And…DRUMROLL…..The Face of The New MALIK-16!!! Shave-Off CHALLENGE PT.2

Ok Kiddies,

this is the follow-up to my dare to go naked-faced!

I feel as scary as I look.

I think what I will do is make a quick video of myself everyday starting today and have you all tell me which look from which day suits me best. I already got the feedback from the person who made this dare pop in the first place, Mr. Brandon Carter – who thinks I look the most serious and ready-for -the-world that I have ever looked in my adult life!

The results so far have been mixed…some are saying I look sooo young, and if they’re not saying that, then they are telling me that I look weird. I’m on the latter side of things: I personally think that my worst fear was confirmed and look  like I belong somewhere picking up men or children, but as far as the appearance of age, I think I actually look like an older man trying to look younger!

The only bright light here is that my boy Khalil came through my job today and made a comment about me looking like a dark-skinned Drake (PAUSE). The only thing that stopped that from being an insult, is that women seem to love this cat, so I figured hey, if I look gay, but still manage somehow to look like a guy who can get pussy….Why not rock with it?

Besides, my hair grows back super Fast! I think I’ll be more settled in around monday when my mustache outline grows back in, and I’ll try to ignore the fact that my barber was laughing at me as he nipped it off. But you guys let me know…

I’ll keep whatever style gets the most positive response/feedback.

P.S. I know technically, there’s no real way to “look Gay” but for the sake of ignorance, let’s just not make a big deal of that one huh?

*Zoloft Files Edition* Hot 16…Or More…HOW HUMAN

Day 5‘s joint is one that seems to be a common favorite so far.

I think people like what they believe to be the theme, but moreover what they like is the “Age Of Aquarius” sample, courtesy of Kanye.

Now for some reason this project is full of ALOT of Kanye and Mobb Deep instrumentals.

I guess Emo-rap and gritty mid-90’s cryptic Murder rap beats set the perfect sonic backdrop for a depression-based mixtape full of contemplation on life’s paradoxes and personal reflection.

Anyway, I don’t know what Mos Def did with this Kanye beat nor what he was talking about on the original version of his song called “Sunshine”, but seeing as how I wasn’t anywhere near a sunshiny mood while making this tape, obviously I took a different direction.

This sample is near and dear to me now, as the sample was made famous from the old Broadway play, HAIR, which has been revived in the last year or so, and I know one of the stars, Ms. Sasha Allen, very well. She even gets a shout out in the beginning.

Thinking about that play (which I don’t think I quite understand), made me think about the hippies and their whole peace and love thing. I thought about the intermingling of the races and the multi-cultural cast re-enacting those free-spirited drifters. I thought about how under the sun, we’re all the same, and how this sun is the very thing that gives us the notion of Color to begin with. I started getting really scientific on ya’ll asses. I thought about this generation, and how much the lines have been blurred between cultures since I’ve been alive, since my parents, and their parents before.

So in this Black History Month, I’d like to leave you with that to think about.

As Pro-Black as Iam. And as militant as I can be on certain subjects, I really believe that separating anyone by race is Crazy. True enough, our lifestyles are so different that you can’t help but notice that some things are typical of a certain group, and sure it’s funny to say, ‘white people’ after you witness a caucasian doing something so expected of them. But I do think that race is one of those things that needs to be poked fun at more until we can get to a point where it’s a secondary thought and not a primary one. Iam one of those folks who believe that we are all a little racist or prejudice in our own ways, and alot of that has to do with indelible conditioning, subliminal ideas that have been pushed into our minds and lack of exposure respectively. Acknowledging that helps to lift a huge weight off of us being that we are imperfect people who have never been in such a position as we are now to be so accepting of one another. It’s a long road, but I have faith that the successive generations are taking strides towards that.

Only time will tell.

But here, I pontificate on the simplicity and susceptible state of being just a human in this big small world.

How human,

How you been?

if colors only made up here from how you bend,

light refractions,

then let the light back in,

to Dawn on the darkness of our current reactions – towards,

one another in this Rubix cube of culture clashes,

fused with folk who fashion-forward, socially ass-backwards.

We try to be colorblind like dogs and cats is,

but we define by color first,

character after.

So we are just caricatures of ourselves,

stereotypes have to occur – but patterns can melt.

This merry-go-life grabs you at birth – strap in the belt,

so bury the lines – slash and then burn that, and dispel…

All of the attacks and slurs between the races,

we’ve seen the faces of hate,

but ain’t seen the basis.

But we can change it – clear it up,

here’s to ones of us,

reared in the now – gearing for The Age of Aquarius!”

Hope you learned something…

Click the picture of the mixtape cover to download it.