5 Days until we drop that New Aaliyah-inspired mixtape for V-Day!!

I’ve made you wait long enough.

It’s been a minute since I released any new “rappity rap” as my homegirl TDJ would say. I agree. Approximately, 4 months and counting.

And counting is exactly what we’re doing. All month long I’ve been counting down via your favorite social networking sites, the days before the release of Blue Valentine – The Aaliyah Mixtape. This time around, I’m bringing in the fellow members of my group, The Have-Knotz; Komp’L & Bobby. If you remember from my last tape, the 2 were featured heavily, so naturally this is a full effort from us as a group in preparation for our original music debut, coming this summer.

Inspired by the title of the Oscar-Buzz-worthy movie that just came out this winter, this project is a loosely conceptual one, surrounding the good bad and ugly of male-female relationships. And we figured that there’s not a more appropriate backdrop for these themes than the emotion-invoking sounds from the late Aaliyah‘s catalogue.

Not too many groups out there are getting topical, so we came to fill in the void. Plus, V-Day is one of the few holidays that I actually acknowledge. The timing is impeccable!

Speaking of timing, see us here in 5 days when the project drops and download it for free. Consider it a gift.

Now Blow!

Black & White (Episode 1 PT.5) – The Greatest Show That Never Was

Part 5. And we keep rollin’

Sex & The Chocolate City – Entry #9

The Worst Time To Be Single.

Top 5 WORST times to be SINGLE

I’m really single. To clarify, I’m not quote/unquote single, meaning I don’t have a defined boyfriend but do have a couple of boo’s on the side. No I’m straight up on the rocks single. There. Is. No. One. This is pretty rough considering it’s way too cold to go out and mix and mingle. Plus, with my hectic schedule and lifestyle, unless Mr. Right comes knocking on my door, there’s no way I’m going to find him. It’s called a single girl’s lull. But there are plenty of other times it’s bad to be single as well. Here’s the top five:

5. Summertime– Just think of all the romantic late night walks in the crisp weather, the picnics in the park, or romps on the beach. All the summer loving you won’t be having!

4. Weddings– Some would say this is a great place to be single, considering all the possible singles that frequent these events. But sometimes weddings can sadly remind you that you have yet to find someone to jump the broom with.

3. Valentine’s Day-Those big goofy looking heart shaped ballons, roses, cards, candy, blah, blah, blah. You can’t escape the day. It’s all around you. I once ran off to Jamaica thinking it was just a stupid American holiday and I would ignore it. Well wouldn’t you know Jamaicans are just as stupid.

2. The “Party”– You know what party I’m talking about. The party that you are 200% sure you’re ex is going to be at with his new girlfriend. I now understand the reasoning behind escort services.

1.Christmas/Thanksgiving– I find these to be the most romantic holidays… the lights, mistletoe, and the joy of the season. But on the other hand, no one wants to be the single girl at family functions, left to face the invasive judgmental question “So when you getting married?”

Can you think of anymore? Let us know!!!


GangStarrGirl gets in where she fits in!

So last week, the homegirl Reenie A.K.A. GangStarrGirl of GangStarrGirl.com posted up this video of her gettin’ quite…uhmm…GangStarr at my show earlier this month at Brown Bag Thursdays (See; Brown Bag Allstars blog on the left).

Funny right? she’s crazy.

Here’s her full post if you want to check it out (You should be visiting her site regularly anyway – AHEM!)


The show was pretty ill because I witnessed some dope performances and I wasn’t bad myself if I do say so. Shout out to Rebel Diaz & neMiss.

My only gripe was that, although these Thursday shows always bring out a nice draw due to the fanbase of the group, hip-hop stuff always starts so damn late! and as a guy who brought a good third of the crowd with him, including lots of women and fellow retail and service people who had day jobs to report to the next morning and a big brother who traveled from New Jersey, I was under pressure. Now compound that with the fact that the first 2 performers were super late and the host’s Idea of punishment was making them go BEFORE me, that can be an issue. Now add on top of that the fact that when these performers left, a good portion of the crowd left as well.

THEN, add the fact that there’s a $5 charge at the door for non-performers, and Maybe Reeenie wasn’t wrong for gettin’ ghetto – I mean GangStarr after all.

Nevertheless, BBAllstars are my people and I don’t condone or advise anybody sneaking into their event without paying.

But I do understand the budget moves of the freelancers out there. I envy their freedom. Reenie is a champion of following your passion. This has been her ultimate year of the Hustle.

In other words kids, Don’t try this at home…