New Classic Material by World B. Free, Mr. Hawkins & 6 Chamber Productions! *Video* “WHAT YOU WANT”

Fresh off of the Super Successful and inspiring Soul Brother Reunion Show this past Saturday, I got a special bonus from my Fellow HU alum and all around dope rapper World B. Free, featuring the man behind the Soul Brothers show himself – Mr. Fred Hawkins.

The best part, besides this being one of my favorite rap tracks made by someone I know, is that the video feels like a movie trailer, and it’s made by the film team that I helped break in; 6 Chamber productions. The men behind the lens, Marvin Redhead and Kai Holmes are some of the toughest Grinders I’ve ever met in this business. I’ve worked with them on 5 videos and have seen these guys quit their jobs for this! This video is apart of their “Nothing But Love” Campaign and they only get better with each piece.

I’ll have some footage from the show coming soon, but in the meantime – check all 3 of these talented acts out at their respective sites;


Fuck Rick Ross, FRED delivers the Best Remix out!

Click the Picture to Hear song

It’s no secret my disdain for the poser who parades around borrowing the namesake of other grown men. Mostly, failed men who are notorious for all the wrong reasons. Note to rappers, if you’re gonna name yourself after a real street legend, try to name yourself after niggas who don’t get busted and lose it all. Also, try not to name yourself after actors who play such characters. They are just actors.

And how funny that we should talk about actors. In a recent review of This guy’s album Teflon Don (yet another borrowed moniker that I hear he’s getting flack for from the Gotti family), The site begins by stating…

Rick Ross is the Al Pacino of rap. No one believes that Pacino actually was a Miami drug lord, but his acting in Scarface was so dynamic that Tony Montana seemed completely real. Similarly, only the incredibly naïve think Rick Ross is an actual Don; as a general rule, real drug kingpins wouldn’t dream of carrying kilos of coke in their cars, let alone embark on international media campaigns to announce the details of their massive drug distribution operation. But somewhere between the time Ross’ heavyweight Hustlin’ first hit our eardrums and now, the Bawse has embodied the larger than life characteristics of the actual gangsters he names himself after (Freeway Rick Ross, Albert Anastasia) so entertainingly that rants about his “realness” have become as pointless as complaining that Al Pacino didn’t “actually” engage in gun battles with Columbian hitmen.”

I hesitate to call him a rapper. I cringe to refer to him as an entertainer.

Many of you probably don’t even notice the picture of him X’d out in his corrections Officer uniform that’s in the banner for this site above, but my respect level is nil for mr. Rozay. Besides the lame identity crisis gimmick, and I won’t even get into the cop past for a gangster rapper thing, I just am not a fan of repetetive rhymes about nothing but ignorance and glorfying of shit that there is no glory to. Alot of you have seemed to fall into the co-sign trap where if something is getting pushed hard enough and enough people seem to overlook something very wrong, then it’s okay to lean in that direction. Having some of the hottest beats around doesn’t hurt that effect either.

In one song, this guy encapsulates all 3 of those flaws almost unabashedly and unapologetically. Almost like he knows that ever since he’s got Diddy behind him, he can say damn near anything and niggas will eat it up because he’s filling a void left for street-oriented rap. Much like Biggie had this seeming immunity that made the general public look at you crazy when you questioned his more…questionable lines and statements.

The song I’m talking about is Called “B.M.F”. or “Blowing Money Fast”. How he convinced a rapper like Styles P to jump on a song with a hook that starts off, “I think I’m Big Meech…” I don’t know, but this track is one big fuckery fest of fantasy and fabrication that promotes drug money and everything surrounding it like it’s 1985.

There has been a Jeezy track called, “The Real Blowing Money Fast” that actually features a recorded statement by the actual Big Meech – the man behind the real cartel B.M.F., who’s serving a federal sentence. In it, he’s saying that he has no ties to Ross and has never met him, but doesn’t appreciate the use of his name. I’m not a Jeezy fan because he’s not too far from this guy in his approach, but he does have his moments. In any case, I was hoping this started a battle so someone that people really respect on both a street and rap level would break the hypnosis you’ve seen to have been put under in the last year. Sorry 50.

I guess this is better. What my boy Mr. Fred Hawkins has done has turned a negative to a positive. Kind of like what me and Brandon did with “Pack Of Niggers”, Fred uses Ross’ own shit to his advantage and flips his beat and cadence in a display of Self-motivation, Black Pride and Intelligence. It’s conscious without being corny so it doesn’t lose it’s street appeal and flare. Dare I say, it’s Revolutionary But Gangster.

There couldn’t have been a better way, Fred’s half husky, commanding voice is like listening to Ross’ good twin, who did everything right. He flips the hook saying, “I think I’m Malcolm X, Martin Luther, Marcus Garvey…Hallelujah!”, with lines like “You don’t need that White, You need that Black, we gave the system wealth…we need that back!” This version is more of an anthem for true manhood and responsibility.

Dopeness in it’s true form. Coalition is still alive and kicking.

Click on the pic or Hear the song here.

And because it just dropped and Obvioulsy great minds think alike cause he went the same lane and started his hook the same way, I’m adding my new favorite rapper, Lupe Fiasco‘s version as well, with a link to my new favorite hip-hop website

Shout outs to Fred. I’ll jump on that remix if needed.