The Black Man’s Manhood is Constantly Under assault & All your Favorite Entertainers are Gay! True or False?

So I JUST left my barbershop where one of the homies popped in this DVD with this old southern Black man ranting and going on about the “conspiracy” behind the entertainment industry.

The man, I later discovered, is a very vocal “conscious” commentator by the name of Bobby Hemmitt who has video clips littered all over the internet. You’ve probably heard of him and this video. It’s a few years old. I know many folks like Mr. Hemmitt. And I wouldn’t be all too surprised if those who I know, know him very well also, as birds of a feather tend to flock together and like minds attract.

His particular focus in this DVD (that came in a plastic sheath with a poor photocopied cover – a la street DVD’s from the 2000-2008 era) that had my favorite 2 barbers and everyone else in the shop hyped, was the secret gay rituals of Hollywood and the Music Industry and the plot to emasculate the Black Man.

He begins the DVD with an audio clip of Pimp C talking to radio VJ’s about comments he made about Atlanta, fake trap-rappers and Russell Simmons’ sexuality. This is all probably old news to you all now. As is this whole expose that he professes to take viewers on, by hashing out faulty theories consisting of conclusive generalizations formed from a mix of facts and loose rumors that have been circulating for over a decade now.

I watched as my barbershop peeps were just eating everything up, Amening as he implied that everyone from Flip Wilson to LL Cool J is Gay and the only stand up guys from entertainment are Fred Williamson, 2Pac and Dave Chapelle, who refused to go for the Okee Doke (and chose to “cement their male-ness” and not let them effeminizethem). The popular discussion of why so many perceivably strong Black Men in the limelight end up doing the old cross-dressing routine is the dominant topic of conversation, and he seems to have it in for Quincy Jones and Will Smith especially. All of this before he begins to credit Lela Rochon as a good actress who was apart of a whole heap of Black actresses who can no longer get roles due to a move conspired by Hollywood to only give big roles to fuller-figured Black women, in an effort to hide the Black Woman’s sexuality and prevent it from being equated to that of their White counterparts.

He mentions a trend in films where Black male actors get shot in the Buttocks as a form of disrepect, and comments how fellow African-Americans  supporting films where Blacks die adds to a fear element that damages Melanin.

I’ve heard some of this before, As I ‘ve stated, I know Mr. Hemmitt’s mind-frame all too well, as I’ve come across it many times in my short life. My own perspective wasn’t too far removed at one point. I also know that from belief, people can tie things together in whichever ways they choose to make sense of and connect dots to form what they wish to see. There are a number of conspiracy based things that I endorse that lack fundamental or empirical evidence, such as AIDS being a man-made epidemic, designed for genocidal population control. But I tend not to profess that as the absolute truth as if I had proof of this. The difference here, is that Hemmitt takes small pieces of things and presents them as actual evidence to support the absolute truth that he is pushing.

The closer in and deeper I get involved in this business, Iam learning and discovering that there is a great deal of homosexuality and general non-Masculine behavior amongst the people in power. There are so many people running things who are on ego trips and are indulging in a very social-climbing based lifestyle. The more I learn, I will definitely share with you. That just may mean that entertainment, like fashion, is just a realm that attracts that crowd. Gay is not a curse word. I would hope that is not the point being made. But to Bobby’s credit, I think that his focus is more on the denigration of  the heterosexual Black Male and his historical place in the world. This is a species that has been stripped, beaten, broken and misguided time and time again. Viewing a surge in homosexual activity in a platform that delivers our primary imagery of Black men(be it music media or film media), which tends to be looked at reflectively, as another threat to this character, may not be so off. As a damaged creature on this planet, can young Black men or women really benefit in clear self-images when they see more and more flamboyant men flailing around behaving like women? Or being constantly made villains and dying sidekicks? There is a point being made here. I’m just not too keen on how…

“Conscious” people have a bad habit of finding racism in almost everything. The dangerous part is that propaganda works both ways. There’s always a great amount of truth in what they say, but where that truth leads them is sketchy. What’s so funny to me is the things that are condoned by these “Conscious” folks. The paradoxical nature of humanity is always in full effect, but blatant contradiction and hippocracy just sucks. Right Nas?

So is it “Black Girl Lost” or Shorty Owe You For Ice?”. Is it Ok for Dave Chapelle to play a crackhead as long as he doesn’t put on a dress?(FYI, he wore a dress in Robin Hood – Men In Tights), Or would Denzel deserve the Oscar more rightfully so if he didn’t get shot in the butt and lived at the end of Training Day to see another day as the Drug smuggling, philandering, murderous crooked Black Cop? So we’re supposed to have confidence in Dead Prez’s Revolution when they make anthems about gettin fucked up on weed and alcohol??

One day people will get the gist that Extremes, in either direction, don’t work.

Watch the clip above and then below, and tell me what you think about Mr. Hemmitt’s comments.

Will Smith Does Karate Kid revamp Justice

I recalled hearing about this upcoming remake about 2 years ago and making the sideways mouth at the notion. I even saw a quick comment from the original star Ralph Macchio where he expressed confusion over Hollywood’s motivation to touch the classic Karate Kid franchise. If you grew up on the original, like me, you know this movie need not be touched. Even though the masterpiece of  80’s movie magic was already tainted when they decided to make The Next Karate Kid, with Hilary Swank, I guess they figured, ‘hey! we did one with a chic, I guess we can do it with a black kid now!’

That ‘black kid’ being young Jaden Syre Smith, offspring of Jada Pinkett and Will Smith (whose birth unfortunately sparked a pandemic of  babies named Jaden in different varieties since the turn of the century, turning something that was a creative compromise between Will & Jada, into cute-boy-name fuckery).

This young man is growing up to be quite the actor. He’s definitely the product of  his background, complete with Jada’s facial expressions and Will’s penchant for charismatic presence. It might just take a minute for him to grow out of that such-a-cute -boy-almost -should-have-been-a-girl phase. It’s okay, Bow Wow went through it too…

This is also a good look for Taraji P. Henson, who needs more roles like this inbetween her let-me-remind-you-I’m-not-too-Hollywood roles that can easily put her right back in Nia Long Land. This diversifies the portfolio a little.

So I’m thoroughly surprised and a little relieved at how they put a new spin on this classic and found a way to pay it homage more so than redo it. It’ll be inspirational to non-white children, dope to children of all races just because the premise of the story is so universal, and visually refreshing due to dope choreographed scenes (Jackie Chan is the best at what he does!)

This is 3 Ninjas, Last Dragon and Karate Kid all wrapped up in one for the new Kiddies. And it should get the job done nicely.

Big ups to the new trend of mixing Blacks and Asians on screen in more action films recently.

And special nod to Will Smith’s Production company for being behind this.

Let’s see what my fellow film critic Ms. Jaded NYer has to say about it…