Hot 16…or More…”The Push” Pt. 2

Picking up where we left off on The Push pt. 1,

we speed things up a little and go like this;

“….Made a lane in the game,

wrote his name in the pavement and they gotta lay new cement.

It’s engraved in the street,

Ain’t no way they can say ‘who Malik?’

Cause ‘I know you see it‘.

Not a Young Joc, but the fun stops when I come sparkin’ – I bet I blow your mind,

Ya’ll don’t bust shots, ya’ll the punch-clocks-with-a-lunchbox type, Gettin over-time!

Oh! and I’m,

holdin my,

Dopest rhymes,

Knowing I’mma work hard til I get Cash.

On my grind,

for the shine,

Rolling by,

hoping I don’t hurt nobody going this fast!

Whiplash if you riding behind me,

Zip past – you can try gettin’ by me,

Need a label that’s trying to “Sign Me!“,

Not a label to try and define me!

You define me as gettin’ it – I get it while the gettin’s good – when I push,

It be to the limit an’,

Nevermind B – I’m Limit – LESS,

-Put me in the Guinness Book, cause I look good when I’m rippin’ it!

Top Billin’ – I’m wheeling and Dealing it,


Hard feelings – ya’ll really not real as him,

for better or worse, I’m better with verse after verse and my curse is my gift an it…

Ain’t no secret my vocals’ so cold,

What, you think I’m supposed to showboat??

What – I’m speaking spanish??!

then you’ll understand after you jammin’  Los Ochos Locos.

Bilingual like Pitbull,

Try me – I wish you would,

ain’t gotta ask can I pull it off – I ain’t gotta Pull at all,

Homey I “Push it good”! (“Ahh!, Push it!)

(D-I-S-C-O, that’s the way we disco)

My-my-my name is Malik,

I’m 5 feet,

plus those 6 inches riiiight??

When I flip it fast, they say ‘Dag!,

homeboy that kid is nice!’

Maybe it’s the shoes – gotta be the shoes!

I’mma keep it cool

(Tell em what it do!)

Pump that 16!

Say he be the truth

-I was in the booth,

-Know you seen it through your television tube on Rap City!

I do the damn thing,

’til I pull a hamstring


“Do I make you randy?”

If so, pull down your panties.

If this sounds candy,

Then you should understand me,

-maybe if I keep rappin’ like this then I’ll get a Grammy!

Damn that!!!

I’mma try to make my way up in the midst of all them haters ’til I gain another fan back!

Pimpin’ I lay hands on a beat,

like Evangelist – Lik never sandbag.

But I stay heavy like an Arm and Hammer,

Out in D.C. they say I’m a Bamma,

In my laundry is your Mom’s Pajamas.

I’m not…

for the drama – hands up!

Your man just…Talkin’ reckless,

What you call me??!” like Salt N’ Pepa,

Ahh!, Push it!“,

and I’ll,

Push it and assault with weapons.

And that’s so violent,

(That) I don’t like it,

So here son try this…

That’s called Silence!

And you know it’s Golden, so put it on your Grill,

Or get your jaw broken, put it on your bills!

-In the infirmary,

that’s a sore-sight,

-Picture him burnin’ me,

-need some foresight!

…To see ahead,

far as the cabbage, yeah, I need a head.

Ya’ll tossed salad rappers spit that horseradish yes and damn,

nobody knows me now,

but give it a year and it’ll be extra clear as to why,

Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down!

Hope You Learned something…

Once agin, here’s the Link;

“The Push” pt. 1

So Since this is the first installment of my “Hot 16…or more…” Segment where I post a written version of my verses for those of you who just Looovvve lyrics, or those of you who just didn’t catch half of the Flyness compacted and compounded in each sentence, I figured it’s only right that I start off with the Very FIRST song I ever put out as a debut solo artist.

I present, “The Push”

This is the first and ONLY song that I had in my possession when I first entered the game and the web world. This premiere coincided with My putting up my website, My myspace page and Appearing on Rap City in the Booth.

In fact, they all premiered on the same exact day; September 25th, 2006.

I recorded this with the intent to ‘Change The Game’ and definitely make an impression, so I had limited time because my resources and studio access was limited. I went to D.C. because My girlfriend at the time lived there, and that city was the only place where I knew someone with a studio setup.

So I asked my boy Shak If I could record something one day while I was there. On the night before I came back to New York, I recorded this – a 100 bar mixtape style track where 5 beats that all are known for incorporating the word “Push” blend into each other and force me to rap in a different style with each change.  I picked beats with the word “Push” because I thought it was fitting – I’m pushing myself and my name out. I also knew I could flip different styles because the beats were so different, and I always wanted to rhyme over some of them…like the Salt N’ Pepa joint especially. I thought it was Pretty Genius.

I still do actually.

This was my one chance to make a first impression on all of the thousands of people who would see me grace the booth on BET and look me up to see what I had to offer. I had to do something special.

So here’s Part 1 of that;

Hope you learn something…

“Wait a second, ain’t no Second Best – I bet I set it for the records-For the books,

Tell your man move like the vocals on the sample, unless he want The Push..

To come to shovin’ cousin – trust that he don’t want it cause I never let him off the Hook,


Cheddar in the oven like I’m baking Zitti – Liky got some Bread he gotta cook!

But I’m never full enough to pull an upchuck on the game,

so I’m pulling stunts – jumping from another Buckle up to bump in your frame.

From the same fist that knuckle up to sucker punch – better Buckle Up ‘fore I bump-in your frame,

Get the picture now? I ain’t finished ’til I get some bullets up on my name


Number 1 by me, on the Charts – I had a little Vison,

Let ’em know the campaign’s “Sign Me!”…

A&R’s go and get a pen quick!

Critics say my generation’s gone and it lack ambition,

That’s when I get in Carlton Banks mode…

Haters Try to Aunt Viv him.

I’m just tryin’a get up on my rich kid, on my business – yeah The Prince is…


As Will Smith is in Hitch, but this Wild Wild West

Harlem! that’s the Hundreds,

Brawls and scraps at Ruckers,

Cars and cats that’s hustlin’,


Back to the fun it’s…

Phillip Banks – tryin’a Fill up banks – ain’t no Hilary, but still a little Swank

I’m the Million Dollar Baby, you can hate me – tell ’em Break a leg!

When I throw ’em out the back – throw ’em out like Jazz

Ain’t no way that Rap’s goin’ out like Jazz – I’m Count Basie – He came from the very same place that…

Got them boys that count Base, E, D, Marijuana, Crack,

In the form of weight and ki’s – ‘specially in The heights where Dominicanas’ at.

Ain’t no way they runnin’ out of that -ya’ll just keep on lookin,

While they bring more crooks in,

Powder keep on pushin…


Path that he’s on is defying Gravity Pa,

Cause I’m Fly,

– I’m Tallying off,

-all these guys – I bury your Bars!”

Hope you learned something…