Esco’s alleged killer arrested and held for 3 milllion

ImageOne of the saddest and biggest posts I ever blogged about on this site came on the heels of the news that Jubar Croswell, who I and many friends of mine all knew familiarly as “Esco”, had been found dead on the side of a wooded area in New Jersey a year and a half ago. The coverage of this violent death was limited, but it resonated among the Howard University community and the internet. An overflow of comments flooded this blog from his close family and friends sharing their memories and giving thanks for this blog shedding light on the tragedy. 

What makes this week so significant, is that earlier on, a Pennsylvania man was arrested and charged with the murder and is being held at 3 million dollars bail. To see official coverage of that, check this link –

Of course, I’ll keep you posted as more details are revealed, but perhaps, in light of the recent Trayvon Martin controversy, some sense of Black justice is closer to getting served…

R.I.P. “Esco”

A Post I didn’t want to have to write…R.I.P. “Esco”

First got word on the possible death of the homie at the beginning of the month. It came out of nowhere and too many of my Howard University alum were buzzing about it via the social networks for me to just brush it off.

We were all hoping it was just an really really bad rumor or something that got blown out of proportion seeing as no one could provide documented proof.

That proof came in today in the form of a report in a New Jersey news column that not only identified Jubar “Esco” Croswell by name, but stated that his remains were found last week and the motive and cause are being investigated.

Remains??! meaning time has passed and there’s definitely foul play involved. How insane…

This was absolutely a post that I didn’t want to have to write…

Last time I spoke to my former classmate and all -around campus superstar Esco, he was on my block randomly and telling me about the things he’s got going on. He was tight with Lupe‘s FNF family, and we’ve all seen in him in the multiple appearances he’s made in print and music videos as a model. But out of respect I just want all that knew the man to show love today and pray that the questions all get answered, Justice gets served and the Universe Balances itself out.

I leave you with this video from ’05 featuring the kid.

R.I.P. Jubar