So you wanna be a SuperHero…

How much do I LOVE this???!

Tho this story is old, new updates are developing constantly surrounding the rise of these real-life costumed crime-fighters. I now understand the reactions of villains from all of the cartoons and comic books that I was into as a child; the sight of someone parading around in dress-up is laughable. No wonder the bad guys were never at a loss of derogatory names to mock their nemeses.

Still, there’s something admirable and commendable about brave men and women who put their safety at risk for the safety of others, regardless how lame. You may think they’re just losers who must live in the basements of their mothers’ houses, but take into account how trying everyday life is. Let’s assume they’re not unemployed nobodies and that they are regular people with 9 to 5’s and responsibilities who dare to add one more arduous task on top of the daily grind. That in itself is super-heroic.

As a child, I always hoped for this to happen and wondered why no one had the gaul to suit up and live that fantasy to come rescue us ghetto children from the misery that was the inner-city 80’s. Now as an adult, near the end of my 20’s, I see this realized – ironically, when I’m halfway jaded by everything! I guess being a New Yorker and the inherent inability to be surprised by anything that comes with it doesn’t help either. I must admit that while it’s late in the game, there’s still a level of excitement that exists for me. I’m still that avid comic-book fan that would get lost in the world of capes and spandex for hours at a time. I still march my way into the theater to see every single superhero-based movie from my youth. So this happening in real life is still awe-inspiring to me in a way.

And maybe those same factors are what contributed to this surge of super-sapiens. Maybe they’re all just a bunch of comic book nerds who had that same dream and question of why not? but just had the will-to-do to make it happen. Maybe all of these Marvel blockbuster films and franchises have opened the world up to previously unreal possibilities. Maybe Stan Lee’s Superhuman reality series on the History channel gave regular Joes some courage in their own abilities. Or maybe The Dark Knight was just THAT damn good and realistic. I must admit, coupled with Batman Begins, the movies did kinda come off as a guide to becoming a vigilante…That is if you have access to billions of dollars and are extremely Tech savvy. Or maybe crime is getting out of hand in the most unexpected places. Whatever the case, at the sociological core, this all speaks to the notion that humans just need to feel important…In some way or another.

The coverage that this all has received has been all of a similar tone. The stories wind up in the more fluff segments of the news, and reporters address the heroes in semi-serious ways. There’s even hints of sarcasm and brutal honesty that leans on the side of doubt. Just look at this clip of Robin Roberts interviewing this alliance of super-men in the Seattle area called the Rain City Superheroes, lead by the now notorious Phoenix Jones. Even the title is somewhat heckling 

And although this clip highlighting Ohio Crime-Fighter Shadow Hare goes a little easier on him and the hero craze, the tone is still evident. 

In a twist that lends itsef more to the fantasy however, this is often the reception from the media that heroes in the comics are met with. Understandably so, these guys make themselves easy targets and spectacles for ridicule. Even for attack. My Homegirl Starrene a.k.a. GangStarr Girl(not a superhero) just recently wrote a post on how Phoenix Jones got himself a broken nose and more than enough bruises while having a gun pulled on him a few weeks ago. Upon viewing the comments left under that post, I saw  a bunch of racially driven comments seemingly from one person claiming La Raza was behind the assualt and that Black people, Like Jones is, are “monkeys”. Shadow Hare has reported getting a dislocated shoulder while stopping a mugging. Things like this bring the reality back into play, and remind you that these are just humans who aren’t endowed with any enhanced strength and are susceptible to death just as any of us are. In fact, their presence might escalate that possibility. A gang full of like-minded individuals such as our ignorant friend there who made all of those comments would be more than happy to set out to make an example of a caped crusader in a heartbeat.

At least Jones has the decent sense to wear bullet proof gear and plating. I’m shocked and disappointed that so many of the costumes worn by these “superheroes” are so rag-tag, home-made and less than Super. I think that may also add to how seriously they get taken. It’s one thing to run around in tights, but at least let yourself be dressed in something practical and helpful. The majority seem to be wearing nylon and not much more, very ill-equipped and under prepared for true confrontation. I’ve seen cyclists and basketball players with more protection! I’m surprised that in this era of gadgetry and access, not to mention great costume design and e-commerce, that these heroes haven’t put more effort and thought into their personas. Even Bruce Wayne ordered his masks online in the Batman Begins film. The names don’t help either. From Master Legend to Dark Guardian, the whole thing just seems like a gathering of nerds asserting alter-egos that they’ve always wanted to bring to life  under the guise of half-hearted civilian care-taking. It all just looks like alot of role-playing and dramaturgy. The only ones I believe are Shadow Hare and Phoenix Jones and a few others…Dare I say Jones may even be the coolest

Either way, these folks exist. And there’s a huge concentration going on. If you don’t do anything else after reading this post, please at least visit the site of the world registry of superheroes to see how real this all is. You’ll get a good laugh at the very least.

I’m glad to see this somehow, and I’m interested in seeing how far this goes. Excelsior!

“THOR” Stans want Idris Elba out!!!(Trailer included) – Purists or Racists?

I know I’m SUPER late on this, But I’m SUPER excited because it’s another SUPERhero movie from the house that Stan Lee Built!

And don’t you just LOVE all of the controversy that has stirred over the past week stemming from the Council Of Conservative Citizens push for a boycott of the film due to the casting of Idris Elba??!

This is great! I first heard the murmurs of dissatisfaction when he was announced as a supporting character back in the early summer. The nerds cried for text accuracy. Some historical purists pointed out how him being a Black man wouldn’t make sense in a film based on Norse European Mythology. And sure, I’ve heard this before…When they casted Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, when Michael Clarke Duncan played The Kingpen in DareDevil. But this….This takes it to a whole OTHER Level!! Someone even went as far on the Superhero movie boards as to suggest that Blacks would be in an uproar if an essential character such as Storm (From X-Men Fame) was cast as a White woman. Of course that would happen! That’s a Primary character! And after a whole Century of almost non-existent representation in Science-fiction, Blockbuster film history and especially HERO-DOM, Can the Negroes please get a piece of the pie?? Can we have young Black children seeing someone who looks like themselves on screen saving the day without talking Jive?? Can we have children of other races hanging up posters with faces unlike theirs as we have done for decades? How dare Marvel aim to diversify it’s character spectrum and broaden it’s audience by changing one side character?? The nerve. Now the whole movie is ruined. Maybe this is how I felt watching The Last Airbender, – when they switched all of the lead Asian characters for White kids. Maybe I should round up my Grandma and all of my Asian friends to protest that now that it’s on DVD.

If anything, be glad that they cast Idris in it – if for no other reason than the fact that next to that Blonde guy playing Thor, and the way chics seem to go gaga over him, you won’t have to drag your girl to this film because she will willingly go.

The AVENGERS are on their way….

Since I brought it up…

The new Avengers Cartoon is the SHIT!! By the way…

It officially premieres on the 20th, but these mini preview episodes I watched last night are better than all of the X-Men animated series I’ve ever seen. Marvel knows what it’s doing!

My Month is gettin Doper…

My First Comic-Con experience!

I’ve been slacking,

but I’ve been meaning to put up the footage and pics from my trip to The 2010 New York Comic-Con last Sunday.

I grew up as a huge Comic Book fan and as such I have passed this love down to my nephews with proud results. Something passed on to me by my very own uncle and my big cousin Omar, I have stacks and stacks of Comics just waiting to accrue worth as I get older. All this said, I have never been nerdy enough to venture so far into the world of Geekdom to go to an actual convention. However, as the popularity of the San Diego Comic-Con has grown to the point of being a hot ticket event (even getting coverage on E! now), I told myself that I would make this year thee year. Plus it’s my month – why not? 

It was only right that I shared such a momentous outing with one of my nephews, so I took my closest, Winnie, with me. He’s 6 and he lives for this stuff! Yet for some reason this day, what seemed to capture his interest most were the random video game displays…From an online game based on his favorite cartoon series, Superhero Squad, to an interactive Michael Jackson tribute video game coming soon that’s somewhere between Dance Dance Revolution and Wii Fitness. He even went so far as to cut a line when I wasn’t looking and asked a grown man to give up his turn so he can play….To which this grown man complied. My nephew has balls indeed. I warned him that he can’t thrive off cuteness for too long – that shit will bite him in the butt one day. 

Here’s a few shots from the day.  I went there with all intentions to meet my 2 favorite people in the history of Comic Books; Jim Lee (my favorite artist), and Stan “the man” Lee (the face of Marvel Comics and the creator of all of the most famous Superheroes with good movies) – No relation. That means I came there with my 2 each of my best Spider-Man and X-Men issues ready to be autographed and blessed – That’s as fanboy as I got! Unless you count me drooling over the upcoming action figures, sculptures and breaking down to buy me and my nephew toy replica Green Lantern Power rings that light up at $10 a pop! 

Anyway, peep the vids. This is the same day me and the homey Killa went to see Bone Thugs N Harmony perform at B.B. Kings. What a paradox, seeing so many Black folk at the Comic convention, and so many White folk at the Bone Thugs show. The world is really different now…

I even ran into the homey, Kai Holmes from 6 Chamber Productions, who did my first 2 music videos. He was filming for the Urban comic and web series Majestics and their booth. As you hear the “Dueces” remix playing in the background and the loud-ass dj/host, you could see why I used the word Urban. we always gotta turn everything into a damn party don’t we? 

Keep in mind, I’m writing this as the Preview for the new Avengers cartoon is on T.V. right now, so I can’t even be held accountable for any typos – I’m understandably and appropriately distracted.