The Top 20 forgotten 80’s Baby Cartoons

My last post focused on those great cartoons that any body born in the 80’s should know about because they either grew up on it, or came across it in their continuing adult years (because you know all 80’s babies watch some kind of cartoon even in adulthood). Hence, why there were some cartoons on that list that made their debut in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. We were all still big kids then.

This time, I’d like to get more 80’s-90’s specific and give you

The Top 20 forgotten 80’s Baby cartoons

20) King Arthur & The Knights Of Justice 

All I remember is that this was about a high school football team that got turned into Super Powered Knights of Camelot. Each had their own strength. And I love a good story based off of individualized distribution of team strength. Now, what channel this came on?? Ask me if I know…

19) Gravedale High 

More high school based individualism in the realm of a diverse cast of characters. This time being all teen versions of classic ghouls and goons like mummies and Franken-kids. This was on ABC I think. I remember having kids meal toys of them from one of those fast food places.

18) Barnyard Commandos 

Believe it or not, this concept is even weirder than the one above. Dueling farm animals with high tech military gear? Crazier still, Sheeps and Rams versus Pigs and Hogs?? The toys were Dope tho. And I do remember seeing them everywhere. They were like battle ready Chia Pets.

17) Inhumanoids 

A really traumatizing cartoon with an even more traumatizing theme song, this spin-off of the Centurions probably got someone fired, but it was the most different thing out. And how cool is it that the monsters were the good guys, fighting other monsters? Yet and still, it was strange as fuck.

16) TigerSharks 

A deliberate play off the whole humans-as-animals and human-like animals craze that was popular in the 80’s, this cartoon was apart of some cheesy line-up called “The Comic Strip”. Which means I had to sit through some crap called Karate Cat and 3 other womp-worthy toons just to get to this show. It was just an underwater Thundercats, but with aquatic life instead of felines. It was pretty Ill tho.

15) Captain Bucky O’Hare 

Oh boy. A space bunny. Channel 9 in New York. Nuff said. This isn’t number 15 because it’s better than any of the above mentions, I just figure more of you may have heard of this than the others.

14) Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors 

Teenager. Far off planet. Futuristic machines with spikes. Sounds like a winning cartoon recipe for any boy. The art and animation here were greatly detailed.

13) Widget The World Watcher 

Funny looking alien with a humble purpose. Once again, I just figured you’ve heard this name before moreso than the others. Channel 9 strikes again…

12) Hammer-Man 

Ok. So this is not technically a forgotten cartoon. Just one that we’d like to forget.

11)Bots Master 

I feel like no one else in the world has ever seen this cartoon. I used to watch this before going to school every weekday morning, and it was so special that one needed 3-D glasses to really get the special effects when the action sequences kicked in. It was ahead of it’s time.


Comic book artist Jim Lee left Marvel comics to start this title which came off as an amalgamation of all the titles that he helped while he was there, complete with busty superheroines with skimpy outfits and heroes with cybernetic parts. This cartoon was cool for comic fans, but slow and lacking personality as an animated series.

9) M.A.S.K. 

I bet you’ve seen these toys around or saw the commercials for them and didn’t even realized that you knew this cartoon. An example of the merchandise outdoing the actual show. But the fact that these vehicles were cooler than those riding in them was really the selling point.

8) Kid N Play 

Yep. They had one too. Right around the time New Kids On The Block did. They actually used their real music and got through situations by rapping and dancing. Go figure.

7) Go-Bots 

This started as the Challenge of The Go-Bots, and was cable’s answer to the Transformers. Much like the fake Ghostbusters cartoon that came out around the same time, this was missing key elements that made the series which they tried to model. For starters, how can you compete to a whole arsenal of vehicles when you only boast 3 main characters – a sportscar, a fighter plane and a…scooter?

6) Captain N The Gamemaster 

This was the coolest thing since sliced bread when the preview debuted. This was back when they reserved special space on the primetime T.V. slots to premiere the new saturday morning cartoon line-up. You couldn’t tell any boy (or male in general) in the 1980’s that there was about to be a cartoon based on and featuring all of the top Nintendo game characters about a kid who got sucked into the game without them spazzing in excitement! Somehow, this was a disturbing theme in these cartoons; kids getting ripped away from their homes to live in fantasy worlds. Wonder if the runaway rates skyrocketed back then?

5) Pro-Stars 

Yes. Once upon a time, there was a cartoon about Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, and Bo Jackson being super-powered athletes who save the day. Who woulda thunk?

4) SilverHawks 

Another entry in the vein of the human-animals, animal-human concept, but the second coolest one. This actually worked. With a memorable battlecry to bat. “Tally-Ho!”

3) Reboot 

In my brief recollection, the first cartoon besides Transformers; Beast Wars that was totally animated digitally. This was a loose and uninteresting story for a kid and sometimes felt all over the place. But what it did for the genre of animation makes it  groundbreaking and important. It also was significant for introducing and foreshadowing all the computer language that we were about to begin to implement into our lexicon.

2) Toxic Crusaders 

How cool was this show?? A nerd who gets pushed into toxic waste, becomes super strong but grotesque, fights crime with a mop, hangs out with a gang of freaks like him and STILL gets the girl??!

1) Dungeons and Dragons 

The epitome of that recurring theme in 80’s and 90’s cartoons about a motley crew of teens snatched from their homes and transported into some fantasy realm. The fantasy realm in this case being the land of the uber popular board game that kept many-a-nerd entertained and dateless. This was pretty dark, but employed similar animation as the original animated Lord Of The Rings movie, if not the same animation. And of course, each kid became a character with his or her own strengths and powers. You’ve definitely seen this one at least once.