New Cesar Luciano “Catch Me If You Can” Commercial

As we get closer to the release of the homie Cesar Luciano‘s golden opus, Catch Me If You Can, you can expect treats such as this one directed by the big homie NameisE.

The kid’s visual skills are ridiculous, and the boy Ceez puts on the cool like none other with an acapella rendition of the album intro. It was my idea for the song to play at the end. Thanks for listening E! Stay Tuned

Have you seen this crazy-as-BALLS Axe commercial??!!!

It’s not new. It’s just fuckin’ nuts (Literally), and I Just saw it myself for the first time last night between Family Guy ( I guess that’s why).

I actually think this commercial was originally banned, and they must’ve changed their mind depending on the programming.

Sex Sells indeed…

Did I ever Mention How much I HATE Black McDonald’s Commercials??!

Why is this commercial so obnoxious?! Who greenlighted this?!

Their urban marketing team should be sent to the firing squad!

Now that I think of it…Are there any McDonald’s commercials that AREN’T Black??

Brandon Carter is…The Most Interesting Man In The Hood!

In the back of my mind, I was wanting to do this myself for a video, or waiting for someone to do their take on this. And who better than everyone’s favorite Lover-Of-Self, Mr. Brandon Carter??

Just watch. This is creativity here…