GuGu me Baby!

Trick or Treat!

This post was actually supposed to be my Birthday present to myself. And what better way to end the month that marks 1 year for this very blog??? It’s one of the great pleasures in life that this is my favorite month and the month that brought me into being. It’s a double Birthday month! So almost 30,000 views later, here we are; well seasoned and giving the gifts that keep on giving.

Gift is such a fitting word. As in the case of our subject here, One Ms. Gugu Mbatha-Raw, when God blew breath into the masterpiece of a doll that is her, he knew she belonged within the knots of a red ribbon.  Take it how you want, but any man who gets to unwrap her or open her box will be hard-pressed not to make that face that a kid on Christmas day makes after getting under that tree. 

I spent alot of glimmering moments wondering if I’d find the look of my perfect woman. I thought…is it absurd to even have the idea? Then I thought; nah, you gotta at least know what you want so you know what NOT to end up settling for. So I wondered, what would she look like? What strikes me about the women I wind up with or end up having crushes on? Now I, like most of the general American viewing public was totally oblivious to the existence of Ms. Raw until I came across the ad for the series Undercovers in which she stars alongside Boris Kodjoe. From the very first moment I watched her lips move in the trailer for the show, I believed in Love at first sight. I never have before. She converted me.

I couldn’t really tell you why Gugu takes the cake out of all women for me…

It could be because she’s African, and I feel closer to home already (hey Mom, hey Grandma!). And as Luda so eloquently pointed out, Africa is “where the best at”.

It could be because she’s a Black Brit. And THAT, has become my new Fetish. Is there really a better accent?

It could be the captivating glare in her eyes. As you know if you’ve been following and paying attention, I’m really big on eyes – hers sparkle! They’re full of life but have a seductive quality to them.

This is only exasperated by the natural pursing of her lips when her mouth connects with her cheekbones in that way that gives her that Angelina Jolie thing that everybody seems to like and equate with sexual energy, but hers has the effect of making her resemble Kerry Washington.

Actually she’s like a more toned-down, upgraded version of Kerry. The Rich Man’s Kerry Washington if you will…without the facial extremities and a lot more shape. Mix that in with the look of one of those racially ambiguous daytime soap opera chics I like and what you have is a softer appeal to a familiar beauty.

But there’s something so new about Ms. Raw (Yeah I love calling her that!). Sure, if you Google Gugu, you’ll find a short history chronicling her steady climb into the limelight from the British small screen and box office, but all and all, she’s still a relative new comer. And I feel like the first kid to have his picture up on his dorm wall, watching the Johnny-come-lately’s ask ‘Who’s that?!’

The Fresh factor is more evident simply in her presence. She beams newness! She wears the hell out of her gowns and even simpler clothing and she just appears physically flawless yet with an accessible feel to her. 

And while I must admit that for all of my earlier poking and prodding, I have yet to watch a full episode of  the show that she appears upon every wednesday across my television screen.  I’ve heard bad things, but not enough to at least keep me from pretending to enjoy it while I just zone out to her scenes. I like everything so far, from how she talks to how she moves. When crushing, isn’t that all that really matters in the first place??

Taking that into account, and feeling quite like an explorer upon finally reaching their destination and realizing a goal that had placed them in years of toil, I say


Gugu Mbatha-Raw

are officially the prototype for my Perfect woman,

and My New Crush!!