My Turn!!

After posting a slew of other unsigned rappers’ music videos since the year opened, I guess it’s about that time that I remind you all why I feel important enough to have even started a blog in the first place.

Remember kiddies,

I’m a rapper. Quite possibly the best rapper out. But that’s a story for another date. Right now this is just a little something that me and my boy @NameisE put together to let you know that my very first original music project is indeed coming. One way or another…

They call it, a commercial


More Videos: New Blood!! – Cesar Luciano’s “Ready To Go” & 360 Won’t “Let Up”!

As this is slowly but surely becoming an unsigned artist music video depot since I stopped actively blogging, I add to the video library by posting the latest from my bro Cesar Luciano. The 4th visual from his Catch Me If You Can album is one of my favorite tracks off of the project and captures that real life, at-wit’s-end feel courtesy of @NameisE who is quickly becoming a vanguard director. You’ll see why as these months unfold…

For now enjoy this cinematic moment in music. 

The second clip is something  new that I wanted to share. Queens is a boro that I’m very fond of and was at the forefront of Hip-hop as it rose to be a dominant musical force. Lately it’s been a sleeping giant, with the nearest talent coming from G-Unit and my boy Pinks, but I’m always rooting for them. So my homegirl Kiki dropped this off to me this afternoon and told me to check it out. I decided to share. Over a classic by one of the main rappers responsible for that rise that Queens contributed to, rapper 360 reinvents LL Cool J’s “Comeback” for his personal mantra.

Enjoy kiddies…

My “Cousin” Goes viral with Whitney Houston tribute, My “Sis” murders Frank Ocean & my “Brother” drops the best music video of the month!!

Ok. So my cuz, the Famous Sasha Allen took the net yesterday morning in an uncharacteristic move with a little push from her boo, and belted out her rendition of “I Will Always Love You” in tribute to the woman whose rendition etched the song in American music history for all time. Her vocal resemblance to the late, great Whitney Houston stirred up such a big chord (pun intended) that it brought out both some doubters who cried lip-syncing and a swarm of supporters who know the broadway star and La Guardia alum very well. All I will say is if you don’t know, Google her! I see you Cuzo!!

Which brings me to my lil “Sis” Ms. La’Rayne. In this intimately powerful clip, she takes a minute from a session with the boy Brandon Carter, who she’s been working on her debut with, to sing a cover of Frank Ocean‘s “Thinking About You”. Thanks to her putting her own twist on it, and Brandon’s acoustic musical strip-down, this song gives the original a run for it’s money.

Last but not least, the guy I’ve been saying for years is my favorite unsigned rapper that’s one of my aces finally releases a project!!! This is the second video from Sol-Leks‘ Train Ride mixtape and it’s the highest quality music video of this year yet coming from the underground set.Wash Heights is very proud right about now…

New Redhead Video “Aim To Please (Shoot To Kill)”

And this is how I shall start the year off. The first clip from Red’s Dope Schemata album just happens to be for my favorite song. Look out for our joint video coming soon which is for a song of mine that he remixed and then I remixed again.


*New Cesar Luciano Album* – CATCH ME IF YOU CAN

It’s Here. My lil bro from Providence is ushering in Gemstars Season lovely with his most complete release yet!

Click either image to download straight from

All produced by Marv X.

As promised, I added the Big Video for “We On”. Directed by PUMA and featuring the whole Gemstars Fam except for me. 

New Cesar Luciano “Catch Me If You Can” Commercial

As we get closer to the release of the homie Cesar Luciano‘s golden opus, Catch Me If You Can, you can expect treats such as this one directed by the big homie NameisE.

The kid’s visual skills are ridiculous, and the boy Ceez puts on the cool like none other with an acapella rendition of the album intro. It was my idea for the song to play at the end. Thanks for listening E! Stay Tuned

New Redhead album – “The Schemata”!!!!!

I got 2 treats for you kiddies in the spirit (he he, get it?) of Halloween. The first being the long awaited album from the kid Redhead, The Schemata. A pretty much autobiographical project, Redhead takes us on a ride thru his journey from birth to the now, in always entertaining and introspective fashion. He even features one of my songs from my upcoming album that’s been remixed! Dopeness!

Click on the image of the cover to download and listen 


For mobile users, click on this link

In the meantime, to whet your appetite further, here’s the second trailer for the album.

Redhead drops the trailer for his new album “THE SCHEMATA”

On the kid’s birthday, it makes sense that I post his brilliant trailer to get you guys ready for the release of his album The Schemata, dropping on Halloween.

Who is Redhead? and what the Fuck is The Schemata?? Well, that’s pretty much the question that he’s posing here.

Piece it together…


*New Brandon Carter Album* – “They’re Trying To Kill You”

It’s Here.

Ya’ll were warned. It’s A CLASSIC -I said it. Click the cover above to download.

And just as a bonus, here’s a clip for the intro/title track and the making of it.

Happy Birthday Homie.

New Cesar Luciano Video “No Plan B”

Also about to release his most important effort to date, is the young homie Cesar Luciano from my Gemstars family.

Peep the latest video from the kid off of his new project, Catch Me If You Can. This time around it’s directed by the boss himself, Edel and produced by the magic-man behind the boards, “Poof Papi” a.k.a. Marv.