The Very Last “Negroes In The News” Post – Who’s Boning Lauryn? Bow Wow talks life & Death, Consequence Brings his own shovel & Jalen Rose gets 20!!

This is my least favorite section of the blog. Mostly because it usually deals with such negativity. Sometimes Negroes are just Negroes and their outlandish antics have to be discussed. In the short time that this segment has run here, I’ve covered crazy murders and random acts of violence and coonery along with beacons of Hope to balance things out. But Iam not a news blogger. Nor am I a celebrity blogger. So everything you catch in this segment is pretty much something that you’ve already been made aware of or something that can easily be found on the web. And as I get ready to stop blogging altogether, this is the first section to go.

With that said, I’ve decided to go the entertainment route this time around and I hope this last entry entertains you.

NBA analyst and one of my favorite former players, Jalen Rose, just got handed a 20 day jail sentence for drunk driving. The sentencing stems from a march incident in Detroit that ended up in a car crash. His law team seems to be upset at the length of the sentencing, but fails to acknowledge that the actual term was for 92 days. The judge relaxed the other 72 and let Rose live a little. She even gave him a delay to go visit his Grandmother! Whether his reputation and status at ESPN will be affected by this is yet to be seen, but for now the bigger question is, damn – why can’t Black men just stay out of jail??!

Moving on, While Flo-Rida is getting slapped with paternity claims from random chics, Bow Wow made headlines this month for opening up about the birth of his first child and his baby mama drama, as well as his bout with suicidal thoughts. There’s been all kinds of Negro shit surrounding this, from claims that Bow skipped out on the baby shower and birth, to back and forth Twitter shots and coverage that the baby mama in question, ex-video chic, Joie Chavis, left his name off of the birth certificate. Bow made a public statement, written like a true kid, about his role in his daughter’s life and his hopes for her. The suicide talk just seems to be a sympathy play…But the general sentiment towards Bow has always been a scrutinizing one since he’s reached adulthood. Everyone seems to roll their eyes and make some kind of quip about him when he’s mentioned. Even chics that I know were fans of his 7 years ago!! I wonder how much of it is his own doing and how much of it is just people’s natural fickleness after watching dudes grow up after being over-saturated. Now if he had really followed through on those suicidal thoughts, I bet everyone would be claiming how much they’ve always loved him and giving the whole Amy Winehouse treatment. I’m just saying, Bieber be careful!!

Speaking of babies,

really, who the fuck is still knocking Lauryn Hill’s crazy ass up??!  Even Rohan is done. And he made 5 with her!

For some reason (presumably because he got dropped from the label that seems to be killing the game right now), Former G.O.O.D. music artist and Kanye mentor, Consequence has been taking the Beanie Sigel route and taking shots at the dude who’s been keeping him relevant for the last 9 years after his fade to irrelevance almost 9 years before then. A week ago, Cons released a diss track aimed at Pusha T, who’s the newest signee over at G.O.O.D. Consequence’s explanation for the beef sounds really weak and cliche and makes him sound like the bitter left-out member of the winning team. The diss is lackluster for Cons, who can be nice when he wants to be and definitely influenced Kanye’s whole cadence and delivery when he first hit the scene as a rapper. The song ends with a warning that Ye is Cons’ next victim. Now I’m no fan of Pusha T, and I definitely am not a fan of Kanye. I was actually looking forward to something like this because I was expecting Consequence to kill them and say some stuff that needs to be said, but for real, if you keep rapping on this level Cons, Don’t Quit Your Day Job!!

And lastly, Lupe announced that he was quitting Twitter and directed his followers toward the amazing Nikki Jean around the same time as the release of her album, Pennies In A Jar. Now whether or not you believe he’s actually done, you should know that Iam a big fan of Nikki’s ever since the days back at Howard University seeing her do her thing on the piano. You should click on the picture of her album to visit her site and learn more about her! 

That’s all. It’s been a fun ride. Negroes will continue to be Negroes. Somehow someway, we know it’ll end up in the news…

“Negroes In The News” – Shooters try to put the K in Coney Island, Plaxico plays nice, & Gay-Ass Tracy Morgan calls the kettle…

The only thing that keeps me from naming this column ‘Niggas In The News’ is the positive and more light-hearted fare that usually ends each post, but it’s safe to say that niggas with guns are the worst thing to happen to Blacks in modern history. It’s the deadliest inner city disease besides the disease of ignorance itself.

For instance, last week’s shooting at Brighton Beach on the Coney Island Boardwalk…

Now, I’ve been around my fair share of gunshots and hood violence for what appears to be my whole damn life unfortunately, but I really truly believed that this particular brand of senseless violence was gone with the early 90’s. Yet, as my recent run-ins with reckless Brooklyn niggas without senses of boundary have been proving, some fools just don’t think.

Sometimes I wonder if the average hood dude even has the capacity for foresight. Time and again, I’m left thinking ‘no‘. Especially in moments like these. My first reaction was ‘who the fuck shoots at Coney Island??!!‘ It’s like the last bastion of child-like radiance and excitement, the final frontier…In other words, it’s pretty much the happiest place left in New York City. A damn amusement park region named after bunnies!! My second thought was ‘wow, niggas still really just open fire on crowds of people??!’ And my third thought, after thinking about how it was the hottest day of the year so far, was ‘who the fuck is thinking about shooting when it’s sweltering hot outside?!!’ Sure, it can be argued that intense heat brings forth agitation and hostility, but the usual sentiment shared by New Yorkers on scorching hot days is almost unanimously one of trying to get to anything cool. Yet, as it would appear, niggas are the furthest thing from usual, and gunfire is the furthest thing from cool.

Nothing underscores this point more than the fact that so many random people got hit by bullets, and young Tysha Jones will never see another day. It’s so crazy to me that for all the trouble these idiots go thru to make scenes, cause panic and draw weapons of death, that when the smoke clears, the intended victim is almost never the one who takes their last breath. See what I mean? Niggas with guns… 

The boy Donny Goines just made a song dedicated to Tysha, and one of the dumb fucks behind the shooting has since been arrested as cops look for a suspected 2nd shooter (So it took not 1 but 2 niggas to miss the real target and kill a teenage girl??).

And my mom just asked me to go there a week and a half ago. This coulda been my sister or me and my nephew…

On the subject of Niggas with guns and stupidity and irony, Plaxico Burress

is doing his whole clean up act real quick. Fresh out the pen this month, the former New York Giant is iniating his PR sweep in thinly veiled efforts to retouch his image and rebuild his reputation. Joining with The Brady Center, the infamous public interest group that is responsible for the implementation of The Brady Bill in the 1990’s, Burress has attached himself to press conferences and appearances where he will be speaking out against the dangers of gun violence and illegal possession. I’ll have you remember, this guy just got out of jail for shooting himself in the groin with a gun that he kept in his pants off safety while sittingf in a bar. In Midtown! You can’t expect much from a professional Black athlete, but I’m sure he’s not appreciating this lockout right about now, as his rep and his fate hangs in the balance. Niggas with guns…

Ok, so it’s not a big secret that I don’t really care for Tracy Morgan. I don’t respect him as a comedian or an actor, and I’m moved to say not really as a grown ass man. Yet I don’t know him. What I do know is that he’s been catching Hell since this weekend over anti-Gay comments that were apart of a stand-up act that he just did. I also know that Tracy (howudoin?!) has some of the most femine mannerisms ever (maybe it’s the alchoholism or post-alchoholism stances and poses), and he has played some of the most flamboyant and ridiculous characters – to a believable (and un-funny) extent. I also know that this particular offense would have gone unnoticed had it not been for Morgan’s sudden meteoric success and fame that resurrected his decades-dead career and made him a household name to White folks thanks to SNL. As you can see, I don’t think he’s funny at all, just a dumb ass negro who will do or say anything for a laugh. That, a comedian does not make. However, it’s good enough for him to be the newest token coon for the White mainstream that tunes into 30 Rock every week. Guess they never heard his stand-up before. They would have known not to be shocked. Get ready for possible Isiah Washington treatment.

Sorry folks, the good news is far and few between this time. Pick something; The Mavs winning the Championship, the Black Tony Award winners, the Braxtons finale and reunion…


Oh wait, Jada Pinkett’s medical drama, Hawthorne is back on network television this week, and this season has some familiar minority faces like Marc Anthony, Derek Luke & Lauren Velez. Good move. Whew! Knew I had something in there…

More “Negroes In The News” – Brooklyn Bullshit leads to a killing on tape, Soulja Boy has the ‘Juice’ now & Real Black girls take the Amazing Race stash

Right back at it, I’m going right into the second dose of Negroes In The News.

If you haven’t seen or heard the Obama equivalent to Jay-Z‘s “Takeover”, toward The Donald, hereitgo! 


Last week I woke up to the coverage of this super-unfortunate and super ignorant happening. Apparently, this fool in the video here rode on an elevator with this teenager and shot him dead, with it all caught on surveillance in a Brownsville project building in Brooklyn. The vividness of the video is what caught me. In all of my years, I don’t ever recall seeing gunfire shown on news footage. The other part which is shocking is just how dumb this muthafucka has to be. This took place in the same area where my cousins are from, and where I spent plenty of time as a child back when it was a regular war zone in the 1980’s. Guess it’s trying to live up to its rep. At the cost of more young Black lives…

On the subject of young and Black, and I do mean young, every Hip-Hop purists’ favorite punching bag, Soulja Boy has been causing a stir with his announcement that he is remaking the urban classic film Juice. When I first heard about this, I, like I’m sure many of you are, was utterly baffled and disgusted at the same time. Before you trip however, this is not some big HollyWood studio’s brilliant idea. Now I can break down how Soulja Boy was actually BORN in the very year that the original movie came out, or how at press time, he only had Waka Flocka locked in as a cast member, but it sounds so much more ridiculous when Deandre explains it in his own words and shows you just how flighty and dumb the impetus for this great re-imagining was. makes it even better, is that this news has re-ignited the beef that he had with Ice-T a couple years back. My sister seems to think he’s a genius. I really like the kid for what he does. I do. Yet and still, “the youth is wasted…”

And to wrap things up, How cool is it that the winners of CBS‘ long-running reality hit, Amazing Race, are 2 Black sisters from Chicago? One of them with a ghetto name? Read about it

“Negroes In The News” – Indicted football player doesn’t like Black girls, Prodigy is the man in his own words, Alicia Keys makes White people African & Mashonda tries to get on her level

It’s been a minute, so I’m giving you a double dose being that I took so long and skipped this section last month. Let’s get right to it.

As usual, because this section is generally a recap of recent events, some of this news is new to you and some of it may be old. I’m sure you’ve heard all about the New York woman who killed herself and her children by driving her minivan into the Hudson river this Spring. If not, then read here…

Now in the more humorously tragic news,

Washington Redskins tackle Albert Haynesworth, who was recently charged with sexual abuse/misconduct toward a waitress at the W hotel in D.C. after allegedly fondling her breasts, just made the situation comical. To be exact, he slid his credit card in her cleavage. New information from the court revealed last week that Haynesworth denounced the waitress’ claims, calling her a liar by stating to hotel security that he “Doesn’t even like Black girls”. The next best statement is when he says “I know what this is about, she is just upset I have a white girlfriend. I couldn’t tell you the last time I dated a black girl.” Spoken like a true African-American athlete.

Speaking of Crazy quotes, Prodigy of Mobb Deep is chock full of them. Fresh off a 3 year bid, the diminutive thug is coming back hard with his autobiography titled My Infamous Life. I’m sure most of you have heard the highlights by now since it’s release last month, I can’t wait to read this shit…I saw a few excerpts from it, from tales of tension with Nas, to altercations with other Queens rappers, A&R shootings, Jay-Z run-ins and my favorite so far being  his belief that he inspired Cam’ron to start wearing pink in the early 2000’s after he saw him wearing a pink Polo. To get an idea of what you’d be getting yourself into reading this book, check out this special that P did with Complex mag on their site here

Ahhh yes… Last but not least, Alicia Keys being the Dope humanitarian that she is has brought her Keep A Child Alive foundation to the forefront with bold new ads intended to inspire more involvement in the fight against AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa and the continent as a whole. The ads feature entertainment luminaries sporting what is meant to look like tribal marks with the words “I Am African”. What makes it memorable and attention grabbing is that it features White celebrities as well as African-Americans. Playing off of the scientific evidence that all human life possibly began in the Largest continent.

And while the spotlight is on Alicia, I should just mention that both her and Mashonda are on magazine covers this month. Alicia is on the Cover of Essence magazine speaking about motherhood and love, while Mashonda is on the cover of KING mag looking quite right might I add.

Just an example of the ironies of press (or maybe inside tipping off), and something to make me quite proud of my Manhattan ladies and humble enough to say that Swizz Beatz is officially my new role model!!

“Negroes In The News” – ACS workers get Murder Raps, Chris Brown Bitches up again & Starrene Rhett makes waves!!

Sadly, my “Auntie” who is an ACS social worker, brought this story to my attention. For the first time in NYC history, 2 child welfare workers are being charged with homicide surrounding the death of a minor under their watch. Of course, the reason this story ends up in this column entitled Negroes In The News, is because the 2 case workers here just happen to be Black.

I first read about this particular case back at the end of the summer when it hit newspapers that a young girl by the name of Marchella Pierce had been abused and tied to her bed in her room until she eventually died of starvation, physical injury and drug poisoning. She was 4 and weighed only 18 lbs when she died.

Apparently, Damon Adams, the worker assigned to Marchella’s case, and his supervisor, Chereece Bell, are being accused of falsifying information about making regularly scheduled home visits. These visits are believed to have been crucial in preventing Marchella’s horrible death. The 2 are being charged with criminally negligent homicide for failure to comply with guidelines that have become more rigid for social workers ever since the infamous abuse-related death of young Nixzmary Brown 5 years ago.

The fact that this is coming from the same field office in Brooklyn that was assigned to Nixzmary’s case is bringing intense heat upon ACS and has the District Attorney gunning to see Adams and Bell behind bars for Murder due to their irresponsible conduct.

Mayor Bloomberg has come to the defense of ACS comissioner John Mattingly, and fellow ACS branches citywide plan to rally in support of their fallen members in response to what they feel are extreme allegations and unfair penalties. Mattingly also expresses concern that holding social workers to such a high criminal degree as homicide will have adverse effects on opinions toward the profession and deter prospective child welfare career-seekers from a job that already incurs stress.

For a more detailed account of this story, please click this link to the New York Times coverage of it

I could give a fuck about an ex-teeny bopper R&B star’s temper tantrums, but I bet all of you Chris Brown defenders would be singing a different tune had that chair he threw this week landed on some innocent pedestrian. Tell mr. ‘I’m blonde, I sing and rap and curse and make gang references now’ to beat on something that can beat him back.

Anyway, Speaking of Starr, on the brightest note of all this week to me personally,

my Homegirl Starrene “GangStarrGirl “Rhett was slated as a guest on the Michael Baisden show today and received a shout-out for her contribution to the on-air discussion of illegal bodily-enhancement injections based on her coverage of the topic for VIBE in the following article

Funny story. Sad, but true. Ironic that she has covered so many things as a writer and butt injections are what she lands radio attention for. But she knows how it goes…I will post up the podcast soon as I can.

In the meantime, give it up for a freelance journalist who is constantly making bigger and bigger strides with every passing year. So proud of you Reenie!!!

More Negroes In The News – 2pac movie is coming, Tru-Life gets years for Murder, but this Philly kid deserves the chair!!

Ahhh, to be a minority.

Since I slacked last month, and this is  Black History Month, I figure a double dose of Negroes In The News is in order.

First off and most importantly, the good news;

There’s a 2Pac movie in the making and the casting will begin at the end of this month. Not Only is the film – tentatively titled All Eyez On Me, a biopic of my favorite rapper of all time, but it’s also being helmed by my favorite Black director, Antoine Fuqua (The man who brought you King Arthur, Brooklyn’s Finest and Training Day). There’s going to be an online casting contest where unknowns who feel like they can capture the look and essence of Tupac Shakur can participate in a virtual audition for the lead role as fans vote. I am super glad that they’re deciding to go the newcomer route. 2Pac’s personality is too strong and distinctive to have someone who we have envisioned in other roles blur that. I’m a fan of Anthony Mackie‘s acting, but his portrayal of Pac in the slopfest that was Notorious did not hit the mark. I can’t begin to imagine the pressure that Fuqua might feel to ensure that this movie doesn’t fall to similar criticism. There’s not much room for this story to get watered down. Pac’s life is a layered one, with many paradoxical elements and real historic points. Hope he consults with John Singleton on this one as well.

Now, the ugly…

You ever notice how Jay-Z distances himself from his former artists and associates right before they screw themselves out of the chance of a lifetime?? Call it the touch. He’s almost like those cartoon characters that see the anvil about to fall on who they’re standing next to and eases away without warning them of the impending doom.

He has good reason tho. Take for instance last fall’s major federal drug sweep that scooped up his former Roc-A-Fella partner Kareem “Biggs” Burke. While this self-destruction was more delayed than the usual 6 month to a year downfall timeframe for former Jay-Z affiliates, it still goes to show. For all we know, Biggs could’ve been dabbling in this shit at the onset of the Roc-A-Fella break-up and that could have contributed to Jay moving away because it’s so below the scale of what they were trying to do. On the other hand, this could just be the by-product of that very break-up and something that Biggs felt he had to resort back to doing to make up for the deficit caused by not generating industry revenue like he used to in the hey-days.

In either case, Jay must have had that same foresight when he quietly left Trouble-making rapper Tru-Life behind and pulled the plug on the experimental Roc La Familia imprint. 

Tru life and his real-life brother have found themselves charged with murder for what police are deeming as a retaliatory crime over an ongoing street beef. Taking plea agreements, Tru now faces a 10 year bid and his brother a 12 year stint for his role in the act. I guess that beats the inevitable 25 to Life that they would otherwise be serving, but damn niggas…There’s never really been a question about Tru Life’s involvement and connection to the streets. Dipset tried to make light of it during the heat of their rap spat that was more of a deflection of the real tension with Jay, but their taunting never hit any nerves. This is a guy who first started making waves by appearing on street DVD’s bragging about his crew bustin’ off shots and how they ran up in Mobb Deep‘s recording studio with guns ready to rob the group for backtracking on a verse. Once again, I wonder, is this the result of Jay dropping the kid and leaving him an unsigned, hungry, disgruntled rapper who only saw going back to the streets as an option?? Or is this the shit that the kid was on out of knuckle-headed impatience that made Jay dip in the first place?? Whatever the case is (and apparently, Murder was the case that they gave him), this is when keeping it real doesn’t pay. No one can give you years back off your life. And that’s Tru.

It gets better, order another round

This bastard here just admitted to killing his mother back in November after Thanksgiving in Philadelphia. How did he kill her? With a claw hammer. Why did he kill her? Because they had a 90 minute argument that ended with the 37 year old single mom taking his PlayStation system away. Not only did the 16 year old son strike his mother 20 times in her sleep with the Hammer, this was something that he spent 3 hours thinking about after the argument took place. I don’t even want to say anymore. Read the full story here.

One thing about Negroes (and yes that includes hispanics and other brown minorities) is that they never cease to amaze, shock and awe you. Whether good or bad.

“Negroes In The News” – Black astronaut gets honored, & The Hip-Hop Juggler Gets his shine!

Let’s try something different.

As further proof that we are constantly learning and growing, I recently discovered the story of Ronald McNair, the second African-American astronaut ever in space.

It just so happens that the 25th anniversary of the tragic 1986 Challenger shuttle crash on which Ronald was a crew member has just passed, and to commemorate this, the building of a pivotal library from McNair’s youth in his South Carolina hometown has been named for him.

This is one of the 2 reasons that McNair has been surfacing in the news recently. I came across him from an article that I read in a local NYC newspaper focusing on the park that bears his name in Brooklyn and how his story has faded into relative obscurity. Whole generations (most likely beginning with mine) have passed, totally oblivious to his presence in the pages of astronomy and Black History. Since this is Negroes In The News, and Black History Month, I thought this was the perfect time to shine some light on him as well as someone in the present day making strides. 

These are the stories seldom told in the midst of the gross cliche and rhetoric that this month tends to bring. I prefer to focus on the modern Black History; that is, the history which is being made every day by our forward thinkers and doers. As a child, I was always fascinated by the existence of Black astronauts. Not fully understanding what it is exactly that astronauts do (and I STILL don’t have the faintest), but for a young kid being bombarded with the sci-fi and enamoring world of comic, cartoon and television imagery, THESE were the closest thing to superheroes in real life. Before rappers rose in popularity to become the ultimate larger-than-life figures. I couldn’t believe there were actually Black men and women building and riding in shuttles. I didn’t have time to fall into the fantasies of this however, because often in school, these folk were just footnotes in our Black History studies, along with all of the inventors, surgeons and those who ventured in the fields of hard science. Sadly, they were lost and overshadowed between the pages upon pages emphasizing on the less educated but more celebrated preachers, athletes and musicians.

And McNair’s resume is amazing! Comparable to any scientific peer of any race, while undeniably boasting a sense of Black pride. His progression in his personal life can be used to exemplify the heights to which African-Americans should aspire to as a whole. He reached academic and career pinnacles, and can even say that he attended an HBCU. He was a Black Belt in the field of martial arts and skilled with the saxophone – even going so far as to playing while in orbit. There’s also a school named after him. I won’t go on and on about his credentials, I’ll just point you toward this piece from the NPR that brilliantly weaves an anecdote shared by McNair’s brother into it’s write-up on him. Check it out and learn something. It’s shorter than this whole post!

Moving on to the second subject of our segment, I was ecstatic and super motivated and proud when I saw that my homegirl Starrene “GangStarrGirl” Rhett posted this article that features her best friend, Paris Goudie in Black Enterprise magazine.

I feel kinda wack because I know Paris well via Starrene, and have yet to catch his act. “The Hip-Hop Juggler”, as his performance title reads, is a true grinder. He found his way in a niche market and career field that is rarely thought of and under-appreciated, especially by people of color. His success goes against the very grain and his drive is inspiring to anyone, as he is one of those people who have truly followed their passion and stuck to what he does best!

I walk around with his card in my wallet and I can honestly say that he’s a genuinely honest and humble dude. Props to Black Enterprise for showcasing this young man and his choice to take the road less traveled. In more ways than one. I see you P!

This is Black History in the making…

*New Column* “NEGROES IN THE NEWS” – Dawn Hill gets Face Time, G-Dep gets Jail Time!

This is going to be a new monthly segment of the blog entitled Negroes in The News. I think it’s apropro considering how often we make it into the pages and headlines of your local news provider.

What I’ll be doing to counter-balance the overwhelming influx of negative Negro news is highlighting both the good and the bad that I feel deserve light. For every crazy story being told, there’s always an uplifting and positive one to be brought to the forefront.

We’ll set things off with 2 stories from this weekend. Bad news first…

I’m sure by now, you’ve all heard the story that the internets have been buzzing about concerning  rapper and fellow Harlem Representative G-Dep‘s recent interview with Miss Drama and his confession to a 17 Year-old murder. If not, then please read the full story here

To make this part literally bad news, his story was told to the New York Post.

The tragedy of the tale is compounded by his admission to his failed rap career and his struggle with extreme drug addiction. Both of which, he describes in the interview here;

15 Minutes of Fame indeed…

On a brighter note, the good news is just as literal, as it is from what many consider the best news in America – the New York Times.

Featured here is my fellow HU Bison, Ms. Dawn Hill.

I had the pleasure of meeting ms. Hill a few months back this summer at my job and she’s definitely got spirit and ambition. A true Aries and a true Midwest girl, Dawn works the boards for 2 stations, most notably on Egypt‘s afternoon show on New York’s WBLS. The fact that her story is being shared with millions via the world reknown Times is not something to be taken lightly. We should all take a cue about following our dreams and mapping our goals out from this young lady.

Read about this Move-Maker here;

I’m sad and proud at the same time. I was rooting for Dep back when I heard he may be making a comeback and was unaware of how deep his issues were. I’m motivated by Dawn.

That’s this month’s segment. Let’s see what the future brings us.