freestyle fodder when I’m prompted – which I just recently used on my college radio appearance btw) but made it into the first half of this video. “Check-In” feels perfect for the change of weather about to occur. Playful, but full of clever lines, produced by my ace, Jim Nastic/K.Lio, even if you don’t feel my off-key alto adlibs on the hook, you’ll find yourself singing along with it at some point. The video plays off of the hotel analogy in the hook and finds me roaming the halls, checking myself out – as you should, and elevator joyriding, all before checking out. See what I did there? The first half is just an unofficial ode to Manhattan, with the same title as, but way more str8forward than whatever ms. Banks did with hers.

This is a dirty gem from my guerilla video era last winter when I was just grabbing whoever had a camera and asking them to shoot footage in hopes that it could be put together into something. And lo and behold…With the combined efforts of the homies Khadj and Kompel, who have NEVER shot videos before in their entertaining lives – to the point where those out-of-focus shots were not actually done on purpose, and the then-novice experience of one Stephen Redhead, We made something. Completely directed by me, this ironically is the ONLY video that NameisE completed before he and I feel out. Again, ironically, this is the one video he had NOTHING to do with. He just wanted to edit it because the quality was annoying him. I promise my official videos are nothing but that…Official.

So. As most of you make your way out of church, I hope this starts your sinning off correctly. Watch, share, notice the cameos if you know those people, and just know that yes, fuck it! My mixtape is dropping this season, even if it’s just for you guys who care.

Hope this holds you over until the next official single release on S.F.E./Universal

*New MALIK-16 video on VEVO – “I Go”*


photo (2)


The accompanying video to my first official single has arrived today, just in time to still count as a February release and close out the month. The story behind this video was such a journey. Should I start with the year and a half long squabble with the dude who actually shot it and was supposed to edit it but left me hanging and started ducking me when I ultimately wound up just asking for the footage? Should I mention the bus-trip to D.C. on Thanksgiving weekend just to dump the footage off after finally wrestling it back into my possession to be edited? Should I mention the professionals who refused to touch it and told me the footage was useless? Should I mention the semi-arguments about editing to secure my vision and make sure that I present myself as comedic but not silly in my debut video on a label with major distribution and the threat of not releasing it? Should I mention the back and forth questioning of the labelhead why my video hadn’t dropped after the single being out for 3 weeks only to finally get the word today and not be credited as the director?? And ARRGHH!! Where’s the dash in my name??


I’ll just show you the end result. My directorial debut for my single “I Go” under S.F.E. through Universal distribution – produced by My road dog K.Lio a.k.a. Jim Nastic. A video shot by NameisE, Young O with some help from Marv X, Edited and brought wonderfully to life by my labelmate Redhead. AND last but certainly not least…..Conceptualized, toiled over and DIRECTED BY ME!! From start to finish. This isn’t even a top quality video. Just an example of making something out of nothing. I hope you Like it. It looks good with that VEVO backdrop. The story behind it makes me appreciate what’s in front of it even more. Now help me get these views!!!

P.S. That single is still very alive and popping on iTunes if you haven’t gotten it yet!

*New Music* MALIK-16 drops debut single “I Go”



One of the many places where you can buy my official debut single “I Go”. There will be plenty more posts. We’ll set things off with Amazon…CLICK THE PIC!


5 Days…


11 days have passed already?

Well, as promised, I’m back with the reminder that my very first official single will be dropping on Tuesday, February 5th.

The producer of said single, and one of my best homies, K.Lio/Jim Nastic told me not to start promoting it until today so here I go.

Funny enough, this day last year I was unleashing the “Shit Rappers DON’T Say” viral video with the homie Kompel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zvsyv8IwnC0

I’m hoping to double that response and effect this go round. But that’s where you all come in.

Just making sure ya’ll are all ready…

330 “FADED” video & Cesar Luciano ft. Kompel “SHOWTIME” VIDEO

A little something new and ill from my over-achieving former protege  who has become a trailblazer in every aspect. She opened up the Brooklyn Hip-Hop festival this past summer and didn’t even know her way around Brooklyn!

She’s so nice with it, not only does the song “faded” take you somewhere, so does the visual treatment for it. Peep her acting skills. You already know. Tell me you see this everyday and I’ll show you a liar!

Please remember the name: 330!! You’ll be familiar soon.

Now I’m tryin’a figure out when she started smoking tho…SMH

Speaking of which,

I have no idea how I let the whole year pass without posting the last video by the homie Cesar Luch and my man 50 grand, Kompel a.k.a Komp’L . “Showtime” is a video that every one who heard the song was waiting for. It dropped at the end of the summer on DJBooth and I must’ve been still reeling from depression and still beefing with the heads in charge. This is the only reason I could think as to why I didn’t post or promote this banger. Just peep Pel’s Ace Ventura deep breath reference and flow. That’s creativity.

These 3 rappers are all names you need to know in 2013 if we don’t all die tomorrow (Oh No!)