Erica Hubba-Hubbard!


Can you fall in Love with someone you never saw or met in real life?  That’s a question you’ve heard before, but for the sake of conversation, let’s say I’m being semi-serious here.

See, Ms. Hubbard has a certain…Familiarity to her that conjures up an attraction that’s a tad stronger than my average crush.

I should have had my eye open since Save The Last Dance, even Akeelah & The Bee, but Erica wasn’t in my scope until I caught glimpses of the show Lincoln Heights a few years back. And logically so, given the fact that she looks like 2 different girls from my dating stream within the last 3 years, this would explain why she resonates with me now.

This tenacious actress is like an inviting version of one of my most not-nice chics. Her smile is warm. Her eyes are soft. Her shape is right in all the right places. Everything about her shouts Black Girl fine. Plus she’s From my favorite city away from home, a true Chi-town chic who reps often and gives back even tho her star is still inching up. 

Now, Most Chicago chics I know are super sassy and super freaky, so I’ll let my imagination work in favor of ms. Hubbard, but something tells me due to her humble and poised demeanor, that if that is the case, she knows how to keep it confined to one special place and doesn’t reek of sexual energy (Take notes LisaRaye). She sure doesn’t mind letting photographers take gratuitous backshots of her tho. Do a quick image search of her and you will find that not only are most of her pictures from red carpets, but a good portion of them are backshots with Erica not poking her ass out, but it just being that damn supple that it simply looks that way. So while she may not be doing any nude scenes anytime soon, this former Noxzema model is definitely not afraid to flirt with the camera a little bit.

I’m sure she’ll be playing up that side alot more in her debut role tonight on BET‘s latest attempt at original comedic programming, Let’s Stay Together where she plays the only single character, the fiesty Kita. This will also be her first major role as an adult character.

It takes some kind of beauty for someone born in 1979 to have made her career off of playing teenage roles. It says alot. And I’m saying that her familiar features definitely don’t scare me away. In fact, I’m driven in a bit closer by it. So as much as I hate watching BET series, I’ll be catching the premiere because

Erica Hubbard,


are My New Crush!

Ho Ho Hos! – *Christmas Crush Alot* – Pornstars Need Love Too!

Hmmnnn…Now how do I start this one without sounding like a perv??

Maybe I’m gonna bite the bullet this time because there really is no way not to sound like one.

Just the other day, I was talking to my boy Komp’L about how the look of uhhmm…Adult Performers has changed almost dramatically since we were young. True enough, the porn stars today are a far cry from those greased up, beady haired, furry butterfaces that you stumbled across when you snuck through your uncle’s VHS stash. Even in print. Instead of rough, cock-eyed, fat-black-and-nasty or orange-skinned women who you wouldn’t find a hard time imagining how they ended up in Porn, you have Could-be video vixens and playmates gracing the pages of Hustler and the like.

Now, as a non porn-collecting dude, I could be wrong. Perhaps I’ve missed out on decades worth of beautiful women slutting it out professionally because I’ve never bought any magazines to hide under my bed, or borrowed anybody’s dvds, or subscribed to any smut sites. And maybe it’s because of my lack of history, that I believe the glamorous ho’s I’ve been seeing in the last 5 years to be something new.

See, unlike my more sleazy brethren, I only started watching Pornography as an adult in my efforts to become better in bed. I was just starting out and wanted to compare my moves and staying power to that of a quote unquote pro. It didn’t really help me, except to confirm that I was on the right track anyway, but the girl I was with was really turned on by the flicks, so we would leave them on as we went in. It wasn’t until 2 years later when I lived with one of my producers who had a ridiculous collection on his computer that I got a glimpse of how pretty some of these chics in the flicks were.

The original fly girl being Tera Patrick, but the first to catch my eye was Ms. Nyomi Banxx; an almost-Amazon with a flawless Chocolate complexion and light contacts who’s a mix of Naomi Campbell and someone unreal like Storm from the X-Men. That’s the only fair comparison to make. She’s a Black Wonder Woman.

Also, keeping in mind that this broad is older than the average porn chic who is usually 19, she looks like the mother you’d mush the daughter out of the way for…With not one stretchmark. Even her fake boobs look pretty realistic.

Somewhere down the line, I came across Lily Thai, a Filipino (go figure) with a perfect natural body. She’s just plain pretty. Firm, with a nice smile and glazed skin. I guess it’d be TMI to mention that she squirts huh?

It gets more sentimental for me…

There’s one named Michelle Tucker, another natural chic who’s rumored to have attended my College Alma Mater (tho I wouldn’t claim that). But this chic looks just like my O.G. crush Holly Robinson, but with all the youth and thickness that most men would wish she had. She’s around-the-way-girl pretty, but still too damn pretty to be doing porn. That is… Until you notice the HUGE tatoo of the African Continent taking up her whole ass-cheek. Then it all makes sense…

Then there’s Jenaveve Jolie, who looks like she could be Sophia Vergara‘s bad sister. She’s photogenic and sultry.                       

Ryaan Reynolds, not to be confused with the Canadian dude who just lost Scarlett Johansenn as a wife and probably wants to die because of that, is a mixed dream. A tan, big-breasted starlet, this half Black, half Asian is a step above because she carries her curves like a slimmer chic and looks like someone you just had class with.

Rounding out my top 3, Amber Easton kind of mirrors her White porn star counterparts; with a fake Barbie-like look that’s almost so unreal its boring, but her face is undeniably beautiful. With a ridiculous body too. Damn, maybe she is almost perfect.

And to close out the Hands down prettiest chics I’ve ever seen in Porn are Alanna Lee and Evanni Solei. They are just Gorgeous from head to toe. Like, these would be my girlfriends in real life if they didn’t do what they do. Sheeeiiiitttt, they don’t even look like they do what they do! 2 amazing shades of brown, 2 perfect shapes and 2 sweet faces. It’s all about the Lips…

Still, the question remains as to what would make such pretty women dive into a business that puts on no heirs about its exploitative nature. Unlike stripping, where the locations are referred to as Gentlemen’s clubs with strict guidelines and present the women as Star attractions, or escort services that offer the company of pretty young women, Porn blatantly demeans women in each aspect. With titles like ‘Big Booty Bitches‘ and ‘Cum-Guzzling Whores‘, One ex performer would have a hard time explaining that to her future children. And that thought alone is a frightful one. I don’t even want to think about that possibility – not to mention all of the augmentation done to those bodies. If you notice, I highlighted mostly those with natural bodies (as if that makes something better). Keep in mind, this post was about the prettiest porn stars I’ve seen, not the Baddest. But really, I can’t be trippin’…These porn stars today are not looking like those old school ones. They’re the girl we would holler at, try to marry or fantasize about in a good way. They’re our Top Model rejects and chem lab crushes. None of these females are ditzy bimbo types either. If you ever took the time to listen to them speak ( who actually does that?), you’ll hear articulation and wit before they get on their knees. So now it begs the question, where are they finding these girls?? What would make such pretty chics go down that path? We’re used to hearing the stripper/porn theories of sexually abused girls with low self-esteem and Daddy issues, and for the most part, this holds true. Yet there’s so many Beautiful ones, can that be the case for all of them?? Or have we just become that openly sexualized and desensitized as a society that this life seems glamorous  to young women?? I say that, then I think of all the young girls I know that want to try out for The Bad Girls Club. And that’s just 1 and a half steps above. Even scarier, are all the chics I know out there who do what these performers do for free. At least these hos get paid.

So here’s a toast to you money-making sexpots who I mentioned.

You all are my Christmas Crush!

Fly, Black Buddafly…Just…Fly!!

Told you they would wind up in a Crush Alot post before the year is over!

This is one bad-Ass sisterhood of traveling pants. The half Senegalese, Half German mixes are imports from Germany that were raised on soul and followed their dreams all the way to the States.

You may or may not have heard of the Schmahl Sisters, but these twins (Amina & Jazz) have been on the scene for quite some time. Starting off as the first act on the ill fated Russell Simmons Music Group, Black Buddafly began as a trio – then including older sister Sophie, who left after giving birth to a child in 2006. I remember seeing their video just randomly begin popping up late night on BET (when it used to actually play music videos), and thinking – ‘who the Hell?’ And ‘what a contrived group’. The look was too styled, the voices were like 3 Cassies, and the songwriting and production was microwave. Here’s that first video…

I did notice from the first second of watching tho, How bad all 3 sisters were! At the time, I brushed it off because their beauty is one that we’ve been subjected to and have idolized for the last 15 years of urban video and imagery. It’s that typical concept of beautiful that they fit. Slim, but shapely, soft smoky eyes and long eyelashes, long hair, caramel skin..the usual…Seen it once, seen it a thousand times right?

Man was I wrong.

I knew I liked them. I knew they fit my personal ideal of sexiness and prettiness, but they landed in the back of my mind. Other chics were more directly within my scope. Even though their second single “Bad Girl” Featuring Fab had become a guilty pleasure of mine, and somehow wound up making it onto my iPod years later, I never paid them attention until Me and Brandon Carter performed with them earlier this year.

It was a musical showcase based on performances that utilized live instrumentation or a band. Brandon was invited as a lead act, and we were fresh off of the hype of our “Subway, Bus or Walking” phenomena. They perused the place, mingling with folks they knew within the space, and I kept thinking, ‘where do I know these chics from?’. Then I finally saw their name on the bill and realized that they were apart of the line-up. I was automatically excited – but I didn’t know why. They added a kind of validation to the showcase, because this was a group that once had a major record deal and national publicity with one of the most famous names in music behind them. And they showed just why that night. Never before could I have been made aware of just how talented these sisters are. They sang in strong octaves, flawless harmonies, stripped down songs that hadn’t been presented to the public yet that they chose to share with us. I watched in awe as one sister propped in front of a piano and played each note while the other sang her heart out on a stool on stage. They took turns on lead and belted out over original material all written and arranged by themselves. It was an eye-opener for sure.

Without a doubt, it was also eye-candy. After all the sets were finished, they prompted everyone for a group picture of all of the performing acts. I made sure that me and Brandon stood next to the sisters. See, where I was mistaken initially from just seeing them in glossy Vibe pages and seductive videos, is the fact that even tho their kind of beauty has become a cliche caricature kind of beauty for our generation, it still is a real beauty and it comes from somewhere. So if they embody that look and that look is very much alive in person, then what the hell does that say about them?? It says that these chics are indeed, some BAD girls! 

Seeing is believing. The sisters are thicker in person, smoother in person, and that much more tempting in person. The symmetry in their features is off the hook! And the light bends and gleams off of that very caramel skin I mentioned before.

I wanted to spark a conversation with them so bad because we were all in the same space, but never got that chance. Besides, these chics seemed to know everybody in the place, and proceeded to work the room accordingly, never standing alone once.

As a group, the sisters are as aware of their sex appeal as they are their music. They push to be taken seriously and tone things down so you can focus on their songwriting and vocals and musicality, but push the hot buttons just in time so you remember that they are fantasy material. You can see this from their promo shots. They control every bedroom eye, every blush filled grin, every show of skin. It’s all very planned…and you know it…but you won’t even care, because as much as they might think they know when to turn it off or on, these women are the kind of sexy that never can shut down. There is no hibernation or sleep mode. 

Unlike some other singing sister tag-teams, like my other old crushes, JS (The Johnson Sisters – aka those 2 chics R.Kelly brought out in the early 2000’s that Ron Isley took as background singers and one as his wife), or Mary Mary, there isn’t one pretty one and one not-so-pretty. You’d be hard pressed to pick which sister is badder than the other. They are Identical twins. And more like Nina Sky, they’ve both kept up their bodies and keep their styles close enough to fall in line with the uniformity, but different enough to distinguish if you pay attention. Also, like Nina Sky, the ladies are back at a place career-wise where they’re starting from the ground up; playing by their rules and generating a more authentic following by breaking underground territory and building from there.

If they keep at it you’ll be hearing alot more from Black Buddafly very soon. In the meantime, it doesn’t hurt to just look at them.

Check out the…uhhmm..Twins…Who doesn’t love that? Did you peep the Piano tattoo going down the one sister’s side? Ive been in love!

And now that I’ve put it all out there and am willing to learn one of the most unsexy harsh sounding languages just to be closer to them, can I just say

Mein Gott! Amina and Jazz,


Are My New Crush!!

Brooklyn keeps on Taking It!

If you’ve ever been bored enough to sit around watching network Television and bumped into Damon Wayans’ built-for-the-sitcom-world-only attempt at a parenthood comedy, My Wife And Kids, then you were sure to see at least one bright light…And no, I don’t mean the cute little racially ambiguous genius kid who played the neighbor. No, the other racially ambiguous character who is cute in a whole different way!

No disrespect to Tisha Campbell, but “Vanessa” was my favorite woman on the show, and she’s the only thing that has allowed me to watch it the 10 times in my life that I have. If I’m not mistaken, she replaced my uber crush, Megan Goode as the pregnant girlfriend of the son. Teen pregnancy never looked so not-fucked-up! Doing a much better job than ms. Goode, and providing the only decent acting besides Tisha, she showed that she has potential to be a face and a name to get familiar with in the future.

For now, her television run hasn’t translated into much beyond a God-Awful Chris Stokes and Marques Houston flick and a few off-brand indies, but where you can really catch her shining is in her previous work as a print Model. It’s as if she was born to grace the pages of magazines; Her solid symmetry, coupled with star-gazing eyes that gleam are all captivating features that allure and provide a cool mystique.  She looks kinda Alicia Keys-ish, which is common of most pretty Halfrikans, (a term coined by one of my ex’s who is bi-racial) and I guess I would know a thing or two about that by now given my experience.

On top of all of that, I’ve noticed that she’s pretty low-key as far as dress and style. With Model looks, she has a fashionable approach, but you won’t see any see-thru dresses and corset numbers popping out in press footage. Nor is it likely that you’ll hear any juicy stories or scandals creeping out the woodwork from this former high school Valedictorian and Ivy league Candidate. Not bad for a product of an entertainment union – oh…Did I mention that she’s the Daughter of Disco and Pop Queen, Donna Summer?? Silly me….

We haven’t seen anything yet from this young stunning beauty, and based on her credentials, she has alot more to show. If ever she decides that acting is moving too slow, I’m sure she won’t pull a Montana Fishburne and try to fast-track things. It’s more likely that she would probabaly apply her wit towards tackling something else impressive and shining there as well. She’s serious about her career, and unlike alot of her peers who are under the radar and don’t have thousands of fans stalking her yet,  she has her own website,, where those who wanna stay abreast (pun intended) can keep up with her latest appearances or get familiar with some of  her past work.

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for this chic with the coolest name I’ve seen in Hollywood in a while.

And With that,

Brooklyn Sudano, (who based on this picture can pick me up at a bar anywhere, anytime)


Are My New Crush!

Regina…Is KING!

My Word!

Do you guys remember how Regina King USED to look??

It wouldn’t do any justice to this post to place any pictures in the way that would remind you of the pouchy, frumpy, rope-haired, baggy clothes laden hood bandit version of her…nor her first incarnation as the shapeless, mushroom topped girl down the block from 227.

Yes, the light eyes have always been the saving grace, and the draw that we couldn’t quite put our fingers on, but if ever anybody deserved the phrase ‘Better with time/age’, or an award for Most Improved, It would be Regina.

So on this last day of August, I’m gonna close out a rather slow month for this blog with someone who makes my heart beat fast!

This Crush Alot post has been a Long time coming…

I first noticed Regina King version 2.0 in a scene during the film This Christmas, where she appeared in lingerie, and it seemed like overnight, she blossomed and had this banging body!

I saw back muscle definition, tricep lines, a coke bottle figure and boobies!

Now keep in mind, Ms. King is well past the perceived Hollywood prime. If she was playing a teen on an 80’s sitcom, you can imagine her age now. How is it that the ghetto rat that was a borderline alcoholic in Poetic Justice that no one paid attention to, turned to this?? I mean, we were just getting used to her starting to look more her age and accept her as a wife and sidekick in movies like Enemy Of The State and Ms. Congeniality 2! And I’m sorry, even tho every other Negro seems to all of a sudden, Love The Boondocks this past year, I H8 the idea of her voicing both main characters!!

It’s so dope to see a woman – a Black woman to bat, getting serious about her look, appeal and health at a later age. Whatever the cause or motivation may have been for Regina, be it a bad breakup, medical awareness, or just for roles, it’s not as important as the display of the fruits of her labor. She is a fine example of how to play this game right. She is a walking poster child for fitness without fluctuation or losing femininity. While her contemporaries are gaining arm fat and rounder faces and losing work, Regina has had a better career in the last 15 years than her first 15.

Even if it wasn’t about that, it’s  just a show of perserverance and dedication. Working out is hard. Maintaining a regimen and actually being able to see the results is even trickier. Alot of women are just satisfied with being a few sizes smaller, or fiting into a dress, or accomplishing a weight loss and tone for a specified purpose or moment in time. Regina has chiseled herself indefinitely, and seems to be intent on keeping that look intact. She didn’t have to do that. She could’ve stopped a while ago because She wasn’t fat to begin with. She just wasn’t the defined, head turning Regina King posing before us today that has dudes my age and up – if not younger, putting her on their lists.

I just wish all women would do this as they age; Man or No Man…But especially if they have a man. There’d be much less cheating in middle America I’m sure. Something in the rationalizing of women allows them to feel accomplished with just a few walks on the treadmill and a power walk after they reach a certain age and pop a few babies out – if they work out at all. Take notes ladies; Regina is a mom too, well past her 20’s and a non award-winning veteran actress who is JUST now getting mainstream recognition….How busy do you think she is compared to you??

Enough of that tho, Ms. King is King because of her winning smile, her MILF status (Because she certainly looks like she knows how to put it down – I don’t know, but something about those intimate scenes – look at Our Family Wedding and the scene I mentioned before in This Christmas), her down to Earth personality and those eyes – Yes, those eyes

They’re captivating and engaging, in a way that can be seductive and friendly at the same time. The body is a plus. Her personality is the big prize. From reading her interviews, I pick up that she’s just a regular chic from around the way that parlayed her dream into a career and is appreciative for every stepping stone. The type of chic who eats egg whites only, but still puts hotsauce on everything! I Love that kind of balance! She seems hungrier than ever, and fully aware of, and comfortable in her new frame.

I’ll leave out the fact that Theo Huxtable got to claim her and tap that in real life, as well as her recent call for Black women to start dating outside of their race if Black men aren’t doing their job…That would be as counteractive to this post as putting up those old Brenda pics.

What I will say is, the upgrade definitely has not gone unnoticed, and as these pictures exemplify, there are many sides to the sexy that belongs to Regina. Iam so intrigued, it’s to the point where Chili would have to take a backseat to her for my MILF title.

Having that said;

Regina King,

your Highness,


Are my New Crush!

More of, ISADORA (A Lust Letter)

Dear Isadora,

We met on the second Saturday of July during a Miller Lite photoshoot.

It was me, you, the crew, and a bunch of my friends.

I’d like to say that you are responsible for the break-up of me and my girlfriend…

But that ship had sailed a while ago.

Having her there was beneficial and miscalculated at the same time. It stopped me from being able to really talk to you, although I don’t know what that would have equated to in either case. Admittedly so, I did flirt with you alot. Pretty blatantly at that – in front of my girl. To my credit (if you want to call it that or even give me that much), I did forewarn her by giving her a disclaimer that my eyes would certainly wander in your presence. Jerk. I know. But an honest one. She laughed it off, but continuously shot me glances everytime you and I interacted.

When I first noticed you walk into the trailer I kept feeling your eyes on me as the stylist ran me thru wardrobe. I wondered what that was about, and I was determined to find out. That mission became much more mild once I noticed every one of my male friends had almost taken turns picking your brain when I wasn’t.

We had clever repartee, we shared insults and snide remarks interlaced with smiles and observations. One such observation was a wise moment when I asked you to take your feet off of the table and sat next to you and we both motioned for you to rest your legs across me. Then in that split second, you came to your senses and backed all the way up. You said noooo! citing that my girlfriend was around and that you didn’t want to be apart of any drama because you know the procedure all too well. That was followed by a great moment of enlightenment where you made note of our dispositions throughout the day and how far hers and mine were from each other. You couldn’t have been more on point.

See, for as much as I  kept checking on her to make sure that she was okay, You weren’t the problem. Our problems began on January 18th, and we’d been slow dancing in a burning room ever since. She was so clouded by whatever was the stirring in her mind that she couldn’t afford to be jealous like the average woman. You were a miniscule threat to her that day. No outside threat could be greater than the threat of what we were doing to ourselves. And I would be jealous of you if I were a chic. Make no mistake, my girl was bad. Not in a Melyssa Ford kind of way, but in a Eva Marcille meets Denise Huxtable kind of way – personality wise and physically….what TDJ would call one of my Sexy “Granola Girls”…. Pretty, stylish, and I’m sure if she wasn’t my girl then all of my boys would’ve been picking her brain and giving her as much attention as they gave you.

But you Ms. Ortega, are especially attractive to a guy named Malik because of the mixed bag that you are. I didn’t see the worldliness, Passion, quick wit, entertainment preferences and seductiveness coming. Especially not in one Down to Earth package. You’re an upscale video girl. Video girls aren’t supposed to have that much going on. Add that to the fact that Iam a sucker for anything exotic, and you, ms. Half Venezuelan/Half Dominican who loves to cook are the shit to me!

And I would watch your weekly show that you host on TEMPO, but it’s just horrible.

What you represent is an epiphany of sorts for me. Or at least a confirmation on that day to me. It made me remember that I want that video girl with the nerd inside. The chic who rolls her tongue across her teeth when she speaks and flips her hair, but can talk to me about science and geography while telling me the name of the thing that Iam eating when I had no idea what it was. I made a promise to myself last year to only go for model types after the previous girl, and as shallow as that is, I think I deserve it. I’ve given the Round The Way Girls and Sexy Granola Girls nuff love in my time, but ever since I wifed up that ex pageant winning, ex model Ivy leager, I’ve been spoiled a bit. It will never change how much I love women in general, because Iam addicted to chics. Nor will it affect my ability to be satisfied by a lady who has never carried a comp card. Right now, it is just simply a preference.

When things were going all fine and dandy with me and the girl, I’d never turn my head twice to spot your dimensions or catch your gaze and wonder what it meant. But the fact that I was damn near gawking and actually acting on my attraction (not to mention getting your number – thanks for playing me by the way), was an indicator to me that my relationship was in fact dead. And the next chic better be able to bring out the same response from me as you did.

You are a symbol of an end, and a beginning.

You weren’t put in front of me for me to ever date or smash.

You were supposed to end up in a blog.

You, M dot. Isadora Ortega,

Are My New Crush!

It’s Chilli! And I got a Bowl…

Fresh off of the season finale of her VH1 reality series, Ms. Thomas makes the perfect candidate for the Summer season kick-off of the Crush Alot segment. I actually meant to dedicate this post to her on Mother’s Day, seeing how she is a MILF and all, but Chilli is actually a Blast from the past for me. I used to have quite the pubescent crush on the “Crazy” third of TLC around the time when they were parading around in silk pajamas and doing slow bank-head bounces in front of lagoons.

I remember being 13 and seeing some kind of pop-up video replay of the “Waterfalls” video point out how tight Chilli’s abs were, and in my mind I said ‘yeah, damn – they are pretty tight’. Not only did I start watching Chilli with a close eye that I never did before, now stomach muscles were officially apart of my list of body parts that I ranked high on the female body.

I was never a fan of TLC. Their fake-feminist role-reversal, slang-ridden brand of sex pop never was catered to my demographic anyway. It doesn’t help that none of them were really individually super talented to begin with, although Chilli had the best singing voice. But I have to give it up to them for being the best selling female group. They definitely did their thing and the sum of their parts is a historic one. But enough on the music…Chilli is the best thing about TLC! And for introducing her to the world, I thank them.

The rumor was that Rozonda is the long-lost older sister of fellow Crush Alot alum and Cute Queen, Tatyana M. Ali. I’ve been out of the Concrete Loop, so I never really delved any further to find out just how true that is, but the idea alone is enough to show that the boy’s taste for Almond Brown women with Indian hair is impeccable!

I lost my affinity for Chilli as I approached adulthood, especially after her body got tainted by the flimsy hands of Usher. That’s enough to keep any dude away from a chic for a minute. So I guess I can thank the good folks at Viacom for reinvigorating my youthful passion for the older woman of my dreams. This show, What Chilli Wants, actually gave me a glimpse into her mindset and lifestyle. I genuinely like how she carries herself and her ideals and values. Yeah, yeah, as the series has shown us (or what you may believe from the show) Chilli may be somewhat of a Super-Christian Jesus-Freak with a ridiculously long list of qualities and requirements for a potential suitor, but I must say, it’s good to see something a bit old fashioned in this post-modern heap.

It’s almost to the point where I wonder if  I can test the reality of this reality show by reaching out to my old High School classmate Tionna Smalls and seeing if she would assist me in my pursuit of the unreachable Ms. Thomas. I truly believe I would fill most of the criteria on her list with the exception of my current financial status and the whole religion thing, but hey, I’m about to be a big time rapper, and a couple hours in Church is a small price to pay! Surely it can’t be only white boys who are filling the slot. And Height isn’t a factor, because we all know Ursher and Floyd Mayweather aren’t exactly scraping the sky. Pardon me being a dude for a minute, but she’s perfect bend-over height (I’m gonna get in trouble for this post for sure…)

I mean seriously, we all have to admit, this is one bad lady to be touching 40 and still single. She can dance, sing, she’s mellow, not into drama, well spoken, southern – so you know that means she can cook, and she doesn’t Smoke, drink or eat pork! I don’t need to know anything else. I’m sold. Physically, she has a dope smile, the most sun-kissed glowy skin on camera, real hair – which is just a plus (don’t trip Black women – I know) and is still in tip-top shape. The big cherry on top, is that for some reason, this woman still looks the same as she did when she burst onto the scene almost 20 years ago. Yikes!

I don’t really need to say anymore do I?

Say what you want to say about her list and her pickiness, but

Rozonda “Chili” Thomas,


are My New Crush!

Let FREIDA Ring!!

No disrespect to Dev Patel,

especially since he’s about to star in the live-action adaption of my favorite Cartoon since Thundercats, But Your girl is, as my boy Sam would say; “Smokin’ Hot!”

I admittedly just saw SlumDog Millionaire, and I fully understand the hype and accolades surrounding the film and why it’s lead actors have soared to fame since then. There’s buzz about Ms. Pinto being a Bond girl, and that would be a fitting position.

True enough, the film is a compelling story, with layers of depth and character driven plot that grips at you and makes you root for the underdog, but as I watched the movie, I couldn’t help but notice my attention getting stolen in every scene that the Adult Latika appeared in. As choosy as we as men can be, sometimes we really are just suckers for pretty faces. And Freida’s face is more than pretty…It’s flawlessly Beautiful!

With just the right mix of seductive and innocent with a little tinge of exotic, she’s made her way to plenty of college boys’ Top whatever lists by this point, appearing on multiple magazine covers and in spreads. She even did Maxim shoots, both domestic, and in her native India, as well as super-trendy and hipster Complex magazine, which is a personal favorite of mine.

She knows her lane, and so far she doesn’t overdo it. Which is sexy. She’s very aware of her beauty but gives the public just enough to not be left hanging, and keeps the rest for her private life. I doubt you’ll find her the subject of any camera phone hackings anytime soon. It’s amazing that she just stumbled into acting in these recent years and was handpicked for her breakout role.

She’s not bangin’ from a lustful, physical-frame based assessment. She’s actually quite skinny and looks young to an almost dangerous point. She is bangin’, however, because she oozes sensuality and Makes Love to you with her eyes. If you were her man, I’m pretty sure she can fuck the shit out of you with those eyes as well! I’m big on eyes if you haven’t noticed yet…

Maybe she hits me because in some weird way I’m coming from a sentimental nostalgiac place.  There was a really pretty Indian girl in High School named Libby that I had a super-crush on and didn’t realize I had a crush on until waaay late. She was also fly with a dope personality too. Of course I got stuck in the Friend-Zone back then.  These were different times…

So maybe this is my unrequited, teenage, soft spot that made me more receptive, but honestly I think the sentiment is pretty unanimous when it comes to recognizing Freida’s striking good looks across the board. Word to L’oreal! She has a universal kind of beauty that has made many a fan very rapidly. Including me.

Having that said,

Freida Pinto,


Are My New CRUSH!!

easy BRE z…CoverGirl!!

Even though I don’t know Ms. Scullark personally, I feel like I do.

That’s all the reason needed to make her the next subject of the Crush Alot section!

If  for no reason other than the fact that she represents the same place that I do – Harlem all day, but of course, there’s more…

Bre kind of has a hunger about her career similar to that of a rapper. You can blame it on her hometown, she was destined to be a hustler. And you can blame my affinity for her on my inclination to root for the underdog. However, Underdog is about to be a title that no longer fits Ms. Bre. The last few years have proven to be fruitful for her since she first made a name for herself on Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model.

After my Ex (another Harlem Girl) trapped me into watching ANTM, I actually started paying attention to it and we would sit back and place our bids on who would make it through the episodes and who our picks would be for the season. The Season Bre appeared on was the last season I really looked at, and I remember us cheering on her every move as she made it to the final rounds. Sure, she was unpolished; smoking, brief drama-filled moments and an unavoidable hood twinge in her speech, but something about her made her glow. She was REAL.

She represents everything Beautiful about Fly Uptown Girls. She’s sooooo that; from how she walks, to how she moves her hands when she speaks and her inflections. Maybe it is that rough-around-the-edges appeal that makes her stand out, because couple that with her Doe-eyed drive, baby-faced features and willingness to learn, and she’s got this bright presence that draws you in. It’s a cool mix. The Harlem girl Swag is always turned up and she never hesitates to let you know where she’s from and how proud she is to be an example of someone who came from an unlikely place to be an unlikely Heroine.

So there’s almost a feeling of growing with her and pride in seeing the moves she’s made since. Every time she pops up in an ad or public appearance, Iam apart of that Soul-Clap corner, going ‘get ’em Bre!

We see her, looking more model-esque with every appearance, enunciating like an english teacher, and doing her correspondent thing on the side! She’s also getting noteriety for her charity involvements and writing.

Now physically, I’m a sucker for eyes, and Bre has got those big ones…almond brown, almond shaped and full of life. They are almost the defining feature of her face! That’s really all I need besides the fact that she’s a freakin model for God’s Sake, and you know how I Love those ever since 2009!!

She kinda reminds me of girls I know, girls I grew up around, maybe even my ex a little, admittedly, but there’s a newness there too. She can tone it down and come back down to Earth with the rest of us, unlike some other models who seem to never be able to bring it back to their foundation, and at the same time she can take it all the way up and get all Couture on us. It’s a perfect Balance of real and refreshing.

Here’s a reel of her Post Top Model Television work that I stumbled across,

You can catch up with the Girl on her Blog,

(Damn! Fantasy much?)

Much like the Other ANTM Harlem girl that I’m smitten with, Yaya DaCosta, I feel like It’s only a matter of time until I run into her, so I’ll put it out there now by saying

Brittany “Bre” Scullark,


are officially My New Crush!!!

*Women’s Day Edition* – Ladies of Broadcast Tribute

You all know by now that I do this segment of my blog entitled “Crush Alot” once a month that praises beautiful women whom I wish I had in my life. These are mainly women who I actually have crushes on, or admire their perceived public image.

Seeing as to how today is International Women’s Day

(Get up on your knowledge – see here;,

I’d like to celebrate and applaud the wonderful women of broadcast journalism and the news media world today by presenting a special edition of Crush Alot that focuses on all of my favorite ladies in front of the camera and behind the airwaves…

Women like Jeopardy’s Kelly Miyahara or my longtime fav, Ms. Jacque Reid & my new Crush, Tamron Hall of MSNBC.

These are dedicated souls who put their best face forward, are masters of poise and professionalism, and bring worlds together by supplying information at the microwave pace of today’s twitter-linked ADHD society and it’s insatiable thirst.

Who doesn’t Love the ever so sophisticated Sade Baderinwa?

Many of them are proactive in charity work and outside endeavors, but it’s on the job where they have broken down and continue to break down doors that have unbelievably, still up to now been untouched! There has been a great disparity in this field concerning gender and race representation, now witness a generation of women who marry both worlds and have brought this image to the forefront. Nowadays it’s not uncommon to see your primetime news or world coverage being brought to you by a strikingly gorgeous woman with a non-traditional name. This was not the norm 2 decades ago. Let alone, seeing them as the face of the actual news program, or given their full credit. There’s also a noticeable difference in the stylishness of the average reporter. These women look straight out of a catalog. Who would’ve thought that one day, it’d be regular to have poster-ready journalists on the red carpet, or as your screen saver?

In a way,

these women are like my ideal look type. Although I know they probably let loose on their own time, their on-the-job look represents what I love; style that shows off that they are indeed beauitful, feminine women, but carries a certain level of class in how that is exhibited and what’s revealed. Sometimes that dope tight turtleneck is 10 times sexier than the tube-top you have to pull up every 3 minutes. Take notes young chickies!

Here’s a few of those aforementioned Ladies killing the game and changing Minority to Majority story by story…

Pardon me for the Butt shot Profile but…

The smokin’ Hot woman above is Sharon Tay,

and here is a lovely lady who I had the pleasure of working with, Ms. Angela McKenzie.

If you remember a week and a half ago, I made mention of the Canadian Bombshell as she threw an event through her non-for-profit organization and her syndicated radio program, Initiative radio, Which you can catch here

I was more than honored to be apart of her event,

Initiative Radio with Angela McKenzie Salutes, Black History Maker;

Ralph McDaniels.

I put up the footage from the show, but it was an even bigger deal to find out that she coordinated it singlehandedly. Then, I was completely blown away to discover that Angela Mack as I call her, is a performer herself! Here’s a look at her in action.

Upon finding out about making it onto this segment, she told me that I must have an affinity for foreign women with big foreheads and freckles, but that was just her doing her whole downplay thing. Be on the lookout for her name to be popping up somewhere near you, making moves that make a difference.

Having that said, Angela,

YOU, and all of the women pictured above are My New Crush!!!

Honorable mention goes to Egypt, Big Lez, & Soledad O’Brien for holding it down all of these years.

And because the whole of March is Women’s History Month, I’m giving a double dose of the Crush Alot installments. Catch me at the end of the month!