NIGHT CATCHES US – A Movie You NEED to see!!

I’m Just coming back from seeing this movie – which I made it a POINT to do and became quite the mission for me this week, and I must say that Iam really appalled that this Critically acclaimed and award-winning film was not promoted or given half of a chance. It’s a great independent with a great cast and great performances by everyone included.

Anthony Mackie and Kerry Washington‘s chemistry on film is dynamic, but it’s young actress, Jamara Griffin, that delivers the most layered performance and debut from a young actor since Spike Lee’s Crooklyn. There’s several familiar faces that appear here with a soul-heavy soundtrack and score provided by the legendary Roots Crew. Check the trailer and this review and synopsis from the New York Times

As it was only viewable in about 3 theatres in New York since December 3rd and was pulled out of the so-called ‘Black theatre’ (Magic Johnson’s AMC in Harlem), it’s only showing in one theatre for one more night only. The theatre, Cinema Village on 12th street, will be holding 5 showtimes; with the last show at 9:05 Thursday Night, December 16th.

If you take nothing more from this film than to spark conversation or the want to go back into your Black History books, then that is a victory in itself for the makers of this movie. It Should be celebrated for its introspection and softness. It’s a refreshing take on Black issues that doesn’t force Black issues in your face. No message. No cliché. Just the humanity of choices. It’s a subtle film, and I urge you all to catch it on its last night before the night catches up.