TDJ’s film “The Field Trip” hits Youtube to celebrate it’s anniversary!

For my second treat (no tricks), I give you the full version of my homegirl, the infamous TDJ‘s short film, The Field Trip. 2 years ago, she released this and it entered a dozen different film festivals – even earning her a write-up in a few magazines. Today she commemorates the accomplishment by releasing it to the world via youtube as a nice Halloween offering. Check it out and see the talent that I’ve been seeing for years!!


Redhead drops the trailer for his new album “THE SCHEMATA”

On the kid’s birthday, it makes sense that I post his brilliant trailer to get you guys ready for the release of his album The Schemata, dropping on Halloween.

Who is Redhead? and what the Fuck is The Schemata?? Well, that’s pretty much the question that he’s posing here.

Piece it together…