Crush Alot Catalogue Pt. 2 – The Baby Boomers (The Classics) *Women’s History Month Edition*

For part 2 of this special Women’s History Month edition of Crush Alot, we’re gonna move in retrograde.

Consider yesterday’s part 1 to be the meat and this and the last part to be something akin to the bread in this salacious sandwich. I can tell you now that this post will therefore be significantly shorter, but intentionally more sexual.

These women are what I consider to be the GodMothers of what we’ve come to define as Black female sexuality. After decades of being denied spotlight liberties or media attention, and then ultimately being relegated to homely type roles, the late 60’s brought us the first African-American pin-up girls. The revolution exploded as the trickle down of the feminist movement caught on and fashion trends and counterculture prevailed in uniting young folk across racial barriers. These Baby Boomers laid the foundation for all modern ideas of Beautiful Black Women in the limelight, both negatively and positively, for better or for worse. You know these ladies…Women between the late 60’s and early 80’s like Pam Grier whose silhouettes have become iconic. But here are some of my personal favorites;

Nichelle Nichols

You know her as Lieutenant Uhura from the Original Star Trek series. Or maybe just as the Black chic on the Starship Enterprise that Zoe Saldana took up the mantle from. What’s really important here is that Nichols is a television pioneer. Her presence alone broke so much ground in the fact that she was a commanding officer and the only female officer with face time as well as the only female cast member. Tho throughout the show’s massive span, her sexuality was played up in episodic situations, the fact that this was not her primary function or association is amazing considering the exploitation going on at the time.

Make no mistake, in her previous life as a young actress from Illinois making her way up, she served her time as a sex kitten…Or rather a Bunny, catching the attention of Hugh Hefner. Even age has been kind to Nichelle. You ever seen an older lady who you can easily see how they were the shit back in the day?? Yeah, well ms. Nichols still has it, and she rocks gray like nobody else.

Freda Payne 

You would swear she had a contract with Jet magazine the way she appeared on the cover at least once a season, but there she was, often bikini clad and talking about the latest move she was making. On the flip side, My number 1 only appeared on the cover of Jet solo once. Thankfully, it was in a bikini as well. As quite possibly the best Black sitcom sibling ever, Thelma brought a real girl feel to the small screen. Watching re-runs of Good Times, It felt like ms. Bern Nadette Stanis could act, but also like she was one of our cousins or sisters from our own homes. She was just the right mix of ambitious, intelligent and level-headed that would make us proud of our sister, whiny – that would make us hate our sister, and good-looking in those tight pants enough to make us wish she wasn’t our sister. Luckily for us, we were not J.J.

Now on the less wholesome side, 

The infamous Jayne Kennedy embodied the ideal of the Black female sex symbol. She made her career as a pretty face…That is until her body took center stage as well. Starting out in pageantry and then contract endorsements for The NFL and soft drinks, Kennedy became more known for being the first Black woman ever on the cover of Playboy magazine and then later for the scandalous home video that came to be regarded as the mother of celebrity sex tapes. The video, allegedly released by her then-husband, featured Kennedy going H.A.M. porn-star style in what may be the realest tape ever exposed to the public.

The lady was a beast in the bed from the little that I saw. If anybody has access to that classic footage, holler at me!

Speaking of scandalous Boomers, I think you all should take another look at young Vanessa L. Williams and see just why that Ms. America crown got snatched back from her. Click the picture to see what I mean…

As you can see, I clearly wasn’t highlighting the Ruby Dee‘s or legendary women who make you think WIFE! at first thought. With the exception of ms. Bern Nadette Stanis, these women oozed sensuality and made headway by first being vixens. Thus, these are the women who I’d be trying my damnest to smash if I was this age in their time!

With that in mind, ladies,

if I could build a time machine


(would be)

My New Crush!!

New Malik-16 mixtape x 2DopeBoyz x Harlem Vault WESTSIDE TIL I DIE Drops today!! 16th for 16


Ok, This is the big day.  DECEMBER 16TH.

My New California-themed mixtape,

Westside Til I Die

Drops today and gets an extra big push from the homies at and

I chose to get up with the dopeboyz because they are kings at what they do, and they are true WestCoast hip-hop afficianados. And I chose Vault because they rep the style of West Harlem  like no other. Plus they’re on my block!!

They co-sign the project that is a nod to the fact that I’m from the Westside of Harlem, but also pays homage to WestCoast rap and the classic songs by artists from that side of the map that I came up listening to. Sure, some instrumentals from The Game make their way on there, but every beat I rapped over wasn’t necessarily by a dope artist.

Some beats were just dope and I had to touch them – blame it on the producer. Some of these beats weren’t even made by westcoast producers. But nevertheless, they became memorable Hip-hop joints that will hopefully take you some place as you listen to them.

Like my last 2 mixtapes which were bundled together as a double mixtape

(see  How To Make A Mixtape Vol. 1 ;Who Doesn’t Rap??! and How To Make A Mixtape Vol. 2 ; Disco Inferno, hosted by the homey GangStarrGirl Of Course), I wrote this mixtape  within that grueling 3 month winter of 2005-2006 period where I forced myself to write 3 mixtapes back to back inbetween working Real Estate and Coming home at 1 O’clock in the morning after double shifts at The WORST TGIFridays in the city!!! (The Rockerfeller one).

Now of course, I cleaned some things up in the midst of recording it, and updated some lyrics (hence the Drake reference on the first track).

But it’s still good ol’ Vintage from the kid.

This may be the last mixtape where you’ll hear me doing Long-Ass verses and wordy bars, due to how my style has progressed since then. But you tell me. Keep me on my toes people!

Having that said, go to either of the 2 sites mentioned above to see what they say about the kid. You can also download the tape there, or come right back home and click on the picture above and  leave a comment after you listen.