V & D never sounded so GOOD together! Ms. Woods & Ms. Bozeman bring the alphabet closer!

We’ve come to this point where we’re almost at anniversary time, and there’s no way that I could’ve let this blog reach the 2 year mark without dedicating crush time to the special lady featured in the banner blowing out the 6 in 16’s Candles. But while we’re in the mood for something old and something blue, I also took the liberties of throwing in something new in the form of the beautiful V.Bozeman. This month’s installment is all about the letter women. 

Though I’ve been questioned about my fondness for Ms. Woodgette, I’ve always liked her since the days of  Diddy‘s play project, Making The Band. She had the best body, the best face and the most professional outlook on the business. She seemed like she was already in the game. In the years following, she has since become somewhat of a darling on the Black fashion and gossip sites that highlight pseudo celebs, and she seems quite comfortable with her place. But make no mistake – she also appears to be constantly grinding – tho it’s not 100% clear what it is she’s grinding on; Excersize, dancing, songwriting or performing. In the meantime, She’s filled plenty of space by filling plenty of pages and gracing plenty of covers with sexy layouts and images of her well sculpted and envy-inspiring body. No complaints will be heard about that. 

Newer and more defined on the scene, yet not more defined physically, is V.Bozeman…The stunning California native who made heads turn with a naked debut via the super-sensual and artistic video for her duet on Timothy Bloom‘s single “Until The End Of Time”. Her glazed deep chocolate brown body is just as striking as her voice and she boasts a vivrant sexuality that seems to stem passively from her aura. Learn a little more about her in this bio clip here;

Both ladies personify a kind of Black woman strength that seems feminine but a little hard-edged. It’s a confidence that’s more of a true confidence and not a false one that’s used as an outer shell. This could be attributed to their backgrounds from tough neighborhoods, but what’s more memorable is the voices that have gotten them from there to our blogs and video screens.

And their femininity is certainly something which they know how to flaunt. D’s mid section is something women die for. Her abs look effortlessly sculpted and her thighs entice everytime they’re exposed. She’s got a dancer’s body and southern girl’s gaze, with a northern sass. Her style is dancer-rebel, but in her photoshoots she switches it up and goes lingerie or dressy. So for as many shots you may see of her with her signature look of sneakers and tight pants with a playfully bushy hairdo, you’ll see the same amount of her with a gown or evening dress with her hair down or short. Those eyes are what gives her a doey effect, but have that fire and gleam that hint at bad-girlness

V. doesn’t have a shy bone in her body. Modeling and flexing her super toned and supple shape and accentuating her deep hue often shot with a waxy coat and favorable lighting for effect. At first glance, one might try to sum her up as an afrocentric chic, but she’s much more round-the-way girl with a spunky, punky yet earthy glow. And sorry, but did you SEE that ass??! 

The lust factor here is as high as the respect factor for these ladies’ bold and dynamic styles. They command attention and get it, by their own terms, on their own paths. The work they put into their bodies is parallel to the work they put into their craft – and both are to be applauded. You’ve GOT to love Black women. And the alphabet for that matter…

On that note,

D.Woods & V. Bozeman,


are My New Crush!!

Regina…Is KING!

My Word!

Do you guys remember how Regina King USED to look??

It wouldn’t do any justice to this post to place any pictures in the way that would remind you of the pouchy, frumpy, rope-haired, baggy clothes laden hood bandit version of her…nor her first incarnation as the shapeless, mushroom topped girl down the block from 227.

Yes, the light eyes have always been the saving grace, and the draw that we couldn’t quite put our fingers on, but if ever anybody deserved the phrase ‘Better with time/age’, or an award for Most Improved, It would be Regina.

So on this last day of August, I’m gonna close out a rather slow month for this blog with someone who makes my heart beat fast!

This Crush Alot post has been a Long time coming…

I first noticed Regina King version 2.0 in a scene during the film This Christmas, where she appeared in lingerie, and it seemed like overnight, she blossomed and had this banging body!

I saw back muscle definition, tricep lines, a coke bottle figure and boobies!

Now keep in mind, Ms. King is well past the perceived Hollywood prime. If she was playing a teen on an 80’s sitcom, you can imagine her age now. How is it that the ghetto rat that was a borderline alcoholic in Poetic Justice that no one paid attention to, turned to this?? I mean, we were just getting used to her starting to look more her age and accept her as a wife and sidekick in movies like Enemy Of The State and Ms. Congeniality 2! And I’m sorry, even tho every other Negro seems to all of a sudden, Love The Boondocks this past year, I H8 the idea of her voicing both main characters!!

It’s so dope to see a woman – a Black woman to bat, getting serious about her look, appeal and health at a later age. Whatever the cause or motivation may have been for Regina, be it a bad breakup, medical awareness, or just for roles, it’s not as important as the display of the fruits of her labor. She is a fine example of how to play this game right. She is a walking poster child for fitness without fluctuation or losing femininity. While her contemporaries are gaining arm fat and rounder faces and losing work, Regina has had a better career in the last 15 years than her first 15.

Even if it wasn’t about that, it’s  just a show of perserverance and dedication. Working out is hard. Maintaining a regimen and actually being able to see the results is even trickier. Alot of women are just satisfied with being a few sizes smaller, or fiting into a dress, or accomplishing a weight loss and tone for a specified purpose or moment in time. Regina has chiseled herself indefinitely, and seems to be intent on keeping that look intact. She didn’t have to do that. She could’ve stopped a while ago because She wasn’t fat to begin with. She just wasn’t the defined, head turning Regina King posing before us today that has dudes my age and up – if not younger, putting her on their lists.

I just wish all women would do this as they age; Man or No Man…But especially if they have a man. There’d be much less cheating in middle America I’m sure. Something in the rationalizing of women allows them to feel accomplished with just a few walks on the treadmill and a power walk after they reach a certain age and pop a few babies out – if they work out at all. Take notes ladies; Regina is a mom too, well past her 20’s and a non award-winning veteran actress who is JUST now getting mainstream recognition….How busy do you think she is compared to you??

Enough of that tho, Ms. King is King because of her winning smile, her MILF status (Because she certainly looks like she knows how to put it down – I don’t know, but something about those intimate scenes – look at Our Family Wedding and the scene I mentioned before in This Christmas), her down to Earth personality and those eyes – Yes, those eyes

They’re captivating and engaging, in a way that can be seductive and friendly at the same time. The body is a plus. Her personality is the big prize. From reading her interviews, I pick up that she’s just a regular chic from around the way that parlayed her dream into a career and is appreciative for every stepping stone. The type of chic who eats egg whites only, but still puts hotsauce on everything! I Love that kind of balance! She seems hungrier than ever, and fully aware of, and comfortable in her new frame.

I’ll leave out the fact that Theo Huxtable got to claim her and tap that in real life, as well as her recent call for Black women to start dating outside of their race if Black men aren’t doing their job…That would be as counteractive to this post as putting up those old Brenda pics.

What I will say is, the upgrade definitely has not gone unnoticed, and as these pictures exemplify, there are many sides to the sexy that belongs to Regina. Iam so intrigued, it’s to the point where Chili would have to take a backseat to her for my MILF title.

Having that said;

Regina King,

your Highness,


Are my New Crush!