*New Brandon Carter Album* – “They’re Trying To Kill You”

It’s Here.

Ya’ll were warned. It’s A CLASSIC -I said it. Click the cover above to download.

And just as a bonus, here’s a clip for the intro/title track and the making of it.

Happy Birthday Homie.

New Chris Classic x Brandon Carter visuals + Chris Classic Mixtape!!

Young Carter hit me with these clips in an e-mail about a week ago in support of the 3rd installment of the homie Chris Classic‘s mixtape series Summer Classic.

This first one is footage of the 2 recording one of the tracks on the mixtape  in quite frankly, one of the swankiest studios I’ve ever seen an unsigned artist work out of. Nevermind the fact that it all looks like one big Coca Cola endorsement, pay attention to the process…

The second video is a commercial for the mixtape itself, featuring the wild homie Chicago Gee. It’s a take off of an original song by Brandon that he performed acoustic guitar at a show last year, only to have punk-ass Amanda Diva try to play him on stage. The most IMPORTANT thing in this commercial however, is the fact that Chris is changing the game by dropping his mixtape in true technologically advanced fashion, by making it directly uploadable to your smartphone, for free. DOPENESS

We’re probably all gonna be doing this soon…

Check out the link to download Chris’ Mixtape by clicking on the image of the cover below

Bamma Ass D.C. rappers STEAL My Hit video & Track!!!!




The homie Gee put me and Brandon on to this at the end of last month. I should have opened this shit up as SOON as it showed up in my e-mail. Now I understand why niggas in the 80’s took biting so seriously and how rappers could get snuffed for swagger-jacking! How do you just take somebody’s WHOLE ENTIRE concept and call it your own?? A whole year after it was damn near the biggest viral hip-hop sensation of a whole month?? 

For any of you who don’t know me or Brandon Carter, or were sleeping under a Hip-Hop rock last year, we jumped on the craze sparked by Lloyd Banks’ single “Bimaz, Benz or Bentley” when everyone was making their mixtape remix variations of it, and watched the video for our version, “Subway Bus Or Walking” explode over the net, even making it onto AOL, and New York magazine. T-shirts were made, lines were repeated, laughs ensued…

But this

This just makes me wish I still lived in D.C. so I could run into these jerks and ask them WTF? Did you NOT see the video that gave you the EXACT same idea??

I don’t even want to put this clip up because I don’t want to give these clowns any light, but you have to see this shit. SMH. I do love how anytime you see this crap, you have to see ours pop up on the side with all of it’s thousands of hits just to put things in perspective. I mean…At least be better if you’re gonna jack and not give credit…

And here’s the ‘Original’ just in case you’re new, deaf or named “Dirty Wingz”

New Brandon Carter Single – “BLOOD MONEY”

Today my boy Brandon Carter is dropping the first single off of his new politically charged album They’re Trying To Kill You. It’s a change of pace for Carter, who’s tackling a before unseen side of his artistic output.

Click the pic below to listen to and download the song.

Now usually this kind of thing is reserved for lyrics from my own catalogue in my Hot 16…Or More…Segment, but Brandon wants to make this project as informative and inclusive as possible, so he’s sharing the lyrics to the songs on the album in as many ways as possible. Read along here;

“Blood Money”

Artist: Brandon Carter

Producer: Brandon Carter

Album: They’re Trying To Kill You

Verse #1

Corporations want to get paid and they dont care who bleeds

Thats why my sneakers are made by children over seas

And their hourly wage is not enough to eat,

but companies get away because no one oversees.

man It’s about the G’s, better get em

Because I’ve seen the poor get ignored by the system.

But in reality I see the poor are the Victims

of this cannibal animal called capitalism.

Wheres the lack of division between the haves and the have-nots?

Chance to advance but they plan so you can not.

Get the jail route if you caught  with that crack rock

get a bail out…. If your crimes are from bad stocks.

Cant stop trying to find answers

how can they deny coverage when they find cancer.

Tax breaks for the rich while the poor trying to by Pampers.

You cant prepare for the life after with your Blood Money.


Wall Street ruins lives for that Blood Money

In Iraq shoulders dying for that Blood Money

Politicians committing crimes for that Blood Money

Fox News telling lies for that Blood Money

We ignoring human rights for that Blood Money

The environment sacrificed for that Blood Money

We all going to pay the price for that Blood Money

Thats what they want from me

Verse #2

The Planet gets warmer cuz you filling up your Humvee

the cash from countries were kids going hungry.

Drug war in Mexico is getting kind of ugly

and we support it every time we buy a bag and puff trees.

You must see the terrorist that want to bomb you

get there money off the drugs you put in your nostrils.

And I support that Julian Assange dude

he showed us who we killing when we bring them bombs through!

Do what I’ve got to, I’m just tryna survive shopping that gross product from off of I-95

Because thats how we was brought up, how we was taught to survive

knowing we going to get caught up and locked up for our crimes

i’m from where the greed breed hopelessness

Politicians on the TV they dont think we notice it.

Give me a week of them Wall Street bounces

I’ll take it to the streets and feed homeless kids off of this BLOOD MONEY

Repeat Chorus


I was just talking about this track. It’s just perfect timing that this is this month’s Hot 16…Or More…

This track is from an idea that my boy Brandon Carter had to sample an interlude from Justin Timberlake‘s FutureSex/LoveSounds album. He accompanied that sample with a long running gag about using ridiculously cheap things to set the perfect mood, not for romance, but for a memorable sexual tryst. The long running gag thing is something that we would often use to crack each other up when we would freestyle together. It’s like playing “Around The World” in basketball but with words. We’d use the same sentence and add our spin to it. Almost like a game of  “I Spy”.

Brandon wanted me to jump on the track since he was wrapping up his first mixtape, The Audacity Of Dope. I chimed in a little with the gag, and started off my verse.

Unfortunately, when Brandon was shooting the video for this track, I missed all of the filming dates, so he had to make an alternate version with an extra verse, and because he had made the visual for it, that is the version that wound up on his mixtape. The version with both of us landed on the deluxe version of my grand opening, The Crazy 8’s.

Usually, when I collaborate with Brandon, It’s a given that we rap in patterns that are the opposite of each other, unless we’re deliberately trying to match our flows. I knew I was going to rap faster because Brandon did a slow paced delivery full of comedic punches. I wanted to be more intricate to balance things out. I don’t know if it was the mental association with it being a Justin Timberlake song, but I wanted to say something about “Black Snake Moan”(which was the movie he starred in along with Samuel L. Jackson)…I don’t really know why, guess it’s just the nature of a rap about sex. In any case, this train of thought led to me playing around with the titles of a bunch of movies that starred Samuel L. Jackson. And from this, my verse was born – to much delight of listeners, but I also feel that it gets overlooked and people miss the whole theme unless I’m rapping it in front of them.

So now, I give you…

“Set The Mood Remix”

“You say that your back’s Unbreakable,

so I’mma Sam Jack – break bones,

and show you just how to make my Black Snake Moan.

That’s Jungle Fever, so Jane get low,

and let Tarzan Do The Right Thing tho.

187 when it’s A Time To Kill the cat,

my middle name’s curiosity

So you Die Hard, I’m The Man, and it’s not Pulp Fiction – it’s fact,

baby I’m a G!

Malik is well-endowed, please!

Soon as I creep I smell your body.

Wearing that pink slip thing that you got from Secret,

I mean Victoria, Don’t tell nobody!


You can’t keep it down,

making Janet Jacme sounds,

but I guess that’s what happens when I start slapping,

over your Jackie Brown!!

So when you’re ridin’ the tip of the SHAFT,

you feel The Rise Of The Sith on that ass,

and your Deep Blue Sea, starts leaking over my Evisu jeans.

It gets XXX rated, and my partner Brandon Carter be the Coach,

and my approach is that Iam the # 1 Starter! (Oh!)”

Hope you learned something…

To listen to or download this track, click the image of the cover below

Fly, Black Buddafly…Just…Fly!!

Told you they would wind up in a Crush Alot post before the year is over!

This is one bad-Ass sisterhood of traveling pants. The half Senegalese, Half German mixes are imports from Germany that were raised on soul and followed their dreams all the way to the States.

You may or may not have heard of the Schmahl Sisters, but these twins (Amina & Jazz) have been on the scene for quite some time. Starting off as the first act on the ill fated Russell Simmons Music Group, Black Buddafly began as a trio – then including older sister Sophie, who left after giving birth to a child in 2006. I remember seeing their video just randomly begin popping up late night on BET (when it used to actually play music videos), and thinking – ‘who the Hell?’ And ‘what a contrived group’. The look was too styled, the voices were like 3 Cassies, and the songwriting and production was microwave. Here’s that first video…

I did notice from the first second of watching tho, How bad all 3 sisters were! At the time, I brushed it off because their beauty is one that we’ve been subjected to and have idolized for the last 15 years of urban video and imagery. It’s that typical concept of beautiful that they fit. Slim, but shapely, soft smoky eyes and long eyelashes, long hair, caramel skin..the usual…Seen it once, seen it a thousand times right?

Man was I wrong.

I knew I liked them. I knew they fit my personal ideal of sexiness and prettiness, but they landed in the back of my mind. Other chics were more directly within my scope. Even though their second single “Bad Girl” Featuring Fab had become a guilty pleasure of mine, and somehow wound up making it onto my iPod years later, I never paid them attention until Me and Brandon Carter performed with them earlier this year.

It was a musical showcase based on performances that utilized live instrumentation or a band. Brandon was invited as a lead act, and we were fresh off of the hype of our “Subway, Bus or Walking” phenomena. They perused the place, mingling with folks they knew within the space, and I kept thinking, ‘where do I know these chics from?’. Then I finally saw their name on the bill and realized that they were apart of the line-up. I was automatically excited – but I didn’t know why. They added a kind of validation to the showcase, because this was a group that once had a major record deal and national publicity with one of the most famous names in music behind them. And they showed just why that night. Never before could I have been made aware of just how talented these sisters are. They sang in strong octaves, flawless harmonies, stripped down songs that hadn’t been presented to the public yet that they chose to share with us. I watched in awe as one sister propped in front of a piano and played each note while the other sang her heart out on a stool on stage. They took turns on lead and belted out over original material all written and arranged by themselves. It was an eye-opener for sure.

Without a doubt, it was also eye-candy. After all the sets were finished, they prompted everyone for a group picture of all of the performing acts. I made sure that me and Brandon stood next to the sisters. See, where I was mistaken initially from just seeing them in glossy Vibe pages and seductive videos, is the fact that even tho their kind of beauty has become a cliche caricature kind of beauty for our generation, it still is a real beauty and it comes from somewhere. So if they embody that look and that look is very much alive in person, then what the hell does that say about them?? It says that these chics are indeed, some BAD girls! 

Seeing is believing. The sisters are thicker in person, smoother in person, and that much more tempting in person. The symmetry in their features is off the hook! And the light bends and gleams off of that very caramel skin I mentioned before.

I wanted to spark a conversation with them so bad because we were all in the same space, but never got that chance. Besides, these chics seemed to know everybody in the place, and proceeded to work the room accordingly, never standing alone once.

As a group, the sisters are as aware of their sex appeal as they are their music. They push to be taken seriously and tone things down so you can focus on their songwriting and vocals and musicality, but push the hot buttons just in time so you remember that they are fantasy material. You can see this from their promo shots. They control every bedroom eye, every blush filled grin, every show of skin. It’s all very planned…and you know it…but you won’t even care, because as much as they might think they know when to turn it off or on, these women are the kind of sexy that never can shut down. There is no hibernation or sleep mode. 

Unlike some other singing sister tag-teams, like my other old crushes, JS (The Johnson Sisters – aka those 2 chics R.Kelly brought out in the early 2000’s that Ron Isley took as background singers and one as his wife), or Mary Mary, there isn’t one pretty one and one not-so-pretty. You’d be hard pressed to pick which sister is badder than the other. They are Identical twins. And more like Nina Sky, they’ve both kept up their bodies and keep their styles close enough to fall in line with the uniformity, but different enough to distinguish if you pay attention. Also, like Nina Sky, the ladies are back at a place career-wise where they’re starting from the ground up; playing by their rules and generating a more authentic following by breaking underground territory and building from there.

If they keep at it you’ll be hearing alot more from Black Buddafly very soon. In the meantime, it doesn’t hurt to just look at them.

Check out the…uhhmm..Twins…Who doesn’t love that? Did you peep the Piano tattoo going down the one sister’s side? Ive been in love!

And now that I’ve put it all out there and am willing to learn one of the most unsexy harsh sounding languages just to be closer to them, can I just say

Mein Gott! Amina and Jazz,


Are My New Crush!!

Brandon Carter Presents – “The Bolt Bus Tour”

Yeah, you read right. Courtesy of every East Coasters’ favorite means of public interstate transportation, Brandon will be embarking on a short Fall tour up and down the Mid-Atlantic. There’s even a Florida stop, and as you guessed it, I might pop up on a few of these dates. Maybe even with my Have-Knotz crew! Be sure to check BrandonCarter.com to stay posted on more show dates or any changes.

*New Malik-16 & Brandon Carter Track ft. Mel Gibson* – “Pack Of Niggers”

This was supposed to be a surprise song that wasn’t gonna drop until tomorrow when we perform together at Santos, but Somebody wanted to be an eager beaver *ahem*. And as Drake so eloquently pointed out, that “can be the collapse of a dam”.

Good thing we’re just that Dam good at this parody game.

This time we brought Mel Gibson along for the ride to enlighten you Niggers (Yeah, ER). And yeah I name-dropped Clayton Bigsby in there. And Brandon produced the beat, with a little of my input, but he always mixes my verses wack when I record with him…I smell sabotage….what do you guys think?

Enjoy. And download the song at this link


Now you can tell all your friends you officially own the most ignorant song of the summer. You’re welcome!

New Brandon Carter show Featuring Malik-16 @ Santos Party House!

Yep! Once again, I’ll be rocking alongside everyone’s favorite Madman, Mr. Brandon Carter.

This time, it’s at the place of my brightest moments and biggest fail, Santos Party House.

Come thru if you can on Thursday night. I don’t even care if you only come to see us and leave after us! Sheeeiiittt! I don’t know those other fools…

But seriously, Brandon will be rocking songs from his album, Never Give A Fuck, which dropped this spring, and I’ll be doing a few joints, as well as a NEW EXCLUSIVE song from us. We know how you love those!

Brandon Carter is…The Most Interesting Man In The Hood!

In the back of my mind, I was wanting to do this myself for a video, or waiting for someone to do their take on this. And who better than everyone’s favorite Lover-Of-Self, Mr. Brandon Carter??

Just watch. This is creativity here…