The 2011 Legalization of Cali Bud & The Death of the Good Girl

The Common Sense Act of 2010 and 2 other initiatives would see an end of the federal classification of Marijuana as a criminal substance, and the beginning of a possible new lawful industry in the state of California.

This is a law that has not been touched since the criminalization of marijuana in 1970.

Since then, several states have made provisions for the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. New Jersey being the most recent at the beginning of this year.

What’s making this newsworthy however, is that within the past 2 weeks,

a bill passed by state assemblyman Tom Ammiano of San Francisco to legalize and regulate the sale and cultivation of marijuana for commerce was approved.

This is historic in itself, and makes strides towards the notion and inevitable conclusion of marijuana being totally legal across the country. This is further reinforced by Washington and other west coast states such as Colorado and Nevada following suit with actions to propose legislations to be discussed and up for vote this November. They are literally Sparking the revolution. This I’m sure will come to the delight of all of my boys who are sure to celebrate in true form and Pothead fashion this winter…

I speak in future tense terms because I can’t imagine any reason why there would not be a sufficient amount of votes or positive support for this to take action, considering that apparently EVERYONE smokes nowadays. Lawmakers included.

but more importantly,

the biggest draw would be the economic ramifications surrounding this and the promise of being on the horizon of a new business. These initiatives propose to:

Contribute billions in local tax revenue to California, create jobs, cut crime and funding to cartels (because you know WE don’t bring the weed into the country in the first place), and reduce prison costs.

For more information on this, I have included the link to this very detailed article which I came across that  breaks down the actual legal language of some of the bills most pivotal points

And here is the actual petition site for the act,

The act will obviously prohibit sale and use to minors and adults under the age of 21, much like alcohol – the most dangerous drug out there!! But it will remain to be seen if, just like alcohol and cigarettes, kids find ways around this. Mainly because they already do illegally. And this disheartens me….

If you know me, then you already know this much about me;

I don’t know anyone who shares those same sentiments, most commonly because most people are self absorbed and don’t care about what others do to themselves.
Also, because Iam a member of a pop culture obsessed rebellious-for-the-fuck-of-it generation of people searching for individual expression while falling into the same cliche cluster fucks of homogeneity. Like how everyone gets tattoos to be so unique, but it’s actually not because everyone has a gotdamn tattoo!! Similar to blogging huh?
This is the resurgence of the free Love era without the Unity or common accord in the name of peace. Just the Drugs.
we’re in constant insatiable pursuit of the biggest High.
we gave birth to the E-Pill boom and the weed and alcohol anthems. Our decadent decadence is the banner for the kids of now.

And in this, I have seen femininity re -define itself.
Now THERE, you see,
is where my dilemma lies.

I don’t believe I fit in this generation that I belong to.
sometimes I feel straight out of the Reefer Madness reel because of how I view the weed pandemic of popular Euphoria.

True enough, all of my heroes have engaged in the pleasures of the herb….even my parents. And it’s harder for me to name the friends and associates of mine who DON’T smoke than those who do. And I actually DO want it to be legalized for the fact that it is common sense to, and I’m for anything that keeps the law from spending valuable time on non-violent crimes that aren’t harming anyone directly when they could be focusing their energy on more worthwhile instances. For my friends who have made this choice and want to be undisturbed in that choice without the threat of impending jailtime if we get pulled over and they have a nickel bag on them. Also because Iam from the hood-hood after all, and Iam super used to it. I dont mind he smell, except when it’s on my clothes, and I never raise a big fuss about it when in the presence of it. Half of my family are smokers and I was haphazardly introduced to it in the process due to my male and female cousins.

But that’s probably where my dislike for women puffing started. I would see my cousin Leemah lighting up in Brooklyn and as a kid, knowing it was a drug, I could just not understand why she would do such a thing. Her using a “DRUG”, which to kids is a 4 letter word, especially in the 80’s amidst all of the anti-drug campaigning of that time was just inconceivable for me. Although, I had some kind of innate sense of awareness that this was not quite the CRACK that the guest speakers at my school were warning us about, I knew this was much more serious than the newports my mother was chain smoking on the daily.
Just why my mother’s cigarette smoking didn’t impact me the same way, I don’t know. Maybe because cigarettes have been so accepted in society for so long. Or maybe because I’ve never heard them referred to as drugs. Either way, blame it on some kind of pre-pubescent incestual kissing cousins weirdness, but I used to think my cousin was so pretty, and being that all the examples of drug users shown to me were so grisly and ugly, something in this picture didn’t fit.
Couple that with my father’s relentless coaching of me to never use anything as a crutch or rely on escapism to deal with adversity, and I was a walking TRUTH commercial.
It gets even muggier when you blend in the Ultra Old-fashion 1950’s fortified mentality towards male and female relations inadvertedly passed on to me via my dad, and the perfect stage was set for me NOT to mesh well with today’s woman.

Iam a victim of the mindset that a good woman carries herself a certain way. Though I know it’s arcaic and severely flawed, I have accpeted that. I’m not alone. It’s just that the other folks who share my point of view are either super Christian Jesus freaks or some other type of religious fanatics, or old gray bitter conservatives who hide their fear of women’s natural intellect and power behind veils of leftover Puritan morality warps. This is the same ideal behind how Presidents wives are judged, which is why you can’t have a first lady who’s an ex-stripper (or an American Idol contestant who is for that matter). And this is partially where I borrow my idea of virtous womanhood from. Certainly not from my mother with her loosie buying ass – ha! But seriously, just imagine Michelle Obama shaking what her mama gave her back in the day. Our image of her would be different. As a culture, we do this. We have the utmost respect for the honorable individual and root for the villain and the anti-hero at the same time. It’s a constant battle between our darker more suppressed urges that require regulation and taming, and our more polished projected selves that we display for external assessment. So even though I weigh my potential wives on a scale similar to those who make first ladies, first ladies, I do acknowledge that it’s these same twisted people who gave us Ms. America Pageants, the rise of Flapper culture and Playboy magazine. It’s mental masturbation at it’s finest. I still feel like it’s a great stance if you truly and fully believe in it and aspire to find that so called “Good Girl”.
It’s just that, I don’t believe in the Good Girl anymore…

As I came of age, in high school, I didn’t pay too much attention to the girls who were getting high because on average, I wasn’t attracted to them. They weren’t exactly the demure type. I guess in my eyes, their pers.onalities coincided with their habits in ways that didn’t make me react how I did with my cousin Leemah.
But it was when I got to college however, and saw the prettiest and smartest girls getting blasted, that I felt like I totally missed the memo. suddenly, I was an asshole for not having some kind of chemical indulgence and every hot chic I knew was spending the days between cramming, getting smashed. The paradox was too much for me. Almost akin to culture shock. Alot of this probably had to do with the fact that I was dealing with an influx of kids from all over, mostly priveleged suburban homelives where the drug and recreational life was a stark contrast to areas like where I grew up and probably less in-your-face. The exposure factor was different for alot of these kids, so the element of freedom and independence was a catalyst for experimentation.
And such a funny word, experimentation. During those days I witnessed girls go from straight to not so straight, and chics get alcohol poison, rape trauma and plenty of praise for the genie of the lamp.
I remember staying with my boy J.D. Back in D.C. When he was living with 2 chics, one who I became quite cool with (because remember, I don’t go around judging people by their smoking, just potential wives), but their daily exploits would surround who’s getting the weed and how much.
And these are all brilliant people by far. Like graduate early brilliant. So habits aren’t a fair measure of someone’s academic prowess or intelligence, just a testament to their decision making acumen.
And let’s not forget the pot-filled days living in the Doubletree Hotel in Post 9-11 Virginia where I met my future girlfriend. I’m all too familiar with the ol’ put the towel under the door move.

But beyond my college days, I’ve just noticed the growing trend and by way of that, the deterioration of the Cosby kid profile. Sure, I went to school with nothing but Cosby Kids, but this was the extended season that Cliff was never prepared for.
the hopes of finding a Denise that will one day bloom into a Claire Huxtable are about as realistic as Lisa Bonet blossoming into Phylicia Rashad.
I wonder if I should have just stopped priding myself on this great will power high horse I’ve been on and started hitting the bong with all my friends long time ago. Maybe then I wouldn’t be so plagued by thoughts of girls being less wholesome because they smoke or have spent the bulk of their young adulthood doing so.

My boys actually think that’s the shit. A girl that smokes means someone who won’t judge them. Who can share that psychadellic experience with them and possibly, supply or go half with them.

But am I wrong?
There’s nothing more unattractive to me, than purple lips or smoke breath. Nor is it sexy watching the future mother of my kids breaking up a crusty bundle of sticky dead plant with her feminine fingers, spitting, spilling cigar guts and sharing something that goes in her mouth with a group of people. Not to mention the coughing up of beautiful gold brown and green arrays of guck that is almost sure to follow.

My ex had a friend who did a whole bunch of shit that I didn’t want her to do, but she refused to smoke. She would say ‘why would I inhale something that I have to light on fire? How does it sound, me putting smoke into my body?’

Now it’s easy for me to wish that more chics thought like that, but every woman I’ve met who doesn’t engage in smoking or heavy drinking has some other thing with her that must be accepted. More often, something more extreme and behavorial than habitual. So what’s worse? And in a case like the one that I mentioned before with the future girlfriend who I knew as the cool smoking chic back in the Hotel days, I’m left with the decision to choose between the less of those evils. I mean, maybe I’m asking too much by looking for a chic who hasn’t spent her teens and 20’s getting fucked up, who is down to Earth, cool, street smart and doesn’t think dressing sexy is breaking out the lace shirt and mini skirt.

So in this day and age where weed is glamorized with every new rap song and Judd Apatow flick, I wonder where that Claire Huxtable candidate has gone. That girl who wouldn’t ruin your chances of being the next President with her younger day antics. The generation after mine is even more carefree and microwavable. We’re getting smarter and more advanced as a society, but much more not-give-a-fuck in the process.
And this is what I hope legalization does. I hope it finally ends this parade of being rebellious. This anti for no reason, drive for needing to let loose by letting go completely.
I hope it finally chills the fascination with buying, having and using weed by likening it to cigarettes so the average response is ‘so what, everybody does and can’.

In the meantime, to each their own,
shout out to all the girls I know who are super cool & smoke, but SUPER shout out to all my girls who Live above the influence and find their own highs.

I go into this more on my upcoming mixtape series, The Zoloft Files, but I will say that this is the last year that I will hold on to hope looking for the endangered species of the so -called good girl.