What IS the BLACKEST last name???

It would seem that the answer is; Washington.

This is a casual conversation that I have often. Kinda funny to see it as an official headline on my Yahoo! News feed. As this Black History Month comes to a close, this little write-up fits in just right so let’s see how much we know about what we think we know…

This question comes from the findings from an experimental tangent of the Census poll from the year 2000. Although this wasn’t repeated for last year’s Census, you can imagine that the wave of African-American surnames hasn’t changed dramatically in 10 years. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Black first names (see; Alize, Starkeisha). Nevertheless, the results showed that of the top 1,000 most popular last names in America, Washington was number 138, counting 163,036 people bearing it, and 90% of those people being African -Americans. That 90% translated to 146,520, and that percentage was the highest for Blacks out of all of the last names, making it statistically the most prominent among African-Americans.

Surprisingly, Jefferson was # 2, rounding out as about 75% Black. Jackson was only 53% Black (tho I’ve never met a non-Black Jackson. Guess I’m not as worldly as I think). And Williams was only 46% Black. In an ironic twist, the last name Black was 68% White.

For a deeper look at this interesting tidbit of modern Black history, complete with historical relevance and slavery ties, check out this link to the full article – written by an African-American editorialist by the name of Jesse Washingtonhttp://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110221/ap_on_re_us/us_the_blackest_name

And to think, all this time I thought the Blackest last name was Jenkins

TDJ’s Dad – the man who discovered Times Square Mystery Car Bomb – Saves The Day!!

Dad meeting with Diane Sawyer #timesquare

Yep Kiddies!

Our own estranged resident renaissance woman, TDJ, has a Bonafied HERO for a dad!

While I was out of the Country, the city I call home was all a frenzy.

I was able to catch a glimpse of CNN coverage in my hotel room on the happenings in Times Square surrounding a mysterious Black SUV that was reported to have suspicious contents. These contents included all kinds of explosive and flammable agents and materials seemingly deliberate in their purpose to go off and cause panic in the epicenter of NYC commerce, density and most importantly, recognition.
I felt the same way as I did when 9/11 happened, or the way I felt when the 2003 brown-out/black-out took place. Distant.
I wasn’t fully informed on the threat enough to feel the threat of it.
I also, Like this time, wasn’t in New York or anywhere near it. All I could do was watch and wait for the series of events to play itself out. And I’m still waiting…
Maybe it’s the natural New York skepticism, or inherent lack of surprise that comes with the territory. Or my mistrust of anything deemed “terrorism”.

But this time around, there’s no denying the Craziness or perceived intent behind this. There’s no other way to slice the heaviness of the situation. The news crews won’t be leaving this alone anytime soon, and you can guarantee this means all kinds of increased Big Brother tactics coming our way in T-minus 16 seconds…

What I didn’t know, and what makes this particular story so much more interesting and incredible, is that the man responsible for alerting the authorities just happen to be the father of my close personal homegirl. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Duane Jackson, a Vietnam Veteran – and husband of one of the coolest moms ever, 2 Christmases ago, and his presence is as warm as he is tall. A true hustler, he’s been an official Vendor on the Busy and bustling streets of Times Squares for years now, so you can rest assured that he’s seen plenty of things in his day. But it’s what he saw this fateful saturday that has him garnering all of the media attention that one man could handle at a dizzying pace. Blame it on him being a stand-up man, or an experienced New Yorker, or a good samaritan, or a combination of all things, but he responded the most sensible way he knew how after noticing the vehicle.

I don’t even know the full story myself, and I’ll be sure to get the firsthand account personally from Mr. Jackson himself next time I see him and pick his brain, because nothing’s more interesting than hearing New York stories from real New Yorkers. What I do know is that after a day full of shaking hands with the President, the Mayor, Diane Sawyer, Gayle King and almost anyone else with a camera, Mr. Jackson will be unforgettable and has earned some rest and quiet time in the City that never sleeps. I know TDJ was there every step of the way today, playing multiple roles as loving daughter (mistaken by a few for his young wife) as well as his make-shift publicist. Her mom and little brother were there too throughout the hectic day of press. Good look for the black families, Jacksons!! I see you!

Don’t know how long this link will last, but just in case you missed it, here’s the Good Morning America clip, co-starring ms. TDJackson herself. http://soc.li/AQ6sHje
We’ll get on her later about the absence of her column, for now, it’s not her moment. That belongs to the man who no doubt deserves all of the attention and acclaim for being on his P and Q’s, thinking and acting fast and logically. The man who today is a hero.
This one’s for you Mr. Jackson!