A Post I didn’t want to have to write…R.I.P. “Esco”

First got word on the possible death of the homie at the beginning of the month. It came out of nowhere and too many of my Howard University alum were buzzing about it via the social networks for me to just brush it off.

We were all hoping it was just an really really bad rumor or something that got blown out of proportion seeing as no one could provide documented proof.

That proof came in today in the form of a report in a New Jersey news column that not only identified Jubar “Esco” Croswell by name, but stated that his remains were found last week and the motive and cause are being investigated.


Remains??! meaning time has passed and there’s definitely foul play involved. How insane…

This was absolutely a post that I didn’t want to have to write…

Last time I spoke to my former classmate and all -around campus superstar Esco, he was on my block randomly and telling me about the things he’s got going on. He was tight with Lupe‘s FNF family, and we’ve all seen in him in the multiple appearances he’s made in print and music videos as a model. But out of respect I just want all that knew the man to show love today and pray that the questions all get answered, Justice gets served and the Universe Balances itself out.

I leave you with this video from ’05 featuring the kid.

R.I.P. Jubar

The Damnnnn Lance! And Go HU post!!!

First Monica and Rocko wanna break up, then Fall Out Boy Break up,

and everyday I wake up….

See, a week and a half ago, I went to see the flick Our Family Wedding starring Forest Whitaker, Carlos Mencia, America Ferrara, My New Crush Regina King and my boy Lance Gross.

I went strictly in support of him and also because it doesn’t hurt to have that much star power in a Major film with an all minority cast. Dopeness.

Just when I was about to post up something in Praise of the homey and his starring role, he goes and pulls this shit! What do you mean you and Eva aren’t together anymore?! Public Statement?? Mutual?? A few Months before your wedding??

You and your fiance were suppose to be the bright new burning hope for Young Black love everywhere…a beacon that shone to exemplify that the invisible power struggle doesn’t have to exist, that there could be sex without scandal, that comittment still mattered, that 2 beautiful people (pause) can actually be a dope couple – you were our C-list Brad and Angelina!

Funny right? But this is what people are thinking. That’s waaaaay too much to put on one couple. But they were super symbolic and did inspire lots of Black love. I even felt stronger about my situations after reading articles on them. Anyone can tell you that whatever the circumstances surrounding it, a break-up is the craziest feeling and event that can take place in your emotional life, it’s got to be especially tough in front of the public eye. Iam glad that the general sentiment towards this news is one of sympathy and the media isn’t killing them with snide remarks or backhanded talk. Now I’m sure the parade of Eva hounds and Lance Groupies with googly eyes who have followed him since my school days with him at Howard are sure to resurface. I went to college with the kid when he was doing his track star thing and side modeling. Me and my fellow Bison started dying when we saw him pop-up in random videos like Tony Yayo’s “Curious“, and soon becoming the number one ‘it’ guy for getting dissed in Female R&B singers’ songs like Kelis‘ “Bossy” (where he gets slapped) and Mary J‘s “Take me as Iam” (where he gets wine splashed in his face).

Nevertheless, Gaining a starring role in a widely released Hollywood film is definitely a big deal, and for Lance, this has got to be the official stamp that he has made it. You can thank Tyler Perry for giving him his shot, or just hard work and charm. I guess that’s the balance of life at work huh? You gain something big, you lose something big…I hope this is not a sign that you cannot have both Love and success at the same time and be happy. That would just be the most depressing. As someone who has been dealing with the Break-up word alot recently, this puts things in some other kind of perspective for me, but nevermind all of that…

Since it’s Friday, I’m throwing in my 2 cents and suggesting that you when you go out to a movie this weekend, you consider Our Family Wedding. It’s brought to you by the same guy who did The Best Man and Brown Sugar (and we know how you love those 2!). And while it’s not all deep and thought provoking, it does touch on an interesting subject and is everything fluffy that you’ve come to expect and love from Hollywood.

Plus, support my boy!

I’m still proud of mr. Gross. And Iam SUPER proud of the hundreds of Howard kids I keep running into who I see doing their thing. There’s way too many to name, but I see you!! Good to see people working in their fields…

The first 4 years out, it seemed like everybody was teaching and working in restaurants, but now I see the Takeover. I see ya’ll in my Hood to – Harlem= Howard???


“HU, You Know!!!!!”

I leave you with a song…

Wow dude! Really??! Kidnapping tho??!

I came across this after my homegirl Indigo told me to Check out this article on this dude that we used to go to school with.  Apparently, earlier this fall, he kidnapped his own nephew and it made the seattle news.


I met dude on my way out back in the Howard days when he was an upstart young’n gaining popularity on the campus fast as a spoken word phenom when that was all the rage. Correction, my first introduction to the artist formerly known as De Gruve, was at some kind of panel that was going on in Cramton auditorium where Mos Def was speaking. During a question and answer segment De Gruve busts out with a bunch of questions and makes it a point to mention that he had just got past security who minutes ago told him he couldn’t get in the back way to talk to Mos Def.

Now I liked old boy cause he almost reminded me of young me once he calmed down the next year. We even did a showcase together paying homage to Russell Simmons (Word to Onyi!). He even did a Dope track with the boy Brandon Carter as he started to try his hand at rapping.

He seemed pretty sane to me, but still it seemed I couldn’t avoid hearing these urban legend tales once I left school about the kid jumping off the deep end. NO, I mean LITERALLY Jumping!!

There’s a reservoir near one of the dorms on Howard’s campus, and allegedly, word is that son took a dive in one day!

My ex would tell me these stories of his changes, and Brandon swore by them. I guess things just caught up with the kid. Maybe he’s a Genius, cause I do remember son being Pretty nice with the Word game, but they say Genius and Crazy are hand in hand.

Glad this story has a somewhat happy turnout, but who would know that ol’ boy would turn out to be “Mentally Ill” and “Dangerous”.

This is like When I saw my dad’s Cousin on America’s Most Wanted back in the 80’s.

Oy Vey!

Here’s the full link to the news story.


And the end result


Sex & The Chocolate City…Revisited

I don’t like dating. It’s never been my thing per se. I use to write about it back in college when it was funny and not as pretentious (especially in New York). So when Mr. Malik-16 asked me to contribute, of course I said no. But, here I am. Funny how things work.
If you do know me, or know my writing, I’m sure you are wondering where the hell have I been? (or at least I hope you are).
Well, to sum it all up: Graduated from Howard, fell into the traps of the corporate world, got a dog, fell in love, cheated on, twice, really badly, suffered severe heart break, deep depression, lost a few friends, went through a year long writers block, became the “other woman”, lost weight taking pole dancing, moved back to Brooklyn, lost my Grandmother, started Graduate school, lost my job, car destroyed, then found my writing voice again.
So, now that we got all that out of the way…
Who knows what direction I’ll take this blog in but it may be a pretty fun adventure to take together.