5 Years of MALIK-16

September 25th 2006.

My Website popped up on the internet. My appearance on RapCity aired. My Myspace page was created. And the rapper known as Malik-16 was introduced to the world with a 100 bar rap to announce it.

It’s been 5 years.

I’d just like to thank you all for the ride.

Take a minute to click on the picture above and check out the site where it all started and you can see exactly why this day is so important to me.

Thank you again…

MLK Edition – Hot 16…Or More…EYES CLOSED


it appears that I have sparked some great debate and controversy since I first took it upon myself to add my 2 cents in on this whole Jay-z video imagery thing.

It’s grown into something else altogether, an all out argument over the existence or non-existence of Secret Societies, who’s in them, who knows what, and how we’re effected by them or what we can and can’t even do about it!

So in light of this,

I thought we could all benefit from a nice change of pace as I turn the attention to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the significance of this day.

Now you don’t need me to school you on anything dealing with the good Reverend Doctor because like me, no matter what race you are, if you’ve been schooled in America since a young’n, this is the ONE Black figure who you have gotten a lifetime’s worth of information about. The influence, The Image, the Southern roots, the voice, the viewpoint, the wife, the death, and The speech, oh, let’s NOT forget The speech.

But what I think of when I think of King moreso than anythng is the legacy. And I question it. What did we get from all of his Blood tears and suffering? And what did we do with it? In the aftermath of such an Iconic martyr’s actions and sacrifices, and others like himself, was the dream reached? Are we appreciatiave? or do we just give the universal head nod with the regurgitated factoids that we learned about this Man in elementary class and thank the government for giving us another day to not be at work?

This is what I think about everytime this time of year rolls around. And I press you to think of it too.

Everytime you see Plies or Birdman or Gucci Mane’s new video, do you think;

‘yeah, that’s the dream in action because these are young black men given the chance to make money and provide for themselves and their family, and they make music that transcends race and have listeners of all cultures’?


do you shake your head in disgust knowing that these are young guys with limited education but a massive influence on younger generations, glorifying lifestyles surrounding killing other black men over money (if not for lesser reasons if provoked), selling drugs, misogyny, and heavy recreational drug use?

When you watch the Fantasia or Keyshia Cole reality shows or whoever is out with one this year, is this a win because these women are showing you realities and are living in equal tax brackets as women of other races, being broadcasted nationally on White-owned networks?

Or is it the worst look ever for Blacks in America being that stereotypes are perpetuated, and once again, we run the risk of looking like we don’t match up to the standards of class and poise like our counterparts of  other races?

Truth be told, White people run rampant on television screens. They can afford to have a Jersey Shore, Wife Swap, or Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

With Blacks only making up a small percentage of national programming, The slate is a little skewed and the stakes are higher when it comes to perception of us as a group of people.

I guess it depends on how you look at these things.

But this is what Iam asking you to ask yourself. Where are you on this spectrum?

I chose to place the picture above for the fact that it always stood out to me since the first time I saw it while cruising the “internets”. It made me think.

And I want you to remember this picture with this humorous but thought provoking line atop, everytime you hear of some ridiculous crime that some person of color committed against another. Or everytime you hear that White friend of yours who you allow to say Nigga.

Just something to think about.

With that,

I give you The King inspired part 1 of  “Eyes Closed”,

My folky, mid-20’s lament on where I was at that point in my life, where people lose their foresight in the pursuit of their dreams, and how perseverance is the only thing that will get you through. The overall theme of this song is the benefit of tunnel vision.

This track was the first song over original music that I recorded at the onset of my career in 2006 . I went to visit my Boy and longtime producer, The Politician, while in D.C. and we cooked up 3 songs in one weekend. This was the most profound, and some of you may realize that this is the very song that you can see me performing blindfolded on the EPK of my site, MALIK-16.COM

This is the first verse. And it goes a little something like…

“I am,

The American Dream in Technicolor,

‘Cept the color has faded,

– every second a nigga’s cuffed, for every other who made it.

(It got buried with DR. KING)

cause all the stuff with his name is,

known for violence…

no surprise – check your MLK strip.

It’s the same with Malcolm X,

my mom on Lenox,

and her block be looking like Gotham,

that’s a problem when it

– ain’t no niggas with capes,

jumping out of project windows,

so I keep a Bat, Man

in the car where I’m sittin.

Especially when crooked cops, wanna Sean Bell niggas,

guess they raised the number of shots,

since Diallo,

and I

– couldn’t make no promises since I,

didn’t make it out of college and since then,

I been tryin’a make some logic and sense of ,

this game I’m involved in, yet it’s

been so elusive – the truth is:

Hip-hop product ain’t sellin’,

the way it used ta – the booth is:

just how I calm down my headache

– and I said it before – I’m putting the mic down,

-there I go pickin’ it back up again,

and yeah I might fall,

but it’s my life now,

I don’t know how, but I know I’mma Win….

On that…

Highway to pay the toll,

sucka niggas hatin’,

– tell ’em blind faith is all I know,

– jumpin’ with my Eyes Closed

They don’t know,

– I’m ridin’ with my Eyes Closed

They don’t know.”

Hope you learned something…

You may download this song here for as long as the link works;


New Malik-16 mixtape x 2DopeBoyz x Harlem Vault WESTSIDE TIL I DIE Drops today!! 16th for 16


Ok, This is the big day.  DECEMBER 16TH.

My New California-themed mixtape,

Westside Til I Die

Drops today and gets an extra big push from the homies at 2dopeboyz.com and vaultharlem.com

I chose to get up with the dopeboyz because they are kings at what they do, and they are true WestCoast hip-hop afficianados. And I chose Vault because they rep the style of West Harlem  like no other. Plus they’re on my block!!

They co-sign the project that is a nod to the fact that I’m from the Westside of Harlem, but also pays homage to WestCoast rap and the classic songs by artists from that side of the map that I came up listening to. Sure, some instrumentals from The Game make their way on there, but every beat I rapped over wasn’t necessarily by a dope artist.

Some beats were just dope and I had to touch them – blame it on the producer. Some of these beats weren’t even made by westcoast producers. But nevertheless, they became memorable Hip-hop joints that will hopefully take you some place as you listen to them.

Like my last 2 mixtapes which were bundled together as a double mixtape

(see  How To Make A Mixtape Vol. 1 ;Who Doesn’t Rap??! and How To Make A Mixtape Vol. 2 ; Disco Inferno, hosted by the homey GangStarrGirl Of Course), I wrote this mixtape  within that grueling 3 month winter of 2005-2006 period where I forced myself to write 3 mixtapes back to back inbetween working Real Estate and Coming home at 1 O’clock in the morning after double shifts at The WORST TGIFridays in the city!!! (The Rockerfeller one).

Now of course, I cleaned some things up in the midst of recording it, and updated some lyrics (hence the Drake reference on the first track).

But it’s still good ol’ Vintage from the kid.

This may be the last mixtape where you’ll hear me doing Long-Ass verses and wordy bars, due to how my style has progressed since then. But you tell me. Keep me on my toes people!

Having that said, go to either of the 2 sites mentioned above to see what they say about the kid. You can also download the tape there, or come right back home and click on the picture above and  leave a comment after you listen.

Hot 16…or More…”The Push” Pt. 2

Picking up where we left off on The Push pt. 1,

we speed things up a little and go like this;

“….Made a lane in the game,

wrote his name in the pavement and they gotta lay new cement.

It’s engraved in the street,

Ain’t no way they can say ‘who Malik?’

Cause ‘I know you see it‘.

Not a Young Joc, but the fun stops when I come sparkin’ – I bet I blow your mind,

Ya’ll don’t bust shots, ya’ll the punch-clocks-with-a-lunchbox type, Gettin over-time!

Oh! and I’m,

holdin my,

Dopest rhymes,

Knowing I’mma work hard til I get Cash.

On my grind,

for the shine,

Rolling by,

hoping I don’t hurt nobody going this fast!

Whiplash if you riding behind me,

Zip past – you can try gettin’ by me,

Need a label that’s trying to “Sign Me!“,

Not a label to try and define me!

You define me as gettin’ it – I get it while the gettin’s good – when I push,

It be to the limit an’,

Nevermind B – I’m Limit – LESS,

-Put me in the Guinness Book, cause I look good when I’m rippin’ it!

Top Billin’ – I’m wheeling and Dealing it,


Hard feelings – ya’ll really not real as him,

for better or worse, I’m better with verse after verse and my curse is my gift an it…

Ain’t no secret my vocals’ so cold,

What, you think I’m supposed to showboat??

What – I’m speaking spanish??!

then you’ll understand after you jammin’  Los Ochos Locos.

Bilingual like Pitbull,

Try me – I wish you would,

ain’t gotta ask can I pull it off – I ain’t gotta Pull at all,

Homey I “Push it good”! (“Ahh!, Push it!)

(D-I-S-C-O, that’s the way we disco)

My-my-my name is Malik,

I’m 5 feet,

plus those 6 inches riiiight??

When I flip it fast, they say ‘Dag!,

homeboy that kid is nice!’

Maybe it’s the shoes – gotta be the shoes!

I’mma keep it cool

(Tell em what it do!)

Pump that 16!

Say he be the truth

-I was in the booth,

-Know you seen it through your television tube on Rap City!

I do the damn thing,

’til I pull a hamstring


“Do I make you randy?”

If so, pull down your panties.

If this sounds candy,

Then you should understand me,

-maybe if I keep rappin’ like this then I’ll get a Grammy!

Damn that!!!

I’mma try to make my way up in the midst of all them haters ’til I gain another fan back!

Pimpin’ I lay hands on a beat,

like Evangelist – Lik never sandbag.

But I stay heavy like an Arm and Hammer,

Out in D.C. they say I’m a Bamma,

In my laundry is your Mom’s Pajamas.

I’m not…

for the drama – hands up!

Your man just…Talkin’ reckless,

What you call me??!” like Salt N’ Pepa,

Ahh!, Push it!“,

and I’ll,

Push it and assault with weapons.

And that’s so violent,

(That) I don’t like it,

So here son try this…

That’s called Silence!

And you know it’s Golden, so put it on your Grill,

Or get your jaw broken, put it on your bills!

-In the infirmary,

that’s a sore-sight,

-Picture him burnin’ me,

-need some foresight!

…To see ahead,

far as the cabbage, yeah, I need a head.

Ya’ll tossed salad rappers spit that horseradish yes and damn,

nobody knows me now,

but give it a year and it’ll be extra clear as to why,

Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down!

Hope You Learned something…

Once agin, here’s the Link;


“The Push” pt. 1

So Since this is the first installment of my “Hot 16…or more…” Segment where I post a written version of my verses for those of you who just Looovvve lyrics, or those of you who just didn’t catch half of the Flyness compacted and compounded in each sentence, I figured it’s only right that I start off with the Very FIRST song I ever put out as a debut solo artist.

I present, “The Push”

This is the first and ONLY song that I had in my possession when I first entered the game and the web world. This premiere coincided with My putting up my website, My myspace page and Appearing on Rap City in the Booth.

In fact, they all premiered on the same exact day; September 25th, 2006.

I recorded this with the intent to ‘Change The Game’ and definitely make an impression, so I had limited time because my resources and studio access was limited. I went to D.C. because My girlfriend at the time lived there, and that city was the only place where I knew someone with a studio setup.

So I asked my boy Shak If I could record something one day while I was there. On the night before I came back to New York, I recorded this – a 100 bar mixtape style track where 5 beats that all are known for incorporating the word “Push” blend into each other and force me to rap in a different style with each change.  I picked beats with the word “Push” because I thought it was fitting – I’m pushing myself and my name out. I also knew I could flip different styles because the beats were so different, and I always wanted to rhyme over some of them…like the Salt N’ Pepa joint especially. I thought it was Pretty Genius.

I still do actually.

This was my one chance to make a first impression on all of the thousands of people who would see me grace the booth on BET and look me up to see what I had to offer. I had to do something special.

So here’s Part 1 of that;

Hope you learn something…

“Wait a second, ain’t no Second Best – I bet I set it for the records-For the books,

Tell your man move like the vocals on the sample, unless he want The Push..

To come to shovin’ cousin – trust that he don’t want it cause I never let him off the Hook,


Cheddar in the oven like I’m baking Zitti – Liky got some Bread he gotta cook!

But I’m never full enough to pull an upchuck on the game,

so I’m pulling stunts – jumping from another Buckle up to bump in your frame.

From the same fist that knuckle up to sucker punch – better Buckle Up ‘fore I bump-in your frame,

Get the picture now? I ain’t finished ’til I get some bullets up on my name


Number 1 by me, on the Charts – I had a little Vison,

Let ’em know the campaign’s “Sign Me!”…

A&R’s go and get a pen quick!

Critics say my generation’s gone and it lack ambition,

That’s when I get in Carlton Banks mode…

Haters Try to Aunt Viv him.

I’m just tryin’a get up on my rich kid, on my business – yeah The Prince is…


As Will Smith is in Hitch, but this Wild Wild West

Harlem! that’s the Hundreds,

Brawls and scraps at Ruckers,

Cars and cats that’s hustlin’,


Back to the fun it’s…

Phillip Banks – tryin’a Fill up banks – ain’t no Hilary, but still a little Swank

I’m the Million Dollar Baby, you can hate me – tell ’em Break a leg!

When I throw ’em out the back – throw ’em out like Jazz

Ain’t no way that Rap’s goin’ out like Jazz – I’m Count Basie – He came from the very same place that…

Got them boys that count Base, E, D, Marijuana, Crack,

In the form of weight and ki’s – ‘specially in The heights where Dominicanas’ at.

Ain’t no way they runnin’ out of that -ya’ll just keep on lookin,

While they bring more crooks in,

Powder keep on pushin…


Path that he’s on is defying Gravity Pa,

Cause I’m Fly,

– I’m Tallying off,

-all these guys – I bury your Bars!”

Hope you learned something…