New RedHead “Kyla Pratt”

Since we were on this streak of Ignorant music, I figured I’d conclude it by giving you a dose of something entertaining with a bit of common sense. So on the very same instrumental to what I just informed you in the previous post has become my new favorite rap song right now,

My boy RedHead has just dropped a mixtape track titled “Kyla Pratt”.

Not only does the Young Boy KILL this beat, We also Love the name and his age appropriate affinity for the now Grown-up ms. Pratt, who makes it to his own personal Crush Alot section somewhere out there.

Nevermind the gritty sound Quality. That just makes it Gangsta. It’s a rough Draft he says.

F that! This is Hip-Hop, kids. Enjoy….

Malik-16 Thanks You for The Zoloft Experience & Presents Vol. 3 sample

Just wanted to show my gratitude properly,

and leave you with a song…


*Zoloft Files Edition* Hot 16…Or More…10 YEAR REUNION

On this Day 16 of my whole Zoloft Files mixtape series, which marks the FINAL day, I just wanted to show love to the person who’s idea this whole day by day thing was in the first place. Shout out to the girl Naima for encouraging me to make a movement and a spectacle of this project which was intended to be really exclusive, personal and underground. She told me that I should use this as content for the blog after I told her that the tape would only be put out to promote it.

This is also poetic in it’s own way…

This is me presenting you with an ending and a beginning. This is the last day of me covering my 16 day adventure of who I know and who’s heard what.  Me letting you into my life both visually and sonically. Me giving you my words so you can have a better idea of what I intended for you to hear, and what I was thinking when I wrote them. This is also me introducing you to my team: the duo who is poised to take me to the next place you may see the kid pop up. They asked to be down for the ride. So here you go. Watch what happens…

Let’s end this correctly. You all remember those awkward moments right? Those parts of your younger life that you’d like to leave behind or omit? How important are those wonder years to you? Well, whether you’ve already had yours or you’re anticipating it coming up, here’s a fictional glimpse into the worst possible outcome of mine – which should be popping up soon.

I always thought about how this would go down, way before the reality of it was in the view, so it was only right that I squeeze it on this project and round out the somber with a little humor.

For some reason, once again – I’m using a Kanye beat.

I know you can relate.

“This is a bootleg loop,

the cafeteria just fed us bootleg soup.

And now they relocating us,

to the 2nd floor in the gym – or as Oscar like to say it – the gynasium.

What up Oscar?

Aren’t you glad?

That you’re a 2002 grad, and not a 2000?

The new Millenium class,

Here we go again – let it scratch, and did I mention?

This is a bootleg loop,

we wonderin’ why we all went to this bootleg school.

And the name ain’t sayin much…

Only school in Manhattan that had to explain to others where the location was.

So sorry we’re not La Guardia,

wasn’t Fine Arts – but promise I was Avant Garde enough!

For everyone…

Hello everyone,

welcome to the 10 Year Reunion, thank you very much.

For reminding me,

of the shy Malik,

-the Mr. ugliest yearbook picture of all time Malik – Why Malik??

Don’t be so hard on yourself,

how was college? tell me now, are you a doctor as well?

…No I’m a dropout, dumbbell..

I was feeling like shit when I came in – now I feel like Hell!


I’d like to drop a dumbbell…

On your Prada shoes – but I gotta move, I’m not doing well.

So on my way to the bathroom,

I see ol’ boy from Math 2…

Who liked to laugh – do jokes up in back 2 rows,

-that dude!


…Clown of the classroom…

After a couple cracks about my height,

he take a couple stabs at how my life,

ain’t exactly how I…

imagined it’d be,

he said my braces probably be platinum before me, whatever that means.

Asked me why I ain’t on T.V.,

pat me on the back as if the jokes weren’t all on me,

and yeah I’m laughing back politely saying “calm down, just breathe’,

fighting the urge to slap his happy ass,

and shellack the floor with his teeth!

But then I thought, ‘hold up…

this dude was foolish,

and class clowns always turn out to be losers!’

Come to find out,

he owns computer labs

-designed a troubleshooter program – now who can use the math?!”

Hope you learned something…

Click the picture of the mixtape cover to download it.

*Zoloft Files Edition* Hot 16…Or More…ANALYZE THAT

In this joint, I play Doctor to myself and pull apart all of the factors that may be possible contributors to what would make such an otherwise happy-go-lucky young man turn into this self – pitying  somber rapper who needed to make a trilogy of depressing songs to make you the company to his misery. All this while reminding me that Iam the answer to all of my problems. Deep stuff huh? Maybe I should have stayed in school and put that psych major to work huh?

Here’s that verse…


to conclude…

My appropriate diagnosis I have come to…

Your mind’s engulfed with, time and goals you’re trying run to…

And I hope you’re not biting off more than you might chew,

so why focus on bitin’ off T.I. and that group?

When your diet’s all a quiet dose of triumph subdued?

For your mind it’s food,

and your supply’s huge.

Your time alone provides a hole that’s dire to you,

your eyes are on a  prize you know’s so far out of view.

But here’s what’s interesting:

You’re close to it…

It’s slightly underneath your nose – you’re unnoticed – and you know it – so it’s daunted your mood,

and it’s so sickening,

you suppose quitting is something to do


You have to ask yourself: what’s your options?

You told me on the phone before you got in…

that you actually, been considering – going,

back to college…

Even though you hated it in undergrad at Howard.

But now you’re playing with the thought of being a psychologists – like me,

going all the way to get your doctorate!

But would that entail stoppin,

with the music?

And is stopping a thing that you could truly go through with?

Or could you do them simultaneously?

It might take a wee bit more effort -but you get why I’m saying these things, right?

…These are questions you must ask inside…

to make sure you’re not caught up in frustration indeed.

Like when you say to me you wanna quit life,

is that momentary?

Or have there been times before that?

I can’t ignore that,

but I would ask what would bring on that…

feeling so resolute, and absolute

-let’s go back when you said you had all the chics and lost them,

and make sure you’re not so used to this performance – this ladies man persona,

but when you’re really all a -lone…

It’s difficult – it’s awkward.

And with no one to talk ta, it probably on this,

conclusive thought of the end – but it depends – you started writing these songs all cause,

the things that we just talked on – so then…

It has a function – it’s cathartic,

and you shouldn’t feel bad about it, no matter all the volumes…

If you need to write a hundred songs it’s alright,

it’s self-healing,

really it is keeping you alive.

Cause your drive, is exceptional…

But what underlies, is you desire to feel you’re accepted too.

You have a mild obsession with wanting to feel special…

to be praised and,

see the best of you.

In other words you wanna

but not in a conventional way,

you wanna be up on a pedestal.

You’re afraid to be common,

which is common…

listen, you are not crazy – I promise!

But the odd part is:

talking to me here,

Is kinda like talking to the mirror…

Which defines your mental health…

especially if you answer right back,

so you have just diagnosed yourself!

So Analyze That…”

Hope you learned something…

Click the picture of the mixtape cover to download it.

*Zoloft Files Edition* Hot 16…Or More…DEFLATED

I owe this one to Beyonce, Jay, and all the women in lifetime…

Thanks for the inspiration!


I used to have a big one,

Leniece said;

it’s cause I have a Big One.

And think that I can solve the World’s problems with my dick but…

I wish that was the case…

Everytime I get a little taste…

Of what Love feels like – the chics give a little chase…


When they’ the ones who chose to come initiate…

All that serious shit,

and I be happy goin’ with the flow,

til a chic hit me with that ‘miss you’ – ‘want you’ – ‘Love you’ tone.

M words,

L words,

I text ’em back like ‘K. word!’,

3 months later:

They all calling me the A word!

In M-A-L-I-K”s world…

Women get respected,

til a woman flip the record,

-then that bitch can get ejected!

Out the rotation – yeah I use a CD reference,

cause my Love is still analog,

Digital chics is headaches.

So I said I’d never-EVER! Date a girl my sister’s age,

yeah I considered Esha some point in 2008.

But besides that,

I stayed far away – cause that’s disgusting,

plus the difference in age,

makes it difficult to trust an,

at this space where I’m at – I need that!

Young chics is still finding where they wanna be at!

‘Til they 25 – they don’t see that,

think they got it, figured out…

Play the field ’til they realize they tilled all the minerals out!

They done,

Hoed the Garden,

Uprooted the plants,

after all the tops that’s tube, and all the stretch pants.

Then they get it, that they just got, rid of the best man,

in their blossoming period – so when winter come again;

They settle down and get serious,

and start all over,

plant seeds, where it seemed,

all the weeds took over.

Trade their hydroponic knowledge for

‘Look! I’ve become a Mama!’

-All you thinkin’ is;

‘that child, coulda been mine if your mama

-was ready,

back then…’

But that’s alot to be askin’…

for a 22 year old to really see her actions – like…

Tellin a 20 year old,

not to get smashed when,

her birthday is comin…

yeah – that’s something to imagine – so!

I don’t think it’s meant to be – be…

Being happy apparently ain’t for me – I think…

I’ve been cursed – for not having that little me – me!

When I could’ve – so that bullet has murdered thee, thing,

that i value most in life – that’s L-O-V-E!

…Now the curse is that I can’t find no one for me – sheesh!

And honestly, at 23…

I was inconsistent too,

Yeah the feelings were there – but I did not exhibit them through, my actions…

Back then,

-and we’ve all heard – that old adage;

That actions speak louder than words – word!


Mr. God’s -Gift to women,

just realized he been trippin…

Believed my own hype for a minute.

But now I finally get it;

I’m really not that far from my beginnings as a novice;

a kid who was unpolished, and starved for attention…

From chics – it’s just…

Been so long I’ve been pimpin’,

So hard on that Hitch shit,

Like I was really Will Smith,

but nah – that was just an…


Regardless of all the chics who insisted that my dicks the biggest!

My conscience has been hit,

my male pride has been derailed by…

The only 2 that I let know me, and what they do?

…Turn around and let go me,


My life ain’t rosy, but I roll with it,

my mind was fine until the ho’s hit it, and told me my Ego did it.

Well it’s Deflated now,

congratulations – my faith is down,

Thanks for all the Break-ups – you can take a bow…”

Hope you learned something…

Click the picture of the mixtape cover to download it.

*Zoloft Files Edition* Hot 16…Or More…BLACK

It’s only right for Black History Month. This one speaks for itself…


I said before that that’s the color in me…

It’s in my aura – everything begins B



no Sephora, Kenneth Cole or Ralph Lauren can scent me.

It’s how I feel towards Love – it’s skin deep,

Feel like I’m Black-balled in this industry…


Black is the

Color of my True Love’s hair;

Black Sister.

Black In America

Straight off the backs of the slaves they brought back and forth – Black ships to carry them.

Black in the Era of…

Paper from rap,

all it takes is a smash, to have Black kids delirious.


Dark as you like – Black Starry Night,


Apart of the life – marches and riots,


Apologize for what I look like (Ha!)


Pardon my sight – if ya’ll don’t like

I’m Black!

Yeah, my father always taught me to be proud of that,

Say it near, say it clear – say it loud in fact…

Buy Black, Black Owned – living life as if,

everyday’s a Black-Tie Affair – how fly is that?

Black Monday,

to Black Friday

Black Market to Crash market – son I make:

Black money, Black moneyBlack Enterprise,

Blackmail meBlack-Belt’ll Black a nigga’s eye!


Black males be hypnotized,

by the Blacktail – but it’s Black beauty who gets to ride!

Like the Hornet, but it’s more like Black fist attire…

Black leather, Black Gloves – no Simpson – just


Like outer space, all on my face,


as the abyss or in a cave,


the absence of color, or just the sum of it


Black as the MotherlandBlack Republicans!


Chicken & grits, video chics – that’s


Hispanic freinds, who won’t admit they are


Africans and Carribeans, who are Black!

Who HATE to be called Americans – cause Black

…Is the worst thing to ever be!


be the only peeps who lost EVERYTHING!

So I let the ink drip, and it channels;

the hue of my mood,

like the end of The Sopranos


Hope you learned something…

Click the picture of the mixtape cover below to download it.

*Zoloft Files Edition* Hot 16…Or More…OCTOBER

October 22nd,

the month I was born. You’ve Never met a rapper more proud of being Born in said month or of being a Libra.

This is my mission statement.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.

“Winter Spring and Summer put on Nice shows,

But when the breeze came, then I put on my coat,

and when the leaves change – that’s the way that I know,


I’m Home

Born into the fall – will I fall? I feel like I have,

Fallin – if I fall – hope it’s forward, and never back.

Brought some more time for him to crawl up – back on his path,

My aura’s always been Orange – also a little Black.

Halloween tinted,

No tricks or treats with it,

-nah – just me and Lenox, Edgecombe and St.Nicholas

– in the crazy 80’s

facing the epidemics,

-cooked cocaine babies…

make believe corner-chemists.

The first day I breathed – 22nd,

weighed me in the same way that them dealers was weighing they crack to sell…

…So here comes baby me – made to be, something special,

-parents made a Libra,

so yeah, I know I about them scales.

I understand the Balance,

but couldn’t stand the boundaries surrounding,

I promised myself, I’d fly out ’em.

But I was more Daedalus than Pegasus,

Dad had made us wings,

but the sun had done away with them.

So back on concrete I created this,

virtual escape with this,

trend that had came in with the kids who was breakin’ an,

kids with tin cans on subways spraying names with them,

Disco DJ’s began scratching – something happened called rapping and it caved me in!

Suddenly became the win,

wings couldn’t work last time – but rhymes gave me wind!

So I couldn’t fly,

just glide…

but that was just fine, cause it took me outside…

Of my life, and the chaos out-right,

-if at least for a minute, that’s enough to buy time.

Now I was introduced to comic books,

same time rhyming shook, the world – so as a 5-year old – I just put…

The 2 in same place…

Cause to me,

Professor X and KRS had the same face!

Their goals were the same, basically:

Stop The Violence,

Use all their natural powers,

naturally I was…

Drawn to it – hopin’ I could, actually try ta,

join the X-Men or De La, or Stetsasonic,

When I get,


and grow up in the mold of – a superhero, who’s blown up on a poster – since…

Being a rapper’s the closest…

Thing to being larger than life – with the exposure…

You can really touch people’s life – in the tone of,

– a whole song…

In a positive light,

Tho’ we know the,

negative is always in sight,

My Persona…

Would be a product of my,

very own month,

It’s funny how the Fall takes life,

just to grow some,

then it brings an earlier night,

like there’s no sun,

then it change the temperature slight,

a little colder,

but then you get to dress up the flyest,

So here’s my Ode ta,

the part of year that’s my favorite time,

when the old does,

away to make room for the new…


Hope you learned something…

Click the picture of the mixtape cover to download it.

16’s Candles Presents – Malik-16: The Zoloft Files Volume 2

Click The Picture Above to Download.


After much fuss,

This is the second part of  The Zoloft Files trilogy.

I’d just like to thank all of you who have reached out, given great feedback and shown love.

Especially for not moanin and groanin about the zshare download(Old faithful. Everything else I try always breaks or gets removed – any suggestions?).

This project was totally self-indulgent and not intended to be presented like a conventional mixtape. It was meant to just promote my blog, and be that rare vintage joint that people go back to find after I’ve made my way up. My team was against this whole project from the day I announced it. It was supposed to come out at the beginning of the fall at the same time that my last mixtape, Westside Til I Die came out. I like it this way much better. They do too.

I challenged myself to see how in touch with my old poetic sensibilities I still was. How wide my vocabulary still is and if any of the stuff I learned about rhetorical devices from all of those years of specialized english classes still held through.

After making songs like “Come With Me” and “Give The Drummer Some” (neither of which you probably heard), I felt a void. Yeah, yeah, I know I did the song mocking a bunch of rappers’ voices, and I can rap about myself, and Harlem and getting “signed” all day, but I didn’t feel like I touched on enough of the subjects that were near and dear to my heart. This is the kind of artist that Iam. I need to make songs with substance to feel complete. I wanted to see if I could return to my 1997 instincts. Those days listening to complex rappers with depth and no regard for commercial appeal, like Organized Konfusion, Sunz of Man and The Gza. Yep. Educated Hood-kid rap. Before this Kid Cudi shit that sparked with all of this emotional yadda yadda…

But I guess I should thank Scott Mescudi in a way. He and his peers of the new wave have opened the doors (and ears) for listeners to be exposed to mood music and  softened the reception of that kind of rap. Thanks to you too Joe Budden! So now, even though I have a tape themed around borderline craziness and the notion of wanting to take one’s own life, it’s not viewed as so crazy in the current rap atmosphere. Besides, otherwise..who would want to hear some rapper who’s not signed, whine and complain?

The playing field is so open right now!

It is unprecedented tho. And that, I will always make sure of. Every last one of my mixtapes have a theme, and even though this mixtape series is a product of a gloomy period of doubt and unhappiness in my life, I still wouldn’t let it be an unappealing piece of crap that isn’t a valued edition to my catalogue. It’s the last mixtape bearing the whole “Somebody Sign me!” slogan.

And don’t expect the 3rd one anytime soon. I’m keeping that on deck for later…

This was cathartic for me. Something birthed from being Jaded by this underground and unsigned community of rappers and the journalists and bloggers who praise them and play others. Something initiated by a bad break-up with an Ivy league Ex-Model. Something spurned by my official entrance into my Late 20’s, and of course, that challenge I threw at myself.

Having that said, I never expected it to get posted up by other people on twitter, nor on, or anywhere else for that matter.

Thank you guys for listening to me rant for these last 8 days.

let’s make these next 8 even better!

This Volume might be a little Darker, with one long song at the end, but I think you’ll Love it just as much.

And with no further adiue,

I give you:

The Zoloft Files Volume 2

Click the picture below to download.

*Zoloft Files Edition* Hot 16…Or More…ALL SAID AND DONE

For the Last Day of The Zoloft Files Volume 1 installments of Hot 16…Or More…,

I present you with my favorite song off of the Collection…

This song, much like this entire project, was a personal test. I wanted to see if I had it in me to really speak about the event of my own death. As we’ve learned from so many death-fixated artists, especially rappers…thoughts are things!

As a firm believer that one creates one’s own reality in a day-to day sense, I took issue with the idea of making a ‘if I should die’ song. But I was always impressed by guys like Biggie and 2Pac’s ability to paint that posthumous picture. And after I heard someone like Joe Buddden, who hasn’t even reached their level of hysteria or legend-hood, make a song like that, over Tony Toni Tone’s “Anniversary”, I knew I was going to do one of my own. I thought,  it’s a clever idea to leave behind a somewhat instructional how-to for the people in your life in the unforeseen instance of untimely passing.  And the subject matter fell right in line with the tone of this project.

Don’t think of this as a gloomy song at all. It’s a celebration of the life I plan to lead, as well as the life I’ve lead.

I also swore not to make another of these, so you might wanna download this mixtape now, save this and refer to this if anythings happens. And really listen to this cause this is REALLY how I want it to go down. If you know me, then you know me and my award show- watching ass likes things to be organized and classy. Don’t hood out my going out!!!

You’ll get one more of these kinds of songs, but only on an original beat on one of my critically acclaimed albums at some point in my career. That’s it!

And with that,  I give you verses 1 & 2. Let’s go…

“At my funeral,

please wear something Orange,

Carry me down the streets, like New Orleans.

Make sure you play All my favorite songs an,

alot of Stevie, lot of Bob, lot of Marvin,

Ya’ll know me – it’s gotta be alot of Pac mixed!

Cause Pac is the reason I put Heart in, what I spit – but Pac embodies how it all can,


before it,

ever really started,

all that talkin’ bout Fate Callin…

So I made a promise:

Not to write about Death,

cause that’s how we lost some of the Best!

It’s true: Words are power,

and you are what you eat,

so I’m Louder!

And trade the sour for the sweet.

But right now I’m…

Constantly on the brink

Suddenly and quite Uncomfortably,

I wonder…

(‘what it means’)

When your body’s underneath,

can 6 feet measure how deep, a life is?

And life is so short,

find you never really had the time to go sort…

everything out…

So if I ever leave files of my unfinished work laying ’round

-mix everything down!

Remaster – better sound – rehash it, Put everything out – make mash-ups!

Please sell Malik out!

Til everybody catch up, and tell they peeps how:

I made classics

Big Lrepeat style…

…They just gettin’ lines from me right nowyears after!

…Be a household name…

Rather leave early, than live out old man

be in house,

old cane,

I V out old veins,

-can’t eat-walk-sleep-talk, without no pain!

I don’t want no nurses,

no house doctors,

if I’m in that much hurt!

I’ll put me out of my misery

And I pray that my child does, the same…

Pull the plug if it comes down ta

the choice

This might be the end for me physically,

– but with infamy – I’ll finally get to be,

with my dreams


I made a promise not to write about life,

unless I made my own worthwhile

So here on Earth now

I’mma leave my imprint!

Carbon footprint from big steps

– Giant leaps…

Tryin’a be ahead of my time, cause when you’re further – you live on when you die…

(what it means)

That’s the 16 Million-dollar question,

guess it makes sense when it’s Peace that you Rest In.

So Please,

No Heaven, No Hell,

if you know best, then don’t tell!

– I mean Heaven would be dope!

But I don’t wanna believe it’s so,

Cause if I believe in Up!

I must believe in below

So I figure it evens out,

not to count on, one or another – and not discover…

I just hope it’s all Black! at the curtain call,

I don’t wanna go back! and reverse it all.

I know energy just circles and returns to source,

don’t reinvent me as a worm with more – dirt to crawl Through!

Just to end up on a fishing hook,


Just re-incarnate a nigga’s books.

Donate my verses for research,

see the poetry between words – and then it should…

Show that in growth – it would seem,

I did Finally know what it means,

to find…”

Hope you learned something…

Click the picture of the mixtape cover to download it.

*Zoloft Files Edition* Hot 16…Or More…LOSER OF LOVE

Day 7 folks.

This was a song that I released last year on it’s own on myspace (Damn, even saying it sounds played out) for Valentine’s day. It was a part of a three song special I did dealing with relationships. The other song was an ode to 2pac’s style of making girl -songs (Or as he would say, “for the bitches”). And the other song, aptly titled, “The Bitch” was about a certain carribean chic I was dealing with, who drove me to edge of  patience with her intimacy issues and anger management problems.

Back then, this song was only called “Luv”, because it finds me having a conversation with the personification of Love itself, going over my unstable history with it, and my inevitable side-eye towards it. This track is filled with imagery, and all kinds of nods, from New edition and Grey’s Anatomy references and allusions to Iceman (Bobby Drake).

It was the homegirl Toni-Ann‘s favorite song from me last year and she showed lots of love for “Luv”.

Now it’s the sister song to track 3, “Lover of Love”,  a contrast to my seeming infatuation with it and addiction to the newness of it. It’s also now my team, Naima & Mike‘s favorite song that I’ve EVER done (which is quite insulting, but I’ll take it for now…).

So much so that the boy Mike took it upon himself to do an animation of My Zoloft Files mixtape cover along with the track. So watch it, or listen to it and read the lyrics – whatever you can manage simultaneously!


you might wanna sit down for this one…

…lot I gotta get out with this one

– Off my chest…


Almost lost my breath,

cause God took a rib out for this love.

Word to Adam

You ain’t gotta spit – nah, just listen,

I ain’t ’bout to flip out – no bitchin’,

Just words and chattin’…

‘mano y mano’ – I know,

I can’t say man-to-man,

it’s more like man-to-man’s affliction.

Sorry to call you that,

but  plenty aliases in your file – and they’re all attached,

been plenty failed attempts to throw you down and they’ve fallen flat,

ain’t even give you a number to dial and you callin back ..

somehow on my line…

I’m like ‘get out my mind!’,

your reply is you live more inside of my heart – don’t start!

Talkin’ bout some muscle in the breast

cause that’s the same muscle – got me stressed.

And homey my Anatomy ain’t Grey – except that matter in my brain,

that tell me that’s okay, if I feel mad and pretty jaded.

Sangers wanna sang those,

happy songs and rainbows,

-You in Living Color – I’m okay with givin shade, so…

if Black is the absence,

then in your absence,

I treat not having you like the whole month of February

And celebrate my Blackness,

cause I’mma stay Black everyday!

Tho’ that’s a bad practice that perhaps can,

eat away at your soul – I’ll act as if I ain’t phased,

and no, that Blackness ain’t a void,

it’s just that I’m annoyed with the habit of having you in the way…

Every time happiness happens,

make me wanna do backflips – dammit!

You have a way…


tippin’ the axis,

that bright light flash gets, snatched!

That quick, so back to Black’s where I’m gonna Fade


Stevie said If It’s Magic, then let it be everlasting’

– awww dammit!

There I go again,

Brandon told me if  I rap too fast then,

the people probably, gonna skip right past it – well please!

By all means,

smooth it out,

Cause New Edition warned me,

To Cool It Now

(“oohh, watch out!“)

Before I lose, control

but you responsible for the blues, the woes

The high divorce rates, court dates and court shows,

…can’t explain that Love, huh? I thought so!

I fought so hard to get to know you as a teen,

couldn’t get a girl – but had a dream.

Once I got the girls – I couldn’t lean…

Haven’t been alone since – so to be alone is bad to me.

I know it’s bad to keep a chic around for the sake of it,

her waking up naked with me, ain’t the same as it being you

That me and her is making an‘ – basking in the glow of – but,

you’ve been kinda tainted ever since I’ve grown up.

And now that I’m older – there’s an empty feeling,

-cause you made the women colder,

and less revealing.

They won’t op-en up to you

So how could they get close to me??! Woe is me!

And if they too young, they don’t know a thing!

If they my age, they got baggage, holdin 3,

or 4 bags at a time – they shoulders deep,

in what the last man did – they shoulders keep…

Big Chips, like Texas Hold ‘Em – Freeze!

Probably make, a nigga turn to Bobby Drake over these…

Cold-shoulder breezes – turned to shrugs


let’s  do a  review of all the things you’ve shown to me…


-I’m no Kanye, but I’ll take my chances,

and pass if this is sposed to be…


Hope you learned something…

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Love me!