3 Ads from 3 sites that make you go…WTF??! – And yes, you’ve heard of them!

3 in one day? That’s just too much for ANY bloggger not to blog about. No matter how long these sites have been in existence, or how much you may have heard of them, I saw this as a sign from God that I saw this much ridiculosity in one day because I needed to spread the word and share with the unaware.

And speaking of Signs from God,

this leads me to the first of the 3;

So I’m driving right? and I see this bus peel around me with this big-ass ad on it, And what are the first words I see? “Fatwa on Your Head?”


The ad is for a site called RefugeFromIslam.com, which is just as hilarious as it’s taglines, but apparently, it’s an answer to a campaign promoting Islam. The brainchild of  known feather-ruffler, Pamela Geller (Who also wrote an anti-Obama administration book) and Robert Spencer, refugefromislam is a response to a series of bus ads that circulated around Miami from a website promoting Islam called gainpeace.com. The ads listed the names of Popular religious figures and prophets such as Abraham & Moses but also Jesus and Muhammad and asks“Got Questions? Get Answers”

Using a similar backdrop as the gainpeace ad, Geller and co. take the got questions? get answers tag and turn their ad to a direct slap in the face. Of course the Muslims took offense to this and organizations took action to get the ads removed in Miami at least. What religion wouldn’t? But of course refugefromislam knew this, and they clearly aren’t about to stop seeing as to how the ads have made their way to New York. And as we all know, if you can make it here…

How fucking crazy.

The second is one that is just as designed to garner attention, negative or positive. I saw this one from an ad as I was browsing the net. It’s clear the people behind this agency don’t give a damn as long as you’re talking about them.

There was actually a television spot for the website that was slated to air during the superbowl but rejected due to the nature of it’s content. God knows we’ve seen the other oh-so-classy ads that take place during the Superbowl. But never-the-less, what the site, AshleyMadison.com actually does promote is a place to put up personal ads for married folks with the express purpose of cheating. Yes, this is a social networking and dating site that is all about infedelity.

I’m sure by now, half of you have seen this conundrum of a commercial with these blue people and wondered what the fuck was going on? I thought it was some kind of sister-girl ghetto book author offering couples’ advice a la my old pal Ms. Smallsfrom What Chili Wants. But noooo, it’s something way more sinister than I could have ever fathomed. “Act like an adult, Have an Affair for once”

Last, but certainly not least, I had to end my day by seeing a damn infomercial on regular primetime mind you, for underwear that enhances the posterior! And if I’m not mistaken, I’m pretty damn sure that my television was on a ‘Black’ network. I know, I know, not ALL Black women have ass, but I’m thinking, really? somebody really just made a Million dollars off of this product. Thanks, BuyBootypop.com

The ads are sooooo cheesy! I felt like I was in 1987 and a commercial for roll-on deodorant was about to come on right after. Of course you know this stirs up all kinds of questions in my mind…Who’s buying this? And do I know any of them? How would I know? They even have Lace ones! 

Fuckery at it’s finest folks…Enjoy your day.