Good Things come in 3’s!! – Sabi, Janelle Monae & JPK for the 100,000th view!!

Like we always do it this time (of year, that is)!

You know I can’t leave you without a great installment of everyone’s favorite segment on this blog. I always make the December ones extra special. Today I’d like to think I’m especially breaking ground. This is also going to mark the post that earns this site it’s 100,000th view!! So I’d like to thank everyone who made that possible. Of course this would happen right after I say that I’m not going to be actively blogging anymore…

Just when I think I’m done…You guys keep pulling me back!

So we start off with a nice pop tart. This urban Latina reps the land of beautiful women to crush on; Los Angeles, California! You may have heard her on a number of billboard hits like Cobra Starship‘s “You Make Me Feel…” or Britney Spears“Drop Dead”, but to SEE her is a whole nother thing.  Unfortunately, I almost have to throw her in the “‘Too Youngs” bag because she’s damn near a 90’s baby, but she definitely conjures up thoughts of everything that Cassie should be, with all the best parts and then some.

I like her style.

For our second treat, what do we have? Whaddayaknow?! Another racially ambiguous Canadian in a list of many.I must really have a thing for these chics. This is becoming a trend. With a look that’s part Jessica Biel with a dash of 2 of my other crushes, Jurnee Smollet and Brittany Murphy, it’s not a shocker that she fits in here perfectly. But the young lady with three famous names is no stranger to the sci-fi television world, and her starring role on “The Secret Circle” is garnering much fandom and press for her. You can include me in that club! 

And lastly, 

While it’s not often that you see Ms. Monae outside of that Penguin getup that she considers a uniform, I’ve always believed that underneath that Sammie Davis look, there’s a sensous woman in all her feminine glow booming. This is mostly because my introduction to her was through Outkast videos and photo opts where she embraced that more with her curly coiffed do and blousey accessories.

Even still, there’s moments, like this ad that I saw her in, when you can see the stripped down beauty where she shines in just a t-shirt and that wonderful face of hers. Her face is captivating. It has all the features of everything that men look for in a woman. It’s coy, it’s model-esque, it’s cute, it’s serious, and it has an innocence to it, but in a grown woman way – not a creepy she-still-looks-like-a-kid way. Nooo…Make no mistake, Janelle is all woman. And she definitely does know how to fill out a suit! Whoever gets to loosen that bowtie is a lucky someone.

Well, that’s it kiddies. Hope I put you on to someone or made you look at someone in a way you never thought to before. That’s what I’m here for. It’s what I do. Enjoy your holidays and be safe…

As far as you ladies, you have redefined my vision of Bad for this coming year. You are my 3 faves right now.

So Sabi, Jessica Parker Kennedy & Janelle Monae,


Are My New Crush!!!!

Elle, For Love – Don’t say I ain’t Warned ya bout Ms. Varner!

Just when I thought I threw down the gauntlet, and dropped the mic with last month’s Crush Alot on one of my all time favorite models/actresses, Yaya DaCosta, I get smacked with the debut video from a chic that I’ve had an affinity for going on 2 years now. Somewhere where Kelis meets Lauren London – two women who I only think are cute at best – I get beauty in the form of Elle Varner. She’s Smoking hot….

Actually, she looks a whole Hell of a lot like my last ex, and maybe that serves as proof that men are never satisfied, because there should be a been there, done that factor – but there’s none here. The fact that I have a thing for California girls, and she’s an L.A. native doesn’t help it either.

I’ve been bumping Elle Varner music since the top of the year, and have been telling folks to look out for the sharp chanteuse. She’s a musician for real, playing guitar and penning songs with a quirky sensibility. She’s the latest to roll out from the camp that introduced Alicia Keys to the world, and was BET’s first artist on their Music Matters campaign. Though she’s slimmed down a bit since then, coming out with a tongue in cheek song about physical insecurities, it’s clear that she has little to be insecure about…

I’m a fan of her cheek bones, and of course, the natural hair, but she has such a bright face and smile that’s only accentuated by her animated expressions, that she’d look good no matter what do she was rocking. Her demeanor shows that she’s definitely a theatre kid, but she’s full of life in a cool way and not so much of a Nicki Minaj ‘look at me!’ way. Her sense of style is colorful and Jazzy with a uniqueness and a flair that could catch a runway eye. I Love when women are fashionable in their own way without leaning too hard to any extremes. No Lady Gaga, no name brand slave. She kinda dresses like my homegirl GangStarr Girl and Freddy from A Different World (who I have a television crush on), but can sex it up in a second.

With a sexy nerd edge, she’s got sexy eyes – all 4 of them. There’s a also a natural pouty look when she turns on the round the way girl charm and makes you wonder what’s behind the scenes. And a smile that’s so wide and devouring that it can’t be faked. As I mentioned, she’s lost a few pounds, but retains her thickness in all the right places. Long as she doesn’t lose too many more, I’m dreading the day that I actually meet her, because I might do something I can’t get back from…

Just kidding.


In other words…

Elle Varner,


Are My New Crush!!!

Talking ALL THAT YaYa!!

And she is all that

Say what you say, but I didn’t like models until I saw her. I used to get in sooo much trouble for being just a bit too happy when my ex used to turn to America’s Next Top Model and YaYa DaCosta popped on the screen.  Although I didn’t believe that the semi-bourgie, multi-lingual intellectual show off was really from the same hometown as me, I gave her a pass for claiming Harlem before the explosion of everyone else doing it.

But something must be said for a woman who walks with guile in both worlds. And she does so in almost every aspect. If the gritty but glitzy streets of Harlem could have taken her to an Ivy League education at Brown University, to a career in both the world of fashion modeling and acting, then her props are due. And to think, all of this from a reality show! In the season that launched her, Toccara and Eva Pigford(Marcille), it’s clear that runner-up doesn’t quite mean loser. In fact, Yaya has seen more success than all of her season cast-mates and most other winners of the show. 

Something you should know about me, is that I LOVE natural chics! For some reason, I have always had an affinity for their look – from the meticulously curled twists to the freedom of their hair pronouncing itself  and their knack for combining earthy accessories with high fashion (Plus their bedrooms and bathrooms always smell really good). And though ms. DaCosta is a fashion model who is expected to use her chameleon like abilities to appear versatile and flexible in her look, her personal style has always leaned more towards the Afro-centric side. And it was a fresh look to see a representation of smart Black woman like that on a show about superficiality and appearance. 

It wasn’t until I dated a model that I understood how both can exist in one woman. I appreciated what she symbolized more. She’s been one of my prototypes of a dream woman ever since. Besides her brains, stomping grounds and being born in the best year ever (1982 for you late bloomers), she also has a crazy body from years of dancing that she keeps in tact as you can see. She’s just slim enough to be a model, but just filled out enough in the right places to not be your typical model (she’s also short and doesn’t meet runway model standards – a point that was made repeatedly during the show, but fine with me!). Her eyes are the kind I like; Almond shaped, slender but strong with lots of personality. Her smile is bangin‘ And of course she can dress!

A far cry from the chic who used to get called out on her facial blemishes, she’s something like a young Angela Bassett…Who makes alot of Black men’s list as another kind of prototype. I’ll say that’s good company…

I’ll also say

Yaya DaCosta,


are and always have been

My New Crush!!

Elizabeth & Meagan are still Unstoppable….

Originally I was going to make Sports Illustrated‘s baddest Black chic this year, Damaris Lewis the subject of this month’s Crush Alot post, along with the newly reintroduced Raven Symone 2.0. But seeing as to how they belong to the Too Youngs category, I came to my senses. It especially felt creepy thinking that I have a niece Damaris’ age (1990 birthdate, wow). But then I remembered that the homie Sox asked me to give the beautiful young ladies who played Denzel Washington‘s daughters in last year’s Unstoppable a look and to post something on them. I took a minute. Sorry I waited this long…

The women in question are the perfectly balanced Meagan Tandy and Ms. Elizabeth Mathis. All American girls, with All American names. You’ve seen them, but I bet you don’t really know them….Yet!

I gotta give Sox his props for having the keen eye, cause these ladies defiinitely fell below my radar for the many appearances and small moments in the limelight that have garnered. Now it seems that they’re well on their way to becoming the next Black upstarts making a name for themselves and securing spots in big budget blockbusters and features, From Elizabeth’s spot inTron Legacy, to Meagan’s spot in the horrible – yet-popular Piranha franchise. Not bad for 2 models turned actresses.

The Detroit native, Mathis has graced plenty of pages as a sultry model, flaunting her frame and captivating bone structure, while Ms. Tandy, a Cali native was Miss California USA in ’07, quite fittingly. Both, with their caramel and Dope brown shades, have added a much needed splash of color in the arenas they’ve gracefully and almost effortlessly traversed through.

Yeah, it kinda sucks that Elizabeth is married, but since the chapters for both women have yet to be written, I intended this post to be much more of a picture post than a write-up. I’m sure ya’ll don’t mind right?

With that,

Meagan Tandy and Elizabeth Mathis,


Are My New Crush!!

Stacey Dash & Kim Kardashian might just be the Most Beautiful Women Alive!!

Over-hyped. Overrated. Perhaps. Say what you say, but you’ve got your work cut out for you to come up with choices for more beautiful candidates. All your Halle Berrys, Beyonces and Angelina Jolies  with their facial lines and make-up dependent looks aren’t gonna even up to these 2. I believe in this so much so that I’ve gone all out and posted the NSFW photos as well, cause beauty is skin deep. I guess I should say that they aren’t even my 2 favorite celebs, but just as I can discern best from favorite in music, I can do the same with women. So while 2Pac is my favorite rapper, I can still recognize someone like Eminem or Jay-Z as the best! And yes, you may argue that this is highly subjective, but the stats don’t lie. And with that in mind, it makes sense that I would do a study of the Eminem & Jay-Z of bad chics!

How tired of hearing these 2 names out of men’s mouths are you? It’s been damn near a decade for one, and 2 decades for the other. It’s down right supersaturation. Yet there must be some truth in repetition. Kim K is not just famous for being gorgeous because she is on T.V., No Kim is on T.V. because she is famous for being gorgeous!! Stacey Dash isn’t just on the cover of magazines every season because she needs the work, Stacey is on the covers because she makes those magazines SELL every season!

On one hand, we’re enamored with how ageless and stunningly beautiful the almost 50-year-old Dash is. We’ve grown up with her from the Generation X era, watched her immortalize herself as a teenager in the cult classic film Clueless when she was approaching 30, and then marveled at how she could reprise that role today if she wanted to. And on the other hand, we allow ourselves to be totally entranced in the youthful lure of Kardashian’s proportions. The life and ripeness present in her is the main feature of her attractiveness. 

The commonality here, however, is the fact that the major reason why you’ve heard these names time and time again is a reason that most men cannot put their fingers on or consciously take note of. Despite the obvious curvaceous nature of their frames and abundant lady parts, the thread here is in the mathematics of their faces. You’ll be hard pressed to find women in the limelight with better symmetry. These 2 embody the theoretical idea that we tend to gravitate to more Asiatic features married with our localized concepts of beauty. Both scream racial ambiguity although one is decidedly Black and one is decidedly White, yet something is to be said about their mixed ethnic backgrounds. No doubt, Kim K’s Armenian heritage plays a large part in her look, and Stacey’s Mestizo/Azteca bloodline beams through hers, clear green eyes and all…

Eyes, ears and overall shape of face are essential elements in their universal appeal. Nothing is extreme. It’s just the right balance of all of the best kinds of things. Full lips that aren’t overwhelmingly thick and pronounced, but not thin and forgettable. Noses that aren’t definitively Anglo-Saxon or African in nature, just somewhere in the middle. Eyes that are just slanted enough to give off that seductive gaze with long super feminine eyelashes. Oval shaped faces with both solid and soft grooves that are rounded in the right places, and bouncy, natural hair that is very alive. They have a ready-to-wear quality that I’m sure is great to wake up next to. That is rare. Having great sandy skin tones and pretty pupils doesn’t hurt either. Like I said, it’s in the face.

Not to say that being smoking hot with a bangin’ ass body that has retained its buoyancy throughout the 20’s isn’t a selling point as well…But these ladies are so bad, why would they ever have to sell anything? Gravity has stayed on their side. Especially Dash, who’s had 2 children. Both women’s ass to chest ratios are even, although Kim definitely has more of everything. But where Stacey has less, they are still even in proportion and distribution. So theoretically, if Stacey is a C cup, she still has as much booty as she does breasts and this is equal to what Kim has if she is something more like a double D. The curse of having one or the other doesn’t apply to these chics.

The ass is super phenomenal on Kim. Mostly because White girls don’t typically have full, plump backsides that protrude into bubble shaped spheres. She Does. Anyone who’s seen all of these pictures or her sex tape with Ray J knows firsthand how true this is. It’s solid, but soft. Most ladies of the Caucasian persuasion with fat butts just have big, wide ones. Armenia prevails again when it comes to the supple side of Kim K’s genetic make-up. This is surely not her Dutch-Scottish side. But don’t sleep on Stacey either. She’s slim, but not skinny. She’s all the way lean and it seems like any fat was deliberately saved just for the TnA.

What may also be the other biggest part of these 2 holding the crown, is that they have this innate sex appeal that permeates through everything they do. This is also largely because they play it up almost every chance they get. In almost every picture they take, they look like they’re eye-fucking you. They lean, bend, drape over and purse lips or open their mouths just enough to entice. For all of Stacey Dash’s efforts to be taken seriously as a real HollyWood actress, she’s definitely more famous for her looks, and as of recent, for being arm candy and music video & small screen eye candy. And we all roll our eyes at every exclamation by the Kardashian clan that Kim wants to be known for more than just her behind. Yet, since both have unapologetically posed nude for Playboy, we’ve gotten to know them in ways that we dreamed of and much to their chagrin, have irreversibly locked them in our heads. Stacey’s Playboy photos were blatantly sexual. It went beyond just posing nude. All of her pictures looked like invitations to bone her. They came off as artistic however, because she looked like she genuinely enjoyed it. There’s a smile on her even when she wasn’t smiling. The photos in the sunlight just accentuated her natural radiance and made her glisten. She even took one picture in the doggystyle position. Once again, it’s all in the face. If Stacey had a sluttier look as opposed to just being pretty, those shots would have come off in a dirtier way. They don’t really seem raunchy at all now do they??

Kim’s spread was deliberately more tame and less revealing, but that’s only because we got to see her…uhhmm…spread in her sextape where she showed everything and then some. These chics have magic areolae!

Make no mistake. The luster is lost on knowing these 2 women from the spotlight. They’re old news and used goods in a way. It’s jarring to think you’d have to follow behind questionable guys like Christopher Williams or whorish man-childs like Ray J, and personally, I don’t want anything that Jaime Foxx has touched. Stacey is also super-notorious for her preference of White men over Black. They also don’t strike me as being awfully worldly or intelligent. Not to say that they’re not smart. But intelligent and witty is a step above smart or clever. I may give Stacey alot more leeway on that point, but I also have a bigger affinity for her. Yet, all this really is is a perverted analysis of 2 women who I don’t know and may never even meet. But I do believe I’m right in my overall point. And if you disagree, who are your 2 nominees??

For now,

Stacey Dash & Kim Kardashian,


Are My Perfect Crush!

Mai,Mai,Mai….Jeannie In A Bottle!

Couldn’t express to you more how absolutely Fly I think this woman is!

Not only is she one of the Dopest make-up artists and stylists out there, she is also a very active super-humanitarian. But that only makes sense with her being a fearless Aquarian who loves life. And fearless is the word…Any chic who confidently rocks Blue hair is my type of chic! Especially the way she does it.

Jeannie (whose last name Mai, is pronounced like my – which she cleverly takes advantage of), has been grinding for a minute now; bouncing from celebrity make-up gigs to corresponding and judging on hit television programs. A proud Asian-American of mixed Vietnamese and Chinese heritage, Mai first became a celebrity in her own right after hosting the Orient-oriented news magazine show, Stir – which was nominated for an Emmy.

This Asian pride, which you should know I’m partial to – due to my own heritage, is the partial motivation behind most of Jeannie’s charitable efforts, as she lends her support to curtail child poverty and sex-trafficking in countries such as Thailand and Vietnam. Her secondary motivation is her platform for female empowerment, which finds her promoting female fashionistas on the rise and guest speaking on panels. She is most famous outside of her work for the Prayer Box that she started along a hiking trail in L.A.

You can read more about her at her blog 

In the meantime, you can focus on my own dubious reasons for celebrating her on this very blog. Reasons such as appreciating her awesome symmetry and beautiful California glossed skin.

Her personality definitely screams Los Angeles, she’s tatted up, tan and toned as hell! But she comes off as a vivacious and down to earth kind of chic that would be cool to kick it with, complete with a wide bright smile and a sense of quirkiness that rounds it all out. Quirky and cool are always a winning match.

Now pair that with her…uhmmPair and then you have a Bad misses who will never be on the worst dressed list. The appeal of her mixed background gives her a look that highlights her exotic features but doesn’t present them to you before she presents herself. Her cheekbones make her look like the poster-girl for a Heart-shaped face! It’s a very soft exoticism that one wouldn’t get lost in as much as they would be intrigued by. The way she carries it is even better. Nothing is extra here. Just a warmth that kinda shines thru even the best eye-liner.

You can catch Jeannie on her show How Do I Look on the Style network, if that’s your thing. As I imagine, most men like myself would probably opt to admire from a distance rather than watch a fashion makeover show geared towards women. Tho I will admit that as I’m posting this, I did turn to see an episode, just to look at her and see the swag in action.

Now that I’ve put that out there,

Can I just say,

Jeannie Mai,


are My New Crush!

Crush Alot Catalogue Pt. 3 – The Generation Nexters (The Too Youngs) *Women’s History Month Edition*

The batch that is concluding this trilogy of lust and appreciation to close out Women’s History Month is technically apart of my generation – tho it’s hard for me to look at them as that.

I refer to them as the Too Youngs because of my little sisters and nieces and all the people who I’ve encountered in my lifetime that are 4 years younger than me or more. Anyone born into the 90’s is certainly a different breed, and these members of the last tier of my decade are getting the side-eye for calling themselves “80’s Babies”. Due to this technicality, I’ve always carried a self-instilled restraint and stayed away from the blossoming babies that I’ve recently been seeing as bangin’ within the last 5 years. I made an exception once. ONCE.

But as I get older, I see I’m not gonna be able to hold on to this kind of thinking too much longer. As the chics in my immediate peer group become plump mothers, bag ladies and Sex & The City – esque spinsters with football numbers, the well can run dry pretty soon. And since these newbies are taking over the screen and airwaves by storm, how can I help but to look?? True enough, I don’t think I’ll be wifing up any 23 year olds (again), but for the sake of admiring, I have to say that this class is the Baddest group out of this whole Crush Alot Catalogue trilogy!

Exhibit A,

Katerina Graham

So I’ve been watching this show called The Vampire Diaries on Television. I know, I know. Don’t ask me how I got started and sucked into that one, but here Iam, and everytime this chic pops on the screen, she lights it up. Her model looks and sparkly eyes are youthful but with a devious quality. To hear her speak adds to both of those descriptions. I recently saw her speaking about being 17 on MTV and when I heard the year in which she was actually 17, I instantly felt like an old head. Case in point, my admiring is limited to every thursday night watching her cast spells on the CW.

Meaghan Rath

Continuing my new-found girl-like interest in television dramas involving supernatural characters, I have also found myself watching the U.S. adaptation of the BBC‘s Being Human. I think I have a thing for the ghost!! Yeah she might float around wearing the same clothes in every episode, but a quick search of this Canadian beauty and you’ll see the light. I have. But what I really like most are her facial expressions and the exoticness that she brings to the screen.

Teairra Mari

Here’s someone that we might all know. And my boy Redhead will appreciate this. This young lady burst on the scene and made waves, that turned into ripples and then nada…But as probably one of the most resilient former starlets, she resurfaced a couple years back at the height of the Myspace boom and has built a strong buzz and following by collaborating with some of the hottest acts and creating a genuine fan base. She’s almost everywhere with a new song continuously and with pictures galore. One particular Twitpic got her some flack, but a whole crop of new Believers – including me! This girl kept the baby face, shed the baby weight, and got a grown ass woman’s frame. She is hands down one of the baddest chics out there!

Yet my favorite has made a soft spot in my heart since I was young. This kid always caught my eye because when I was in elementary school, I had a thing for lite-brites with curly hair. Especially ones with rare features like freckles and reddish hues. It was rare to see in New York City as a kid in the hood, and when I went to camp one summer, I shared a little thing with this one chickie who had that kind of look. So naturally, when I saw this young lady pop up with all of her siblings on a short-lived ABC family sitcom, I was taken.

But if somebody would’ve told me that Jurnee Smollett was going to grow up to be this beautiful, I would’ve found a way…

I’ve only seen her on screen in significant intervals. After her ill-fated family show, it was Eve’s Bayou with my other crush, Meagan Good. Then it was on Cosby. It was quiet until Roll Bounce, where I recognized her on the spot and was glad that she was working again. All of this was just an honest feeling, even when she appeared in the Great Debaters. It wasn’t until I saw some recent photos of her in the last 2 years as a full grown woman, that I took notice in other ways.

Ironically, in these pictures, she looks eerily like my ex, who happens to be the one ex who I made the exception for and is the exact same age. Maybe that explains alot…

From her skin to the pronunciation of her cheek bones and lips and the way she wears her hair, Jurnee is the Truth! Simply grogeous in a way that’s both classic and new-wave, I’m still proud of her, but now this is one married chic that I covet. I would break that cardinal rule and my own rule against young’ns for her. A Jurnee worth Taking!

With that, I bring this month to close by saying,

Jurnee Smollett,


and all these other similac kids,


My New Crush!

Crush Alot Catalogue Pt. 2 – The Baby Boomers (The Classics) *Women’s History Month Edition*

For part 2 of this special Women’s History Month edition of Crush Alot, we’re gonna move in retrograde.

Consider yesterday’s part 1 to be the meat and this and the last part to be something akin to the bread in this salacious sandwich. I can tell you now that this post will therefore be significantly shorter, but intentionally more sexual.

These women are what I consider to be the GodMothers of what we’ve come to define as Black female sexuality. After decades of being denied spotlight liberties or media attention, and then ultimately being relegated to homely type roles, the late 60’s brought us the first African-American pin-up girls. The revolution exploded as the trickle down of the feminist movement caught on and fashion trends and counterculture prevailed in uniting young folk across racial barriers. These Baby Boomers laid the foundation for all modern ideas of Beautiful Black Women in the limelight, both negatively and positively, for better or for worse. You know these ladies…Women between the late 60’s and early 80’s like Pam Grier whose silhouettes have become iconic. But here are some of my personal favorites;

Nichelle Nichols

You know her as Lieutenant Uhura from the Original Star Trek series. Or maybe just as the Black chic on the Starship Enterprise that Zoe Saldana took up the mantle from. What’s really important here is that Nichols is a television pioneer. Her presence alone broke so much ground in the fact that she was a commanding officer and the only female officer with face time as well as the only female cast member. Tho throughout the show’s massive span, her sexuality was played up in episodic situations, the fact that this was not her primary function or association is amazing considering the exploitation going on at the time.

Make no mistake, in her previous life as a young actress from Illinois making her way up, she served her time as a sex kitten…Or rather a Bunny, catching the attention of Hugh Hefner. Even age has been kind to Nichelle. You ever seen an older lady who you can easily see how they were the shit back in the day?? Yeah, well ms. Nichols still has it, and she rocks gray like nobody else.

Freda Payne 

You would swear she had a contract with Jet magazine the way she appeared on the cover at least once a season, but there she was, often bikini clad and talking about the latest move she was making. On the flip side, My number 1 only appeared on the cover of Jet solo once. Thankfully, it was in a bikini as well. As quite possibly the best Black sitcom sibling ever, Thelma brought a real girl feel to the small screen. Watching re-runs of Good Times, It felt like ms. Bern Nadette Stanis could act, but also like she was one of our cousins or sisters from our own homes. She was just the right mix of ambitious, intelligent and level-headed that would make us proud of our sister, whiny – that would make us hate our sister, and good-looking in those tight pants enough to make us wish she wasn’t our sister. Luckily for us, we were not J.J.

Now on the less wholesome side, 

The infamous Jayne Kennedy embodied the ideal of the Black female sex symbol. She made her career as a pretty face…That is until her body took center stage as well. Starting out in pageantry and then contract endorsements for The NFL and soft drinks, Kennedy became more known for being the first Black woman ever on the cover of Playboy magazine and then later for the scandalous home video that came to be regarded as the mother of celebrity sex tapes. The video, allegedly released by her then-husband, featured Kennedy going H.A.M. porn-star style in what may be the realest tape ever exposed to the public.

The lady was a beast in the bed from the little that I saw. If anybody has access to that classic footage, holler at me!

Speaking of scandalous Boomers, I think you all should take another look at young Vanessa L. Williams and see just why that Ms. America crown got snatched back from her. Click the picture to see what I mean…

As you can see, I clearly wasn’t highlighting the Ruby Dee‘s or legendary women who make you think WIFE! at first thought. With the exception of ms. Bern Nadette Stanis, these women oozed sensuality and made headway by first being vixens. Thus, these are the women who I’d be trying my damnest to smash if I was this age in their time!

With that in mind, ladies,

if I could build a time machine


(would be)

My New Crush!!

Crush Alot Catalogue Pt. 1 – The Generation Xers (The Old Flames) *Women’s History Month Edition*

Since I brought up Toni, it makes sense to start off this portion of my 3-part Crush Alot post for the final 3 days of Women’s History Month with my fellow Libra.

This is the part dedicated to my in-between crushes…Those Generation Xers who were all the rage in the early 90’s and whom I’ve been holding a candle for since puberty. My love and lust for them may have waned a little over the years, and while they appear here collectively because they may not be individually Crush Alot worthy to me, I still recognize them as Bad.

So let’s get to Ms. Braxton

See that??

Yeah, ever since she chose to sex it up in attempt to fend off those nasty lesbian rumors after her debut (which nowadays would be more of a compliment than a career killer),  it’s almost as tho she got stuck on that mode. I knew she was too damn grown when she started parading around in white catsuits with weaves, but my eyes, and those of men across the world weren’t going to stop looking. I think it evidently damaged her career a little from the path that it was going. Although her biggest hit, “Unbreak My Heart” spawned from that second album and was a crossover smash, her first album was a pop, R&B and jazz smash! She was placed in a different echelon from her 90’s contemporaries from that point, with an ultimate launchpad from Babyface. It survived thru her change and the second album, but her decision to deliberately chase the more hardcore R&B wave and keep up with the young it girls threw her into a place where she’s been living off of her former reputation.

What I see, and what we all can see when we look at her tho, is one bad chic who is naturally a mix of ghetto and classy. Her classy aura outweighs everything else. Mostly because she’s so soft spoken yet direct. She’s one of those 40 and overs who looks better than alot of the 20-somethings. Some may say that’s due to her fair share of nipping and tucking, but if you look at her sisters, it’s clear to see what she could’ve looked like if she wasn’t thee Toni Braxton. And this may be the result of the fact that yeah, she has the money to maintain her looks, or simply because she just cares more than them. Or it could be the fact that she’s a Libra (Yeaaahhh!!) and Libra’s are known for being fashionable and not sticking with one look for too long, especially the women. All I know is that it’s rare that the oldest sister out of a clan of siblings winds up looking the best. 

For a chic with financial woes and health concerns, Toni sure still looks like a million bucks!

Next up is Salli Richardson-Whitfield 

Some of you may only know her by face and that’s understandable. Tho she’s a Black Hollywood veteran, her resume is not the most extensive. You can catch her this month in the critically acclaimed indie film I Will Follow, her first starring role, but the reason she’s here, is because she still looks great! From her face, to her skin, to her shape, she is damn near flawless for a woman her age. Straight from the Black man stereotype of lightskinned with long hair, I thought she was the perfect woman when I saw her in Mario Van Peebles Black western flick Posse. The nude scene didn’t hurt either. 

Kellita Smith 

We can’t mention one C/D lister without mentioning another. With mostly roles limited to the small screen, Kellita’s presence has definitely been felt. She is a chocolate dream that you may see pop up periodically on the cover or within the pages of a Black men’s magazine doing suggestive poses (something common of most African-American “actresses”). She straddles the line between motherly and that other, less-refined quality that fellow Gen Xers like LisaRaye and Tamala Jones possess. Yet, and maybe because of that, no matter what she does she always exudes a sexual energy. At the risk of making her sound slutty, she just looks like a good time! And with that, I’m off to watch some Bernie Mac Show re-runs…

Now, my last 2 are ladies that I’ve always loved and actually may be solo Crush Alot features. But for the sake of keeping with the theme, let’s include them now.

Holly Robinson 

Do you remember 21 Jumpstreet? Good. Then that means you’re not that much younger than me. If not, look it up. I was too young to have a crush on mrs. Robinson-Peete back then, but she will always be Holly Robinson to me, and by the time the God-Awful Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper debuted, I remembered her and have been smitten with her since. She just seems so damn cool. Obviously me and the boy John Mayer share similar taste. For a guy who says he’s never really been moved to date a Black woman, but finds himself attracted to Holly of all women to choose says alot. I caught her on The Celebrity Apprentice when she was on it and realized how toned and well-kept she is. Her smile is her defining feature and it retains that youthful quality that she broke out on the scene with. You can tell she cares about her appearance – maybe not so much in the same way or for the same reasons as Toni Braxton – but maybe more for health concerns. Being an athlete’s wife helps. But why do they usually end up being in waaaay better shape than their husbands? Word to my other Gen X crushes Pilar Sanders and Lisa Wu Hartwell.

And speaking of Athletes…

Here’s a blast from my past!

I was absolutely in Love with this woman when I was an adolescent. I wouldn’t believe when everyone was telling me she was an adult, because her gymnast stature and girlish face made her look my age at the time. I watched the Olympics faithfully for her. It was a pure innocent crush. But as I got older and went to school with real life track girls and gym chics, I now know that they have and keep the best bodies on the planet! And ms. Dawes is no exception. Couple that with that same face and a ridiculous smile and I still feel the same way as  I did at 12 years old. This is just one genuinely gorgeous woman. 

Having that said,

You, Dominique Dawes,

And all the MILFs pictured above,

Are My New Crush!!

Kerry Valentine’s Day!!!

Every now and then, I break what has become the norm for this Crush Alot segment of the blog and highlight a crush that I may have on a woman who is already super-famous for being drooled over and seemingly on everyone else’s top 10 list. But Cot-Dammit, this is Valentine’s Day! And furthermore, This is Kerry fuckin’ Washington! And I feel as tho I staked my claim to her looonggg before the Vogue and Maxim spreads and her becoming a household name and a face that the Whiteboys recognize and wouldn’t mind scoring with.

Her and my infatuation go back to the days of the film Push, and more firmly, after one of the few Spike Lee films that I like, She Hate Me. I like her so much that her name has come up in other Crush Alot posts featuring other women. She’s like that ex that you can’t forget. I feel almost too familiar with her…She’s a true New York City chic. An Aquarius – which is one of my favorite signs. I’ve watched her career blossom. I identify with Anthony Mackie in the films that they have done together and sometimes I feel like his characters in relation to her. This is my folly. In real life, I heard she has a mean case of Jungle Fever (that makes 3 of my crushes), and she smokes cigarettes – which is an immediate deal-breaker for me. And on top of all of that, she’s a Bronx girl. A No No.

Still, one is allowed to dream right? And all kinds of dreams occur with visions of Ms. Washington. What she perceivably brings to the table personality-wise is that effect that men love; That cool without conceit. That NYC realism without the harshness. Just the right touch of sexiness, and an awareness of it that she doesn’t overdo. Balance. That’s what she represents. Isn’t that what we all want at the end of the day? 

Logically, as her star has risen, so has her glam. Although she has a knack for showing up wearing the same dresses as her star-studded peers and outdoing them, she’s now at the point where she is a Fashion darling and someone who the stylistas rave about. This is part of why she has become such a recognizable Black face. And what a face it is…

I get the appeal now. It took me a while to figure out why everyone else was dying over Kerry, because I’ve always known why I like her. But now I see her universal beauty; it’s simple…A silky skinned, Almond-Brown girl with a typically Anglo-Saxon face and symmetry, accented by Bold African Features. It’s in the shape of her face, the thinness of her nose, those are the safe parts. The mystique and lure lie in her pronounced Cheekbones and that super-sexual quality of permanently pursed lips made famous by Angelina Jolie and loved by men and lesbians all over the world!

All that is Dope, but I’ve always loved her for her eyes and the way she talks. Voice is one of those things that define femininity, and hers is one that is definite, direct, but seductive. She speaks as if she practiced for years to shed her Bronx accent under the veil of sounding proper. Her words are measured, slow, but have a sharpness to them. Of course, the way her lips move when delivering such words adds to that all. And her eyes are a beautiful shape. She bats them often which accentuates her super-girlish lashes. And the way they sit on top of those high cheeks just make them look like they were made for entrancing and trapping people in their gaze. That gaze is tricky tho; Half doe-eyed, half Vamp executing a compulsion. 

Make no mistake, Kerry is Beautiful, NOT Bad. She rests somewhere inbetween…too sexy to be just a cute queen, yet lacking the bodily dimensions to be a vixen. She was meant for Couture. And tho she’s been in videos (and directed as well), she’s far from a video girl. Her shape is great. It’s not exceptionally curvy and she’s not carrying any parts that protrude or present themselves before she does. But the total package is what you fantasize over…The way she carries it all….How she walks, how she wears those high fashion dresses, how she accessorizes. Her confidence makes up for any lack of  T n A. The aura of sensuality and sexuality that surrounds her is so thick that I want to take her to bed quicker than Kim Kardashian, who has all of the physical traits that I lust over. That characteristic is more of a commodity in the sack than D cups. 

Underneath it all, there’s that New Yorker there that just makes you want to cheer her on. Her look isn’t typical for Hollywood. She screams Black Girl despite her mix of features and appeal. She doesn’t have that ambiguos fair-skinned thing that Halle Berry or Selita Ebanks have. She is proud of her look and she wears it like anything else that she wears; Flawlessly! Maybe because she has that NY thing going on and looks like the kind of women that I have been smitten with off sight while perusing the city, I feel like I can just walk up to her and approach her like any average woman in the city. And she’s anything but average, but I just may do that one of these days…

So You,

Kerry Washington