My Favorite Couple…

Okay. On a brighter note…

Check out one of my ace homies Starrene GangStarrGirl Rhett and her boo, the infamous Anslem Samuel in their engagement spread on

That was a great look for Essence, highlighting Black Love in the now. These 2 are definitely 2 of the coolest to be around, and their story is journalism matrimony.

That sh*! Kray!

“Negroes In The News” – Black astronaut gets honored, & The Hip-Hop Juggler Gets his shine!

Let’s try something different.

As further proof that we are constantly learning and growing, I recently discovered the story of Ronald McNair, the second African-American astronaut ever in space.

It just so happens that the 25th anniversary of the tragic 1986 Challenger shuttle crash on which Ronald was a crew member has just passed, and to commemorate this, the building of a pivotal library from McNair’s youth in his South Carolina hometown has been named for him.

This is one of the 2 reasons that McNair has been surfacing in the news recently. I came across him from an article that I read in a local NYC newspaper focusing on the park that bears his name in Brooklyn and how his story has faded into relative obscurity. Whole generations (most likely beginning with mine) have passed, totally oblivious to his presence in the pages of astronomy and Black History. Since this is Negroes In The News, and Black History Month, I thought this was the perfect time to shine some light on him as well as someone in the present day making strides. 

These are the stories seldom told in the midst of the gross cliche and rhetoric that this month tends to bring. I prefer to focus on the modern Black History; that is, the history which is being made every day by our forward thinkers and doers. As a child, I was always fascinated by the existence of Black astronauts. Not fully understanding what it is exactly that astronauts do (and I STILL don’t have the faintest), but for a young kid being bombarded with the sci-fi and enamoring world of comic, cartoon and television imagery, THESE were the closest thing to superheroes in real life. Before rappers rose in popularity to become the ultimate larger-than-life figures. I couldn’t believe there were actually Black men and women building and riding in shuttles. I didn’t have time to fall into the fantasies of this however, because often in school, these folk were just footnotes in our Black History studies, along with all of the inventors, surgeons and those who ventured in the fields of hard science. Sadly, they were lost and overshadowed between the pages upon pages emphasizing on the less educated but more celebrated preachers, athletes and musicians.

And McNair’s resume is amazing! Comparable to any scientific peer of any race, while undeniably boasting a sense of Black pride. His progression in his personal life can be used to exemplify the heights to which African-Americans should aspire to as a whole. He reached academic and career pinnacles, and can even say that he attended an HBCU. He was a Black Belt in the field of martial arts and skilled with the saxophone – even going so far as to playing while in orbit. There’s also a school named after him. I won’t go on and on about his credentials, I’ll just point you toward this piece from the NPR that brilliantly weaves an anecdote shared by McNair’s brother into it’s write-up on him. Check it out and learn something. It’s shorter than this whole post!

Moving on to the second subject of our segment, I was ecstatic and super motivated and proud when I saw that my homegirl Starrene “GangStarrGirl” Rhett posted this article that features her best friend, Paris Goudie in Black Enterprise magazine.

I feel kinda wack because I know Paris well via Starrene, and have yet to catch his act. “The Hip-Hop Juggler”, as his performance title reads, is a true grinder. He found his way in a niche market and career field that is rarely thought of and under-appreciated, especially by people of color. His success goes against the very grain and his drive is inspiring to anyone, as he is one of those people who have truly followed their passion and stuck to what he does best!

I walk around with his card in my wallet and I can honestly say that he’s a genuinely honest and humble dude. Props to Black Enterprise for showcasing this young man and his choice to take the road less traveled. In more ways than one. I see you P!

This is Black History in the making…

GangStarrGirl Has 10-Teen Jobs!!!!!

My homegirl Reenie’s Seriously doing her thing.

If you’re not up on Starr, I suggest you get familiar with her blog, right chea…

But because she’s a hustler, the girl of course has her side hustles. One of those hustles is freelancing. So at any given time, feel “free” to check out her journalistic skills on a number of sites. For example,

I could write a post about Erykah Badu getting Butt-ass naked in a video just to make some kind of point,

but Starrene already did it on, so I’d rather you check out hers;


I could’ve written about these Pull up your pants Billboards (didn’t know about that huh?)

But Starr got on that first too! That’s pro-Journalism right there

And as a bonus,

Just so you can get Super caught-up on Ms. GangStarrGirl, here’s an interview that was done with her by the site, FRSHPulp x 16’s Candles VLOG- Reenie checks in to wrap up First month of the year!

As I mentioned before in my GangStarrGirl post, the homegirl Reenie is joining us with a bi-weekly Vlog that recaps, blogosphere and pop culture happenings at each half way  point and end of every month. It should be fun. Here’s the very first installment 9from the bathroom – what you know about that?) You know it’s always something when the 2 of  us get together, but  I’ll let her tell you better…

GangStarrGirl gets in where she fits in!

So last week, the homegirl Reenie A.K.A. GangStarrGirl of posted up this video of her gettin’ quite…uhmm…GangStarr at my show earlier this month at Brown Bag Thursdays (See; Brown Bag Allstars blog on the left).

Funny right? she’s crazy.

Here’s her full post if you want to check it out (You should be visiting her site regularly anyway – AHEM!)

The show was pretty ill because I witnessed some dope performances and I wasn’t bad myself if I do say so. Shout out to Rebel Diaz & neMiss.

My only gripe was that, although these Thursday shows always bring out a nice draw due to the fanbase of the group, hip-hop stuff always starts so damn late! and as a guy who brought a good third of the crowd with him, including lots of women and fellow retail and service people who had day jobs to report to the next morning and a big brother who traveled from New Jersey, I was under pressure. Now compound that with the fact that the first 2 performers were super late and the host’s Idea of punishment was making them go BEFORE me, that can be an issue. Now add on top of that the fact that when these performers left, a good portion of the crowd left as well.

THEN, add the fact that there’s a $5 charge at the door for non-performers, and Maybe Reeenie wasn’t wrong for gettin’ ghetto – I mean GangStarr after all.

Nevertheless, BBAllstars are my people and I don’t condone or advise anybody sneaking into their event without paying.

But I do understand the budget moves of the freelancers out there. I envy their freedom. Reenie is a champion of following your passion. This has been her ultimate year of the Hustle.

In other words kids, Don’t try this at home…

Malik-16 x GangStarrGirl How To Make A Mixtape Vol. 1 – Who Doesn’t Rap??! Download

This is my first Ever crossover project. I partnered up with my Favorite Blogger, ms. Starrene “SoopaStarr” Rhett of to release this, which is one half of my double mixtape “How To Make A Mixtape” that we released across her site and mine on my birthday in 2008 as apart of a week long marketing campaign that included witty (but Cheap) Youtube “Commercials” and site takeovers (me doing an intro video on hers, and her doing an intro video on mine).  A whole bunch of other blogs showed love and supported the kid so it was a good run.

On this Volume 1 of that double mixtape, the subtitle is

“Who doesn’t Rap??!”

and the theme attacks the over-saturation of the game.

Starrene Handles the hosting duties with no help from the Dj who I bumped heads with during the post-production and release process, but that’s a story for another time…

For now, come to your own conclusion and

Click the picture below to download.



I included the now infamous “Jackin For Flows” video clip which has become quite viral by now. It’s track 3 on the mixtape, and tho it’s been done before,

Nobody does it better than me!!!

Peep Commercial #1

The Look of Plastic

So this is the Ever-so-fancy layout from the Robin Thicke listening session at downtown Manhattan’s Chung King studios that my homegirl Starrene a.k.a Reenie to me a.k.a. Gangstarrgirl to you all, was kind enough to invite me to.

A whole cheese platter, complete with these lovely plastic wine ‘glasses’,

which I just found hilarious.

Which I also had to steal because they were so hilarious to me!