My Turn!!

After posting a slew of other unsigned rappers’ music videos since the year opened, I guess it’s about that time that I remind you all why I feel important enough to have even started a blog in the first place.

Remember kiddies,

I’m a rapper. Quite possibly the best rapper out. But that’s a story for another date. Right now this is just a little something that me and my boy @NameisE put together to let you know that my very first original music project is indeed coming. One way or another…

They call it, a commercial


Black & White (Episode 1 PT.5) – The Greatest Show That Never Was

Part 5. And we keep rollin’

Black & White (Episode 1 PT.4) – The Greatest Show That Never Was

Part 4

Black & White (Episode 1)- The Greatest Show that never was

Remember this show?

I Always thought that it never got the credit it deserved. At the height of the reality show boom, Ice Cube attempted to cash in and made a turn to cable with the show Black/White on the FX network.

It seemed to come and go with little fanfare. There was an appearance on the Oprah show to take a sociological look at it, but Cube was left out. That rubbed him the wrong way as the cold war between Oprah and rappers got all out of hand and he jumped on board.

There has been talk during the airing of the show and afterwards, that it was severely staged; from false families full of auditioned actors, to scripted dialogue. I don’t know how true that is because I believe the premise alone is enough to garner entertaining enough moments to just let the camera roll and let reality fill up the hours. If this show was in fact staged, I’d be highly let down, not surprised.

Nevertheless, it’s such an interesting basis for a show from a social standpoint that I really wanted to see it get more light, or go for a another season, or at least see someone else pick up where this left off and do another experimental show that thrived off of a study of human interaction. It would just be more refreshing to see so-called Reality Television put to use for more resourceful purposes that we can learn from. So even if this show was fake, It contained so many relatable moments that it’s intriguing and worth discussion. So starting tonight, I’ll be posting up one episode from it’s one and only season everyday.