“THOR” Stans want Idris Elba out!!!(Trailer included) – Purists or Racists?

I know I’m SUPER late on this, But I’m SUPER excited because it’s another SUPERhero movie from the house that Stan Lee Built!

And don’t you just LOVE all of the controversy that has stirred over the past week stemming from the Council Of Conservative Citizens push for a boycott of the film due to the casting of Idris Elba??!

This is great! I first heard the murmurs of dissatisfaction when he was announced as a supporting character back in the early summer. The nerds cried for text accuracy. Some historical purists pointed out how him being a Black man wouldn’t make sense in a film based on Norse European Mythology. And sure, I’ve heard this before…When they casted Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, when Michael Clarke Duncan played The Kingpen in DareDevil. But this….This takes it to a whole OTHER Level!! Someone even went as far on the Superhero movie boards as to suggest that Blacks would be in an uproar if an essential character such as Storm (From X-Men Fame) was cast as a White woman. Of course that would happen! That’s a Primary character! And after a whole Century of almost non-existent representation in Science-fiction, Blockbuster film history and especially HERO-DOM, Can the Negroes please get a piece of the pie?? Can we have young Black children seeing someone who looks like themselves on screen saving the day without talking Jive?? Can we have children of other races hanging up posters with faces unlike theirs as we have done for decades? How dare Marvel aim to diversify it’s character spectrum and broaden it’s audience by changing one side character?? The nerve. Now the whole movie is ruined. Maybe this is how I felt watching The Last Airbender, – when they switched all of the lead Asian characters for White kids. Maybe I should round up my Grandma and all of my Asian friends to protest that now that it’s on DVD.

If anything, be glad that they cast Idris in it – if for no other reason than the fact that next to that Blonde guy playing Thor, and the way chics seem to go gaga over him, you won’t have to drag your girl to this film because she will willingly go.

The AVENGERS are on their way….