Good Things come in 3’s!! – Sabi, Janelle Monae & JPK for the 100,000th view!!

Like we always do it this time (of year, that is)!

You know I can’t leave you without a great installment of everyone’s favorite segment on this blog. I always make the December ones extra special. Today I’d like to think I’m especially breaking ground. This is also going to mark the post that earns this site it’s 100,000th view!! So I’d like to thank everyone who made that possible. Of course this would happen right after I say that I’m not going to be actively blogging anymore…

Just when I think I’m done…You guys keep pulling me back!

So we start off with a nice pop tart. This urban Latina reps the land of beautiful women to crush on; Los Angeles, California! You may have heard her on a number of billboard hits like Cobra Starship‘s “You Make Me Feel…” or Britney Spears“Drop Dead”, but to SEE her is a whole nother thing.  Unfortunately, I almost have to throw her in the “‘Too Youngs” bag because she’s damn near a 90’s baby, but she definitely conjures up thoughts of everything that Cassie should be, with all the best parts and then some.

I like her style.

For our second treat, what do we have? Whaddayaknow?! Another racially ambiguous Canadian in a list of many.I must really have a thing for these chics. This is becoming a trend. With a look that’s part Jessica Biel with a dash of 2 of my other crushes, Jurnee Smollet and Brittany Murphy, it’s not a shocker that she fits in here perfectly. But the young lady with three famous names is no stranger to the sci-fi television world, and her starring role on “The Secret Circle” is garnering much fandom and press for her. You can include me in that club! 

And lastly, 

While it’s not often that you see Ms. Monae outside of that Penguin getup that she considers a uniform, I’ve always believed that underneath that Sammie Davis look, there’s a sensous woman in all her feminine glow booming. This is mostly because my introduction to her was through Outkast videos and photo opts where she embraced that more with her curly coiffed do and blousey accessories.

Even still, there’s moments, like this ad that I saw her in, when you can see the stripped down beauty where she shines in just a t-shirt and that wonderful face of hers. Her face is captivating. It has all the features of everything that men look for in a woman. It’s coy, it’s model-esque, it’s cute, it’s serious, and it has an innocence to it, but in a grown woman way – not a creepy she-still-looks-like-a-kid way. Nooo…Make no mistake, Janelle is all woman. And she definitely does know how to fill out a suit! Whoever gets to loosen that bowtie is a lucky someone.

Well, that’s it kiddies. Hope I put you on to someone or made you look at someone in a way you never thought to before. That’s what I’m here for. It’s what I do. Enjoy your holidays and be safe…

As far as you ladies, you have redefined my vision of Bad for this coming year. You are my 3 faves right now.

So Sabi, Jessica Parker Kennedy & Janelle Monae,


Are My New Crush!!!!

Back Like I Never Left! Kwanzaa Edition


you’ve probably been wondering where I’ve been since December 31st and where the Hell the posts have been (or…you just stopped coming to the site).

Well my friends,

I put your regularly scheduled program on hold for the sake of enlightening you on some Kwanzaa stuff that you might not have known about. True indeed, it wasn’t the most extensive Kwanzaa blogging out there, but it got the job done. I also admit that I was being kinda lazy because I’ve been diligently NOT being lazy, working on my First ever original music project, coming this year at the end of Spring.

But just so you have an idea of what my experience was like, here’s some footage of the most pivotal day of the Kwanzaa celebration and how I brought it in.

I took the oppurtunity to introduce my Nephew Ramale (a.k.a. Winnie) to this Holiday by way of his Auntie and the homegirl of all homegirl’s: Indigo.

I didn’t celebrate Kwanzaa the way I wanted to, so this was the only day that there was really a concerted effort to observe and carry things out. I wound up living the principles and days vicariously through the blog, and through you in the process (yeah, probably a bit more laziness on my part).

This all went down at the dope Duplex apartment that she inhabits with our Resident renaissance chic, the Notorious TDJ and the unofficial 16’s Candles PR person Ms. Daryl (yeah, that’s a woman – I call her Penny cause she looks like Young Janet Jackson), in the magical Planet of Brooklyn. We affectionately refer to this crib as The Living Single pad, because of the Dynamic of the uhmm…single ladies and their differing personalities all co-existing in Brooklyn. Make sense now? Yeah, yeah, I know they’re missing a 4th – sue us! Geez!! But I guess this make me Kyle in this equation??

Ironically enough, I’m more like the male version of Maxine (Pause), the damn near 4th roomate who’s place you never see, but is frequently involved in the goings-on to provide sarcastic and colorful commentary. Not to mention, I’m always down to leave their place with something I didn’t come in with – ya dig?

Who am I to ruin tradition??!

So yes, I took my 5 Year old nephew all the way to another Borough after 8:30 P.M. on a cold December 26th night in 2009, only to return him home to his mother at 3:30 A.M. in the morning. Why?? because that’s how bad I wanted to put the boy on to some sense of culture DAMMIT!! And he wasn’t going to sleep anyway.

Ask Indigo who still had energy to ask about playing video games that night and you’ll see I lost 8 times over in that battle. But ask who enjoyed an hour long nap on the couch before hitting the road and I win!!

So here goes;

With TDJ being MIA on said Night, Indigo played Den Mother, Hostess, and Leader to our makeshift family to make this Umoja special for my nephew. He helped her clean greens (not Collards) as she cooked and prepared our food. I was put on dish duty – which I HATE,  and we all shared reading duties as we ran through definitions, origins and motivations behind our items and principles for the night.

Indigo’s little Sister, The gangster, Megan (a.k.a. Sis) was also in the building (literally).

You really don’t have to watch this whole video, because it’s long and I couldn’t edit it and after a while it just drags on and seems like something that you feel like you weren’t supposed to be watching from a blog.

But pay attention to the funny parts like Winnie counting everyone as Brown except for Daryl. And how the Hell did Daryl get Auntie Status on her first night of meeting him??

(“Auntie Daryl”?? – not quite)

or the never-ending one-liners from Winnie like, “I give up”, Or my favorite, compliment-fishing- pat-on-the-back “I’m Smart!”.

And nevermind my scraggly appearance, It’s not about me..we did this for Kwanzaa.

Besides, it was a work Day!

Enjoy, and then we’re back to business. We’ll do it better next year.

Malik-16 New Mixtape WESTSIDE TIL I DIE promo poster – Dropping December 16th!

Yeah, Kind of a big Deal.

Peep the Classic West Coast Hood flick Covers in the letters of the Title.

Shout outs to C Mecca on the Design! SigInk steady mobbin’!

Westside Til I Die tracklist

December 16th., and Riiiiggghhtt Here!

(Say it like SWV)