*Zoloft Files Edition* Hot 16…Or More…BLACK

It’s only right for Black History Month. This one speaks for itself…


I said before that that’s the color in me…

It’s in my aura – everything begins B



no Sephora, Kenneth Cole or Ralph Lauren can scent me.

It’s how I feel towards Love – it’s skin deep,

Feel like I’m Black-balled in this industry…


Black is the

Color of my True Love’s hair;

Black Sister.

Black In America

Straight off the backs of the slaves they brought back and forth – Black ships to carry them.

Black in the Era of…

Paper from rap,

all it takes is a smash, to have Black kids delirious.


Dark as you like – Black Starry Night,


Apart of the life – marches and riots,


Apologize for what I look like (Ha!)


Pardon my sight – if ya’ll don’t like

I’m Black!

Yeah, my father always taught me to be proud of that,

Say it near, say it clear – say it loud in fact…

Buy Black, Black Owned – living life as if,

everyday’s a Black-Tie Affair – how fly is that?

Black Monday,

to Black Friday

Black Market to Crash market – son I make:

Black money, Black moneyBlack Enterprise,

Blackmail meBlack-Belt’ll Black a nigga’s eye!


Black males be hypnotized,

by the Blacktail – but it’s Black beauty who gets to ride!

Like the Hornet, but it’s more like Black fist attire…

Black leather, Black Gloves – no Simpson – just


Like outer space, all on my face,


as the abyss or in a cave,


the absence of color, or just the sum of it


Black as the MotherlandBlack Republicans!


Chicken & grits, video chics – that’s


Hispanic freinds, who won’t admit they are


Africans and Carribeans, who are Black!

Who HATE to be called Americans – cause Black

…Is the worst thing to ever be!


be the only peeps who lost EVERYTHING!

So I let the ink drip, and it channels;

the hue of my mood,

like the end of The Sopranos


Hope you learned something…

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CotDammit John Mayer….

I won’t post the interview or it’s excerpts up, because by now, you’ll be able to catch the most “inflammatory” parts all over the web.

I will, however

show you the source where you can read the interview in it’s entirety.


Now I am a John Mayer fan.

But I have also heard the infamous tales of him being a Grade A asshole in real life. This sentiment was recently reiterated by the homegirls Seshie and Morgan, who also follow him on twitter.

I also have picked up on his penchant for overt sarcasm and colorful commentary over the past few years. So I’m not sure exactly how “inflammatory” these “inflammatory” comments are…

It could just fall in line with every other off-brand statement he’s made to the press.

In this interview, he ruffles plenty of feathers, including Jessica Simpson’s (but wait! feathers?.. Is she chicken?or Fish?), but I wonder, is this just another case of Black people being too sensitive for all of the wrong reasons? I’m just waiting for Al Sharpton to pop out somewhere tomorrow, seeing as to how he only comes out for these menial situations.

If we’ve paid attention to Mayer’s M.O. by now, why would we be surprised by anything outlandish that he says? Obviously, if you look at what he’s saying in full, he’s very aware of his perception and the perception of him. He’s also very aware of what he’s saying. Now the real question here, was did he not anticipate the feeble-mindedness of the average reader – or the domino effect that controversial hearsay would have upon feedback from this interview? Did he even realize that this interview would reach the public so widely? Like, did he not realize that this was an interview in PLAYBOY fuckin magazine??! America’s Guilty pleasure? Or did he just assume that of course, only intellectual people actually READ the articles in Playboy as opposed to just staring at the landing strips on the centerfolds, and therefore, anyone with that level of logical reasoning wouldn’t take his remarks out of context nor take offense to them?

The even bigger question is, Did he really even give a fuck??! And does he have to?

We accept crazy talk from personalities that we deem as brash and extreme, but when it comes from our tamer idols, we get up in arms. Nelly can testify to this. Luke can have girls on video eating each other out, and then make a song about it, but don’t let it be the guy who made “Dillema”. Andrew Dice Clay can be as coarse as can be, but if it’s our favorite emo-guitar guy that the rappers like….it’s OVER.

Well maybe John wants to be like those guys who get away with that shit. Maybe he looks like he’s in league with Michael Buble, but he feels more like O.D.B. inside. And I’m not condoning any of this, I’m just trying to put it in another perspective of understanding. Maybe he just didn’t give a fuck! He just wanted to tell you how much Jessica Simpson is a hot piece of ass, how Black women don’t do it for him, and how much he acknowledges that he has a “hood pass”, but not an official hood pass because he still can’t get away with saying stuff like the word Nigger. And just to test the waters, he’s going to use the word Nigger just to show you how much that hood pass doesn’t really exist after all.

And you all just proved him right because I’m sure plenty of you will refuse to support him any longer and snatch that pass right back!

I for one, Love when people are this honest because they tell you who they really are. At least you know where he stands.  It’s what keeps you hanging off of every word in a 50 Cent interview. Or the latest Kanye Rant. For an artist of John’s stature, this interview is a publicists’ nightmare. But for an artist of John’s stature, maybe it’s kind of dope that he broke the rules.

True, he should know better. he’s a smart dude. But the only place he fucked up was by actually using the full out N word and not using softer language to get his points across. I’ve come to the conclusion that every White person in the world has or will say Nigger at least once in their lives…if for no other reason than just to see how it feels to say it. You try being told that there’s one word in your entire lifetime that you’re never allowed to say…see where the Pandora’s Box of your mind takes you!

I personally am more offended by the white folk who use it casually and think nothing of it because some Black people in their lives have allowed them to continually repeat it.

But in this case, he’s being very cognizant of the African-American demographic, and if anything, he’s admitting to a character flaw within himself. He’s telling you that he would like to, but up until this point in his life, hasn’t found himself sexually attracted to Black women. Honest enough. Would I be a reverse racist when I state that Iam not sexually attracted to White women? Because Iam not, on average.

I’m like him in a way…..

due to the fact that I love women to the extreme that I do, I do find the beauty in all sexy women of all shades and races, But I know my first preference always has and always will be Black women!

I try to tell people all the time, that the biggest part of attraction is psychological. Alot is based on what we’re exposed to and how we’ve taken in ideas of beauty throughout the courses of our lives. Once we accept that, we’ll realize that there’s not some magic key that we’re born with that tells us who to date and mate with.

But nevermind all of that, let me end this post with the apology…

cause that’s what you want anyway isn’t it?

“using the ‘N word’ in an interview: I am sorry that I used the word. And it’s such a shame that I did because the point I was trying to make was in the exact opposite spirit of the word itself. It was arrogant of me to think I could intellectualize using it, because I realize that there’s no intellectualizing a word that is so emotionally charged.

And while I’m using today for looking at myself under harsh light, I think it’s time to stop trying to be so raw in interviews… It started as an attempt to not let the waves of criticism get to me, but it’s gotten out of hand and I’ve created somewhat of a monster. I wanted to be a blues guitar player. And a singer. And a songwriter. Not a shock jock. I don’t have the stomach for it.

Again, because I don’t want anyone to think I’m equivocating: I should have never said the word and I will never say it again.”

I do want to give John his props tho, for shouting out Kerry Washington (I agree, she seems to have white girl swag where it counts), and for even KNOWING who Holly Robinson-Peete is! Not too many Black guys remember or acknowledge her, let alone some random whiteboy. Maybe he watched alot of 21 Jumpstreet reruns back in the day. She was and still is pretty damn hot! And her charity involvements rock!

And to close it out, why not leave you crazy kids with an Apropo ditty?

*Zoloft Files Edition* Hot 16…Or More…HOW HUMAN

Day 5‘s joint is one that seems to be a common favorite so far.

I think people like what they believe to be the theme, but moreover what they like is the “Age Of Aquarius” sample, courtesy of Kanye.

Now for some reason this project is full of ALOT of Kanye and Mobb Deep instrumentals.

I guess Emo-rap and gritty mid-90’s cryptic Murder rap beats set the perfect sonic backdrop for a depression-based mixtape full of contemplation on life’s paradoxes and personal reflection.

Anyway, I don’t know what Mos Def did with this Kanye beat nor what he was talking about on the original version of his song called “Sunshine”, but seeing as how I wasn’t anywhere near a sunshiny mood while making this tape, obviously I took a different direction.

This sample is near and dear to me now, as the sample was made famous from the old Broadway play, HAIR, which has been revived in the last year or so, and I know one of the stars, Ms. Sasha Allen, very well. She even gets a shout out in the beginning.

Thinking about that play (which I don’t think I quite understand), made me think about the hippies and their whole peace and love thing. I thought about the intermingling of the races and the multi-cultural cast re-enacting those free-spirited drifters. I thought about how under the sun, we’re all the same, and how this sun is the very thing that gives us the notion of Color to begin with. I started getting really scientific on ya’ll asses. I thought about this generation, and how much the lines have been blurred between cultures since I’ve been alive, since my parents, and their parents before.

So in this Black History Month, I’d like to leave you with that to think about.

As Pro-Black as Iam. And as militant as I can be on certain subjects, I really believe that separating anyone by race is Crazy. True enough, our lifestyles are so different that you can’t help but notice that some things are typical of a certain group, and sure it’s funny to say, ‘white people’ after you witness a caucasian doing something so expected of them. But I do think that race is one of those things that needs to be poked fun at more until we can get to a point where it’s a secondary thought and not a primary one. Iam one of those folks who believe that we are all a little racist or prejudice in our own ways, and alot of that has to do with indelible conditioning, subliminal ideas that have been pushed into our minds and lack of exposure respectively. Acknowledging that helps to lift a huge weight off of us being that we are imperfect people who have never been in such a position as we are now to be so accepting of one another. It’s a long road, but I have faith that the successive generations are taking strides towards that.

Only time will tell.

But here, I pontificate on the simplicity and susceptible state of being just a human in this big small world.

How human,

How you been?

if colors only made up here from how you bend,

light refractions,

then let the light back in,

to Dawn on the darkness of our current reactions – towards,

one another in this Rubix cube of culture clashes,

fused with folk who fashion-forward, socially ass-backwards.

We try to be colorblind like dogs and cats is,

but we define by color first,

character after.

So we are just caricatures of ourselves,

stereotypes have to occur – but patterns can melt.

This merry-go-life grabs you at birth – strap in the belt,

so bury the lines – slash and then burn that, and dispel…

All of the attacks and slurs between the races,

we’ve seen the faces of hate,

but ain’t seen the basis.

But we can change it – clear it up,

here’s to ones of us,

reared in the now – gearing for The Age of Aquarius!”

Hope you learned something…

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Groundhog’s Day & The Oscars sees it’s own Shadow!!

I don’t ever really acknowledge this Holiday, let alone remember it. Nor do I know how this whole fuckery with Groundhog’s and their shadows began (I’ll look it up), But I DO KNOW that This movie, starring Bill Murray is one of the funniest ever and one of my Favorite movies of all time. At first I thought EVERYONE loved it like I do, but in recent years, I’ve found that some of you deem it as corny. That saddens me. To that I say, repeat your viewing experience. Meaning watch it again. And again. And again. And again…

Bill Murray is one Genuinely funny guy. While you’re out watching this again for the first time, do yourself a favor and check out What About Bob? and Osmosis Jones. This is what we call PG comedy kids. Before Family Guy confounded our morality concepts, therefore affecting our barometer for what’s funny. Now it’s like something isn’t funny if it’s not involving drugs or offending some group in a politically incorrect way.  Where’s the Balance? can we still enjoy The Simpsons and The Cleveland Show simultaneously? *sigh*…America….

Anyway, can’t mention a movie without bringing up the 82nd ever Oscar Award nominations that were announced today.


This means I’ll be alive (Lord Willing) to see it when it makes the 100th annual Oscar awards. Hopefully, I’ll BE THERE.

But as you probably have heard, the Best Picture category has been doubled this go round. I’m surprised at some inclusions such as District 9, but I’m excited about the movies that made it this year. Really colorful for the Academy, which usually pulls out a selection of the 4 most dramatic films that came out two months before and that 1 random indie that the masses never even really heard of. This time out, there’s all kinds of action films, multi-racial casts, and mostly modern era projects with more-digestable subject matter.

I’m guessing this is a reflection of what 2009 had to offer, and maybe the Academy’s lightening up after seeing the overwhelming response and demand for films like The Dark Knight, that may not have even been on their radar before, to be taken as seriously as the super melancholy and offbeat fare that is usually celebrated. It seems like that, and maybe the fact that there weren’t so many period pieces, full of english actors or Woody Allen and Clint Eastwood movies this year!

I would have Never imagined that such a Disney-esque storylined film like The Blindside would be up for honors, especially since even tho it is based on a true story, we’ve seen this tale told before.

But I did hear that Sandra Bullock did a Great job, so I might go for her. This Gabby chic acted her ass off in Precious, but how do we know that was a stretch for her? And do we want every black actor who wins to be some kind of 1-off fluke because they just lucked up and got their role of a lifetime? (Jaime? Jennifer?)Besides, she just started, she has time to prove herself as a true actress. The nom alone is a huge success. I’m kinda going for Meryl for playing Julia Childs, but I haven’t seen it, and she has enough of these little gold statues…

So you could imagine the same way I feel about Gabby, I feel about Monique’s nom. But on the contrary, I think Mo should and might get it. She has “acted” if you wanna call it that, enough to know where she can go, and hopefully a win would quiet her big, loud ass down for a second and give her that graceful transformation that Queen Latifah and Whoopi underwent.

As much as I want Precious and it’s director Lee Daniels to win, I know the favorite here is Avatar and Hurt Locker.

I still got my fingers crossed for Up and The Princess & The Frog tho…To the point, if Princess doesn’t win something significant (at least best original song) I’mma be Angry-Black-Man MAD!!

Speaking of Avatar, on this yahoo post about Oscar snubs, the writer brings up a great point about Zoe Saldana not getting her acting credit for her role in Avatar, and how maybe the Academy doesn’t yet recognize or understand the art of CGI induced performance. They make a good point. The general consensus is that she carries the movie. I have a semi-crush on her so I feel that.

Here’s that article;


What you think Raquel?

My Kwanzaa Story x The Black Candle Documentary Trailer


I’m trying to figure out the best way to make this post short but I have so much to say about this.

I resolved last year to try to make a collective effort to get all of my friends and family to embrace the celebration of Kwanzaa this time around. I was introduced to it in the 3rd grade, and then my family tried to initiate it into practice before the turn of the century courtesy of my brother Khalid’s ex-wife who thought it was a happy medium for my family that is part Islamic, part Christian, and part whatever.

Safe to say it didn’t stick, although my sister Veen and her children and husband picked it up a few years back and have been going strong now for a minute.

So I was determined to re-teach myself the values and rituals, but this time with a fuller understanding of why and how. As a child and the way it was presented to me in school, I thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread that this even existed.

But as I grew older, I got severely turned off by Afrocentricity and the personalities of people who were engulfed in it. In my experience, the folk who are super in touch with their “Roots” have a tendency to be dramatic, overbearing and a little outdated. I never quite got the whole Pan -African thing. Africa is the Biggest continent in the world, with the most countries and nations, and what afrocentricity does is blend it all into a hodgepodge of oneness, mostly leaning towards the West African influences, as if each region shouldn’t be acknowledged for it’s individual identity and cultural distinction. Somalia is nothing like Togo. And Swaziland is nothing like Morrocco. I even had to ask if Swahili is a national language of any African country, and Iam still researching. Yet and still, it is the universal dialect of Africa-obsessed Americans.

So my experience has been a jaded one. I have spent a great amount of my lifetime around this lifestyle, and have rarely come across someone who is truly down to Earth and in touch with their African ancestry. It always just seems so sad to me that we as Black Americans will always be that people who will never really know our clear history, and only be able to tap into it by engaging in these neo – cultural, amalgamations of traditions scattered across The Continent. What’s even more saddening to me is that in my experience, Africans who I’ve met from the continent never seem to have such a sense of urgency as we do, and quickly differentiate themsleves from the African-American. Although, by technicality, they themselves are classified as such.

But what an amazing people we are for trying!, and always creating something from nothing.

I want to be as in touch with my ancestry as possible, but I don’t want to have to grow dreadlocks or wear a dashiki to exhibit this. I don’t need to have a bunch of statues of oblong breasted figures or giraffes around the house or do dances. What I need to do is just talk to my Grandmother who is a well of history herself and can tell me firsthand so many things about her life growing up as a Liberian woman. Lord knows my Mom sucks at it. She can only remember her life in Africa up to the age of 9. Which was quite an Americanized one, since most people contest that Liberia is a made up Country.

Nevertheless, I wanted to get into Kwanzaa for what it represents, and coincidentally, my homegirl Indigo put me on to this film that was done by a talented Young Man named M. K. Asante Jr. titled The Black Candle. It’s an award winning documentary on the black experience and the creation and foundation of the Kwanzaa celebration that features in depth commentary by the creator of the holiday(Maulana Karenga), as well as many famous Black leaders, and is narrated by the one of a kind Maya Angelou. You should really read the description on the youtube page, because it does it better than I can.

Now this film blew me away and I took my little nephew Winnie to see it with me. We watched it in a screening room of the Teachers’ College among a group of teenagers. Prior to this viewing, Winnie asked me what Kwanzaa was, and I was shocked to see that his school hadn’t yet made mention of this celebration that by now is so widely practiced that it should be given it’s own televised parade (but that would be too black). But even more than that, I was taken aback at how many of the teenagers themselves were in the dark about it, as their questions and comments after the viewing displayed a total lack of awareness.

This was an issue that was visited in the documentary itself. The quick clips from street interviews with local youth pointed at the fact that there is a lack of positive self awareness and crucial historical education.

I kept thinking, damn, how could something I learned back in the day in 3rd grade have regressed to a point of obscurity in the local education system instead of progressed??  I thought curriculum was supposed to advance! It’s not like I went to a special school where the aim was teaching Blackness.

This let me down a bit, but the film gave me such a reinforced and stronger motivation to take on the Kwanzaa festivities, with renewed determination to instill some of the principles into my nephew while he’s still young. I also want to see the togetherness of my friends and family all moving in unison for something that we may actually understand all of, as opposed to Christmas, where we just do without really thinking about why.

I’m also Hellbent on making this holiday Fly! It’s not meant to be commercialized, but still, it’s not all about hand woven baskets and books. We can have a 7 day extravaganza of dope gift-gving (homemade and store-bought) AND enlightenment.

So let the Celebration begin!

It all goes down on the 26th of December. I’ll be posting up each principle daily. I  just hope I can get my stuff in time…

Anyone Remember This Flick?? Hav Plenty

I caught the end of this movie last night on cable.

I know at this point after following my previous movie based posts,

you’re probably gonna think I just sit up at home and do nothing but watch T.V.

It’s really that I just always have it on and NEVER really watch it, and I stay up at crazy hours most of the time, so I catch random shit.

But I remember this coming out and leaving theatres with the quickness in 1997, and I used to think – what is this about?

Now I found myself watching it last night wondering – what is this about??

Nah, for real, Tracey Edmonds was either trying to get her feet wet in the film game and be taken seriously as a producer,  or she was doing someone a serious favor.

I remember hearing about how interesting this movie was because it was shot on a shoestring budget, and it had a pretty notable soundtrack – thanks to Ms. Edmonds. My Brother had it, it had some cuts on it. But really, the awkwardness of it comes off like a college film.

I need my film people to comment on this. It looks like it was well intentioned, and an earnest attempt at showing black romantic comedy from a different angle, but is another victim of the She’s Gotta Have It syndrome. Word to the writer being the star (Spike). Cutting Costs much?

And Hil Harper in any flick spells ‘Independent black movie that will only come on the STARZ network’.

Plus, anyone who knows me Knows I HATE titles that are made up of some kind of half-assed compound of the main character’s Names i.e. Jason’s Lyric or Poetic Justice. How Freakin DEEP!!

I will admit, shorty who plays Hav (short for Haviland) is Sexy as hell to me tho.

It may be worth checkin out just because it is so…


Brandon Carter “Black Friday” Mixtape Download

Click The Pic For the Download.

Just so you can’t say I never gave you anything….

Even though I don’t really partake in the Holidays, In the spirit of Black Friday, I give you the gift of music by my Partner in Crime, Brandon Carter.

Straight from the Southside Of Chicago, me and the kid go way back and he’s Producing my next project. Look out for that….

And check out this Video he did for his freestyle over Drake’s  “Forever”.

This track is featured on the mixtape. You can check more at his website/ning; http://BrandonCarter.com

Not So Black and White…

So I don’t know how this came up, but I was speaking about this movie the other day. It’s one of those films that didn’t really go anywhere or never got mentioned again so you wonder if it ever actually existed or if you made it up in your head. But sure enough, I remember seeing the trailer for this movie when I saw “Panther” in the theatre with my mother. As a kid, I remember thinking,’wow, this is the most interesting Plot ever!’.
but now as an adult, as I go back and watch this Melodramatic and albeit Cheesy 90’s VHS trailer version, it occurred to me, what is it saying?

It’s painfully obvious that there’s a statement being made here. The film was presented in a way to spark controversy – whether or not it did, we can figure out by how many of you reading this have even heard of this movie.

What’s the most interesting to me is that the filmmakers chose to make this plot situational and based on 2 opposing families mainly, but begs a question that’s pertains more to a bigger social arena. It asks what if things were reversed? That’s a WTF question for sure, cause at first I’m wondering..is this a white person’s acknowledgement that they actually control most of the known world??

But no, this is actually the creation of  a Japanese American – the same writer behind such a true to life gritty urban classic as American Me.

I thought it would be pretty ill if this question was approached in some kind of surreal setting where it showed life in general in a way where blacks/minorities were on the higher side of the global spectrum: more affluent and privileged and carried a sense of entitlement.
Now I can only speak from viewing the trailer, because I never actually saw this movie, but the fact that it focuses Primarily on John Travolta and Harry Belafonte’s grossly exaggerated characters and seems to rely on heavy cliche and archetypical imagery to display the disparity that exists between the races, downgrades everything. It ‘s almost counter productive because if this question is what if the roles were reversed between Blacks and Whites, what is it saying about Black People on average??

Is the everyday Black Man a barely Blue Collar, poorly accented, country sounding, angry and inevitably violent guy, struggling to make ends meet? If that’s the case, then I’m surprised that John Travolta’s character is even at home with his wife and kids! You know Niggas don’t do that!

And on the other side of that coin, is it saying that the average White person is wealthy and could care less about the plight of his fellow man?

That being said, it’s still the only movie like this that I’ve ever heard of that was released by Hollywood. Clearly this is from the John Travolta comeback Period after Pulp Fiction raised his career from the dead and he was taking on any role that would be a standout. And tho it looks like something Robert Townsend would create, with less than Tongue-in-cheek attempts to be thought provoking and emotional, I still think it makes one curious enough to find it (if you can) and watch to see what the hell they were on when they made this.

And with that, I’m off to Netflix or the Video store. Who’s coming with me?