Bamma Ass D.C. rappers STEAL My Hit video & Track!!!!




The homie Gee put me and Brandon on to this at the end of last month. I should have opened this shit up as SOON as it showed up in my e-mail. Now I understand why niggas in the 80’s took biting so seriously and how rappers could get snuffed for swagger-jacking! How do you just take somebody’s WHOLE ENTIRE concept and call it your own?? A whole year after it was damn near the biggest viral hip-hop sensation of a whole month?? 

For any of you who don’t know me or Brandon Carter, or were sleeping under a Hip-Hop rock last year, we jumped on the craze sparked by Lloyd Banks’ single “Bimaz, Benz or Bentley” when everyone was making their mixtape remix variations of it, and watched the video for our version, “Subway Bus Or Walking” explode over the net, even making it onto AOL, and New York magazine. T-shirts were made, lines were repeated, laughs ensued…

But this

This just makes me wish I still lived in D.C. so I could run into these jerks and ask them WTF? Did you NOT see the video that gave you the EXACT same idea??

I don’t even want to put this clip up because I don’t want to give these clowns any light, but you have to see this shit. SMH. I do love how anytime you see this crap, you have to see ours pop up on the side with all of it’s thousands of hits just to put things in perspective. I mean…At least be better if you’re gonna jack and not give credit…

And here’s the ‘Original’ just in case you’re new, deaf or named “Dirty Wingz”

Brandon Carter x Malik-16 “Subway, Bus Or Walking”

Me and The Boy Brandon Carter back at it.

I have to give it up to Carter, he had an idea and a vision and he brought it to life. He hit me up with the idea to remake Lloyd Banks‘ ode to expensive whips (which is now New York and the internets “it” song of the month) into a humorous nod to the joys of being whip-less.

Something most of us can relate to. Unfortunately, If you’ve been following the blog, you know I lost my Pontiac, named, “Veen” at the end of January, so I too can now relate to the pedestrian pain. But had this been december, I’d pass on this song, like “ta!”. Oh how humbling it is to be on foot.

Anybody who knows Me and Brandon knows that nobody does it better than us when it comes to this kind of material. Back in Howard, we were the Satire kings and built quite the rep for injecting a much needed dose of laughter into the Blam Blam world of early 21st century Hip-Hop. Good to see the boys still got it and never missed a step. In fact, we’re better than ever!

I’ll tell you how so…

Brandon hit me up with the idea for this on Saturday. It was written Tuesday morning, recorded Tuesday afternoon filmed Tuesday evening, and edited on Wednesday and up for your enjoyment that night!

What you know about that?!

This is the perfect set-up for the upcoming release of Brandon’s Album,

Never Give A Fuck! (Yes, that’s the real title of the album – won’t find that in Wal-Mart)

I know, I know…But check him out at

And shout out to for showing us Love yesterday!