Happy Paddy!!

It’s at moments like this, where I see Black people all day parading around in green like they understand Irish culture, where I’m reminded how surface-level we as a society are. I’m all for the spirit of doing things for the novelty of it, but I don’t believe we put that much thought into our daily activities. Like how many of us think that this day is just about being from Ireland and that Ireland is all about Beer, Liquor House Of Pain singles and funny little Guys from the Lucky Charms box?? How many even know the significance of St. Patrick? I’m not making any point here except that people are interesting. Just something to think about. People are also stupid.

Having that said,

I leave you with this oldie but goodie that you might remember…

I was gonna put it up for a Great Moments in Black History segment for last month, but it just seems so much more appropriate and potent right now!

And Who can forget the follow-Up?

Ahh..Yes! Black People. We’re Magically Delicious!!