The End Of This Blog??

In about 30 days exactly, We’ll be at a crossroads with this blog of mine. I’ll be faced with the reality that it’s been a full 2 years since I started this site and I’m near 100,000 views. The bigger reality is that not enough of you visit often enough (let alone comment), and I just have way too much on the plate this year to attempt to continue calling myself a true blogger. Now I understand, everybody’s older now and everyone’s got their own business to handle and most of us are all moving into those stages of life that demand more and there’s tons of super serious things to do in your month other than to go check on the random thoughts and sensationalized musings and rants of an unsigned rapper with a good vocabulary.

Knowing this, I will say that starting OCTOBER 18TH, I will switch from being an ACTIVE blogger to a PASSIVE blogger. Meaning that these monthly columns and segments may no longer be so monthly. I may just post when I get a break from classes. Or when I feel super-strong about some point. Or just when I have new music to promote. Either way, I’ll exist. And so will this blog. Just not on a regular basis of churning out hard editorial material for invisible deadlines like I’m getting paid for advertising traffic or something. This is not exactly the Complex media network over here after all.

Thank you all who lurk, stumble upon or keep up. It’s all appreciated. Help me end this last month with a bang!!!! See you in 30…

*New MALIK-16 mixtape!!* – x 16’s Candles Present – SHIT YOU DIDN’T THINK WAS DOPE TO RAP OVER UNTIL I DID IT!

Just Like I told you,

Today is THEE DAY.

It all started as a dare.

The good folks at and were posting up a song by Eminem and Lil Wayne entitled “No Love” which borrows from the classic 90’s dance hit by Haddaway. They were sharing their views all day on whether or not this sampling of an otherwise infamously corny song actually made their song itself corny by default. They asked their readers for their thoughts, and being that we all follow each other on the great Twitter landscape, this soon turned into a short debate between myself and the 2 editors of each site. The whole thing ended with me declaring to make a really ill track over something randomly cheesy from the 90’s that could rival that of the Haddaway song, and them having to post it on their respective sites if I killed it.  I wound up throwing out the song “She Drives Me Crazy” by The 1-Hit-Wonder group Fine Young Cannibals, and they accepted. I returned 3 weeks later with not only a Punchline riddled verse over a loop of said song, which I called “F.Y.C.” but as an added bonus, I brought in my boy Bobby from our group, The Have-Knotz, to make a hip-hop rendition of Semi-Sonic‘s 1 hit, “Closing Time”. For some reason, DJBooth, which was the most vocal about the challenge, hesitated, and Refinedhype went full speed ahead, even suggesting that we keep it going. I brought up the idea of making it into a whole series and then we decided on turning it into a mixtape at the end of the series. It’s been 8 weeks, delivering different tracks on each week, usually as the songs were just recorded, and that’s brought us here. For all you who haven’t been following, this is catch up time. You get the pleasure of hearing this as a whole project…An homage to the 90’s…The result of a couple mad scientists experimenting and just playing around turned into something blog-worthy. In other words, me and Refinedhype are smarter than the average rapper/hip-hop site team-up. Get familiar!

You should know that the concept for this project was borrowed from the other member of our Have-Knotz group, Komp’L. He and I discussed a mixtape he was planning consisting of nothing but rhymes over 90’s 1-Hit-Wonder songs. When the challenge came up, I thought it’d be the perfect oppurtunity to put that concept to good use. With his permission, I ran with it, but he’s all over the tape, as well as Bobby. So consider this the introduction to us in preparation for our debut project coming this Fall. Don’t say you weren’t told!

CLICK ON THE PIC above or below to go to and download the mixtape today!

New Malik-16 Mixtape dropping Sept.16th!! & 16’s Candles present

(Click the pic to hear sample from mixtape)


Ok, Don’t say you weren’t told…