*Women’s Day Edition* – Ladies of Broadcast Tribute

You all know by now that I do this segment of my blog entitled “Crush Alot” once a month that praises beautiful women whom I wish I had in my life. These are mainly women who I actually have crushes on, or admire their perceived public image.

Seeing as to how today is International Women’s Day

(Get up on your knowledge – see here;


I’d like to celebrate and applaud the wonderful women of broadcast journalism and the news media world today by presenting a special edition of Crush Alot that focuses on all of my favorite ladies in front of the camera and behind the airwaves…

Women like Jeopardy’s Kelly Miyahara or my longtime fav, Ms. Jacque Reid & my new Crush, Tamron Hall of MSNBC.

These are dedicated souls who put their best face forward, are masters of poise and professionalism, and bring worlds together by supplying information at the microwave pace of today’s twitter-linked ADHD society and it’s insatiable thirst.

Who doesn’t Love the ever so sophisticated Sade Baderinwa?

Many of them are proactive in charity work and outside endeavors, but it’s on the job where they have broken down and continue to break down doors that have unbelievably, still up to now been untouched! There has been a great disparity in this field concerning gender and race representation, now witness a generation of women who marry both worlds and have brought this image to the forefront. Nowadays it’s not uncommon to see your primetime news or world coverage being brought to you by a strikingly gorgeous woman with a non-traditional name. This was not the norm 2 decades ago. Let alone, seeing them as the face of the actual news program, or given their full credit. There’s also a noticeable difference in the stylishness of the average reporter. These women look straight out of a catalog. Who would’ve thought that one day, it’d be regular to have poster-ready journalists on the red carpet, or as your screen saver?

In a way,

these women are like my ideal look type. Although I know they probably let loose on their own time, their on-the-job look represents what I love; style that shows off that they are indeed beauitful, feminine women, but carries a certain level of class in how that is exhibited and what’s revealed. Sometimes that dope tight turtleneck is 10 times sexier than the tube-top you have to pull up every 3 minutes. Take notes young chickies!

Here’s a few of those aforementioned Ladies killing the game and changing Minority to Majority story by story…

Pardon me for the Butt shot Profile but…

The smokin’ Hot woman above is Sharon Tay,

and here is a lovely lady who I had the pleasure of working with, Ms. Angela McKenzie.

If you remember a week and a half ago, I made mention of the Canadian Bombshell as she threw an event through her non-for-profit organization and her syndicated radio program, Initiative radio, Which you can catch here

I was more than honored to be apart of her event,

Initiative Radio with Angela McKenzie Salutes, Black History Maker;

Ralph McDaniels.

I put up the footage from the show, but it was an even bigger deal to find out that she coordinated it singlehandedly. Then, I was completely blown away to discover that Angela Mack as I call her, is a performer herself! Here’s a look at her in action.

Upon finding out about making it onto this segment, she told me that I must have an affinity for foreign women with big foreheads and freckles, but that was just her doing her whole downplay thing. Be on the lookout for her name to be popping up somewhere near you, making moves that make a difference.

Having that said, Angela,

YOU, and all of the women pictured above are My New Crush!!!

Honorable mention goes to Egypt, Big Lez, & Soledad O’Brien for holding it down all of these years.

And because the whole of March is Women’s History Month, I’m giving a double dose of the Crush Alot installments. Catch me at the end of the month!

*Zoloft Files Edition* Hot 16..Or More…DEATH OF A SALESMAN

We’re gonna close out this day with the first installment of the special Hot 16…Or More section  that accompanies the release of  my new Mini-mixtape series, The Zoloft Files vols. 1 & 2

What I’ll be doing is picking my favorite or what I deem the most important parts of each song daily and highlighting them as we always do in this section. And here’s a video to accompany the whole kick off.

So it’s only appropriate that I kick it off with track 1 off of Volume 1,

the inspiration that lead me to even consider making an entire project full of my thoughts and woes, this is a statement on how I feel towards my place in the industry overall. It especially illustrates how I was feeling last summer when I wrote it after being repeatedly played by the bloggers and fellow rappers that I kept rubbing elbows with, running into and building quasi-relationships with.

And with that, I give you track 1 “Death Of  A Salesman” – Verse 2;

“It’s my turn to get on the Journalists – word it’s just my concern,

that this verse is probably gon’ burn a bridge…

What Bridge??!

I don’t know what the fuck is,

having some Press coverage,

cause knowing who I know, gets me nothing.

What’s in a name?

If everybody knows it,

but won’t give, you credit

– I feel so invisible, that it’s hopeless!

They don’t throw videos up,

or post clips,

what’s the point of paying for a domain, or site-hosting??

When my site don’t get Traffic,

they say I’m too passive with my marketing – picture that shit!

I’ve done it all from,

youtube commercials to advertising banners…

Mailings lists, throwing extravaganzas!

The Gatekeepers is Lames they gave Keyz ta,

– I hate to say it but, Fuck….!!

For playing me

– and all the Journalists who won’t respond when I reply,


This is Death of a salesman, moment of silence

…Keep typing…”

Hope you learned something…

Download the whole mixtape that’s available exclusively on 16’sCandles by clicking on the Cover below.