Speaking Of Muslims….

Remember last year when I posted up those ads that were so ridiculously worded and imaged that they were unbelievable?

Well this definitely falls under that category. 

I was just so befuddled that it took me some time to visit the site to verify that it was an actual site and not some mean parody or theme-porn spam.

But no, this site is very real. Considering itself the technologically evolved medium for Muslim singles to meet and match, this answer to modern world dating purports to be a safe platform to launch a successful and meaningful Islamic marriage – seeing how that is the only way to truly ‘date’ within Islam.

I didn’t even think this was possible, but there you have it…A faith-based social networking site that is actually 10 years old, boasting to help make “4 marriages a day”, full of women- with or without their hair covered, posting up their pictures with men doing the same. No abs or backshots, no cleavage or chest hair with provocative usernames,  just brief descriptions with definitions as Sunni, Shiite or “Just Muslim” for those less engulfed in sects.

After reading the mission statement of the site, I understand it better. It’s a little weird, but it’s dope at the same time to see such a strict religion moving forward with the times and knowing that there’s a place out there where judgement is reserved and attraction is not primarily sexually rooted. I don’t think there’s one person on there who feels some of the initial awkwardness or social isolation that some users of other sites like Match or Chemistry dot com feel. This is a bunch of people globally sharing a common goal under the premise of a common belief.

Click the picture and check it out for yourself if you’re curious.