New Classic Material by World B. Free, Mr. Hawkins & 6 Chamber Productions! *Video* “WHAT YOU WANT”

Fresh off of the Super Successful and inspiring Soul Brother Reunion Show this past Saturday, I got a special bonus from my Fellow HU alum and all around dope rapper World B. Free, featuring the man behind the Soul Brothers show himself – Mr. Fred Hawkins.

The best part, besides this being one of my favorite rap tracks made by someone I know, is that the video feels like a movie trailer, and it’s made by the film team that I helped break in; 6 Chamber productions. The men behind the lens, Marvin Redhead and Kai Holmes are some of the toughest Grinders I’ve ever met in this business. I’ve worked with them on 5 videos and have seen these guys quit their jobs for this! This video is apart of their “Nothing But Love” Campaign and they only get better with each piece.

I’ll have some footage from the show coming soon, but in the meantime – check all 3 of these talented acts out at their respective sites;


BITCH Calls TDJ out by name!!

You guys should know by now…I’m always bigging up my homegirl and former founding contributor to this site, the infamous TDJ.

One of the many facets of the multi-facted Ms. Jackson is her expertise as an accompolished videographer, producer, screenplay writer and director – which I guess is technically more than one if you break it down.

This time last year, as both a Grad-school project (Yeah, she’s a student as well) and one of her own, she filmed the short, entitled The Field Trip, which she entered into numerous film festivals in the 2010 season and garnered much acclaim. And the acclaim keeps rolling in as this has gotten her recognition in BITCH magazine’s write-up this month on females in the horror genre. Check it out here

Now, if you’ve been reading, then you know how I feel about feminists, feminism and pseudo feminists and pseudo feminism – and BITCH is a Feminist mag. However, the more amazing women I have and come across in my life, the more I see they may pop up in this publication, so I may just have to keep a close eye on a BITCH every now and then…

16’s Candles shouts out TDJ and wishes her much more future recognition for her many hustles and talents as she never stops grinding. Neither do we…

Speaking of TDJ; New web series coming soon “So I Married A Vampire…”

As part of being on her ever consistent grind, The Notorious T.D.J. is about to bless the internet with a new web series encompassing 2 of her favorite forms of film entertainment. Fresh off her stint at the Martha’s Vineyard African-American Film festival, here’s a trailer from her latest project titled, So I married A Vampire... Starring Ms. Daryl, who by the way used to do some gr8 promo for this very blog back in the beginning.

On the site, the series is described as

“A mockumentary on the optimistic wife of a maladjusted vampire. The Office meets True Blood.

This web series depicts the everyday life  of Stephanie, the perky, optimistic human wife of an inept bumbling vampire, Armand. As Stephanie answers questions on her everyday life and how she deals with their far from normal relationship, her true feelings on her relationship start to show. The camera witnesses some of their quirky moments.”

Watch for yourselves, and get ready

Anyone Remember This Flick?? Hav Plenty

I caught the end of this movie last night on cable.

I know at this point after following my previous movie based posts,

you’re probably gonna think I just sit up at home and do nothing but watch T.V.

It’s really that I just always have it on and NEVER really watch it, and I stay up at crazy hours most of the time, so I catch random shit.

But I remember this coming out and leaving theatres with the quickness in 1997, and I used to think – what is this about?

Now I found myself watching it last night wondering – what is this about??

Nah, for real, Tracey Edmonds was either trying to get her feet wet in the film game and be taken seriously as a producer,  or she was doing someone a serious favor.

I remember hearing about how interesting this movie was because it was shot on a shoestring budget, and it had a pretty notable soundtrack – thanks to Ms. Edmonds. My Brother had it, it had some cuts on it. But really, the awkwardness of it comes off like a college film.

I need my film people to comment on this. It looks like it was well intentioned, and an earnest attempt at showing black romantic comedy from a different angle, but is another victim of the She’s Gotta Have It syndrome. Word to the writer being the star (Spike). Cutting Costs much?

And Hil Harper in any flick spells ‘Independent black movie that will only come on the STARZ network’.

Plus, anyone who knows me Knows I HATE titles that are made up of some kind of half-assed compound of the main character’s Names i.e. Jason’s Lyric or Poetic Justice. How Freakin DEEP!!

I will admit, shorty who plays Hav (short for Haviland) is Sexy as hell to me tho.

It may be worth checkin out just because it is so…