V & D never sounded so GOOD together! Ms. Woods & Ms. Bozeman bring the alphabet closer!

We’ve come to this point where we’re almost at anniversary time, and there’s no way that I could’ve let this blog reach the 2 year mark without dedicating crush time to the special lady featured in the banner blowing out the 6 in 16’s Candles. But while we’re in the mood for something old and something blue, I also took the liberties of throwing in something new in the form of the beautiful V.Bozeman. This month’s installment is all about the letter women. 

Though I’ve been questioned about my fondness for Ms. Woodgette, I’ve always liked her since the days of  Diddy‘s play project, Making The Band. She had the best body, the best face and the most professional outlook on the business. She seemed like she was already in the game. In the years following, she has since become somewhat of a darling on the Black fashion and gossip sites that highlight pseudo celebs, and she seems quite comfortable with her place. But make no mistake – she also appears to be constantly grinding – tho it’s not 100% clear what it is she’s grinding on; Excersize, dancing, songwriting or performing. In the meantime, She’s filled plenty of space by filling plenty of pages and gracing plenty of covers with sexy layouts and images of her well sculpted and envy-inspiring body. No complaints will be heard about that. 

Newer and more defined on the scene, yet not more defined physically, is V.Bozeman…The stunning California native who made heads turn with a naked debut via the super-sensual and artistic video for her duet on Timothy Bloom‘s single “Until The End Of Time”. Her glazed deep chocolate brown body is just as striking as her voice and she boasts a vivrant sexuality that seems to stem passively from her aura. Learn a little more about her in this bio clip here;

Both ladies personify a kind of Black woman strength that seems feminine but a little hard-edged. It’s a confidence that’s more of a true confidence and not a false one that’s used as an outer shell. This could be attributed to their backgrounds from tough neighborhoods, but what’s more memorable is the voices that have gotten them from there to our blogs and video screens.

And their femininity is certainly something which they know how to flaunt. D’s mid section is something women die for. Her abs look effortlessly sculpted and her thighs entice everytime they’re exposed. She’s got a dancer’s body and southern girl’s gaze, with a northern sass. Her style is dancer-rebel, but in her photoshoots she switches it up and goes lingerie or dressy. So for as many shots you may see of her with her signature look of sneakers and tight pants with a playfully bushy hairdo, you’ll see the same amount of her with a gown or evening dress with her hair down or short. Those eyes are what gives her a doey effect, but have that fire and gleam that hint at bad-girlness

V. doesn’t have a shy bone in her body. Modeling and flexing her super toned and supple shape and accentuating her deep hue often shot with a waxy coat and favorable lighting for effect. At first glance, one might try to sum her up as an afrocentric chic, but she’s much more round-the-way girl with a spunky, punky yet earthy glow. And sorry, but did you SEE that ass??! 

The lust factor here is as high as the respect factor for these ladies’ bold and dynamic styles. They command attention and get it, by their own terms, on their own paths. The work they put into their bodies is parallel to the work they put into their craft – and both are to be applauded. You’ve GOT to love Black women. And the alphabet for that matter…

On that note,

D.Woods & V. Bozeman,


are My New Crush!!

The Soup takes shots at Diddy’s “Inside The Actor’s Studio” spot

I’m sorry,

But as a passive television viewer, I must say that E! network’s The Soup is the only program that I make a point to watch according to it’s airing schedule.

So how great did I find it that my most avidly-watched show was taking sarcastic jabs at a former avidly-watched show of mine, Inside The Actors’ Studio on it’s website?!

Keep in mind, ITAS was one of my top choices to make T.V. time for back in it’s heyday of quality Journalistic review and revered Hollywood talent. I was amazed that this small network called Bravo, that started out as an independent film champion was able to pull such star power as the likes of Deniro and Tom Hanks. Imagine my chagrin to see guests names widdle down to Anthony LaPaglia and Martin Lawrence – but they are actors right? I guess it was dope in itself that the same place that could put Oscar winners in it’s seats, could also extend the invitation to small screen actors and comedians. I scratched my head at the now-legendary Dave Chapelle and Conan O’Brien episodes, but I understood it’s significance.

But I stopped really watching a while ago. After the show stopped taping at The New School in New York City (shout to TDJ – I see you!), I always felt like something was missing. Perhaps it’s original intimacy. It’s journalistic sincerity and ambition was gone.  And because I stopped watching, I was totally taken off guard when I walked into Mike Gordon‘s apartment yesterday and witnessed a rerun of what was the most recent episode, featuring the voicing cast of Family Guy‘s main characters. I had to really think on that one. It was a case of popularity over integrity, ratings and need to attract a wider demographic. I get it. But none of this could have prepared me for what I saw flash across the screen indicating what would air next.

Yes, Diddy, made his way on to – and I repeat; Inside The Actors studio. Of Course this is fuckery at it’s finest, no need to debate. Who knows how long Diddy has been pining for this. I’m sure you’ll hear plenty comments from naysayers who have done my job for me, so I shant waste any breath ranting on about how ridiculous a notion this is. I’m sure Bravo knew what it was doing and what attention this would garner, even If James Lipton didn’t. Besides, no one captured the sentiment of everyone who feels like I do better than The Soup did on it’s website. They took the words right out of my mouth. I love the biting wit, and the music quote. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not the greatest Notorious B.I.G. fan, so I thought their emphasis on this portion of Sean Combs’ interview was bright!

And here it is – click on the link to see what I mean…