More Negroes In The News – 2pac movie is coming, Tru-Life gets years for Murder, but this Philly kid deserves the chair!!

Ahhh, to be a minority.

Since I slacked last month, and this is  Black History Month, I figure a double dose of Negroes In The News is in order.

First off and most importantly, the good news;

There’s a 2Pac movie in the making and the casting will begin at the end of this month. Not Only is the film – tentatively titled All Eyez On Me, a biopic of my favorite rapper of all time, but it’s also being helmed by my favorite Black director, Antoine Fuqua (The man who brought you King Arthur, Brooklyn’s Finest and Training Day). There’s going to be an online casting contest where unknowns who feel like they can capture the look and essence of Tupac Shakur can participate in a virtual audition for the lead role as fans vote. I am super glad that they’re deciding to go the newcomer route. 2Pac’s personality is too strong and distinctive to have someone who we have envisioned in other roles blur that. I’m a fan of Anthony Mackie‘s acting, but his portrayal of Pac in the slopfest that was Notorious did not hit the mark. I can’t begin to imagine the pressure that Fuqua might feel to ensure that this movie doesn’t fall to similar criticism. There’s not much room for this story to get watered down. Pac’s life is a layered one, with many paradoxical elements and real historic points. Hope he consults with John Singleton on this one as well.

Now, the ugly…

You ever notice how Jay-Z distances himself from his former artists and associates right before they screw themselves out of the chance of a lifetime?? Call it the touch. He’s almost like those cartoon characters that see the anvil about to fall on who they’re standing next to and eases away without warning them of the impending doom.

He has good reason tho. Take for instance last fall’s major federal drug sweep that scooped up his former Roc-A-Fella partner Kareem “Biggs” Burke. While this self-destruction was more delayed than the usual 6 month to a year downfall timeframe for former Jay-Z affiliates, it still goes to show. For all we know, Biggs could’ve been dabbling in this shit at the onset of the Roc-A-Fella break-up and that could have contributed to Jay moving away because it’s so below the scale of what they were trying to do. On the other hand, this could just be the by-product of that very break-up and something that Biggs felt he had to resort back to doing to make up for the deficit caused by not generating industry revenue like he used to in the hey-days.

In either case, Jay must have had that same foresight when he quietly left Trouble-making rapper Tru-Life behind and pulled the plug on the experimental Roc La Familia imprint. 

Tru life and his real-life brother have found themselves charged with murder for what police are deeming as a retaliatory crime over an ongoing street beef. Taking plea agreements, Tru now faces a 10 year bid and his brother a 12 year stint for his role in the act. I guess that beats the inevitable 25 to Life that they would otherwise be serving, but damn niggas…There’s never really been a question about Tru Life’s involvement and connection to the streets. Dipset tried to make light of it during the heat of their rap spat that was more of a deflection of the real tension with Jay, but their taunting never hit any nerves. This is a guy who first started making waves by appearing on street DVD’s bragging about his crew bustin’ off shots and how they ran up in Mobb Deep‘s recording studio with guns ready to rob the group for backtracking on a verse. Once again, I wonder, is this the result of Jay dropping the kid and leaving him an unsigned, hungry, disgruntled rapper who only saw going back to the streets as an option?? Or is this the shit that the kid was on out of knuckle-headed impatience that made Jay dip in the first place?? Whatever the case is (and apparently, Murder was the case that they gave him), this is when keeping it real doesn’t pay. No one can give you years back off your life. And that’s Tru.

It gets better, order another round

This bastard here just admitted to killing his mother back in November after Thanksgiving in Philadelphia. How did he kill her? With a claw hammer. Why did he kill her? Because they had a 90 minute argument that ended with the 37 year old single mom taking his PlayStation system away. Not only did the 16 year old son strike his mother 20 times in her sleep with the Hammer, this was something that he spent 3 hours thinking about after the argument took place. I don’t even want to say anymore. Read the full story here.

One thing about Negroes (and yes that includes hispanics and other brown minorities) is that they never cease to amaze, shock and awe you. Whether good or bad.

16’s Candles Presents; The Have-Knotz “Blue Valentine – The Aaliyah Mixtape”

Click the pic to download. Do you Feel the Love???

The Damnnnn Lance! And Go HU post!!!

First Monica and Rocko wanna break up, then Fall Out Boy Break up,

and everyday I wake up….

See, a week and a half ago, I went to see the flick Our Family Wedding starring Forest Whitaker, Carlos Mencia, America Ferrara, My New Crush Regina King and my boy Lance Gross.

I went strictly in support of him and also because it doesn’t hurt to have that much star power in a Major film with an all minority cast. Dopeness.

Just when I was about to post up something in Praise of the homey and his starring role, he goes and pulls this shit! What do you mean you and Eva aren’t together anymore?! Public Statement?? Mutual?? A few Months before your wedding??

You and your fiance were suppose to be the bright new burning hope for Young Black love everywhere…a beacon that shone to exemplify that the invisible power struggle doesn’t have to exist, that there could be sex without scandal, that comittment still mattered, that 2 beautiful people (pause) can actually be a dope couple – you were our C-list Brad and Angelina!

Funny right? But this is what people are thinking. That’s waaaaay too much to put on one couple. But they were super symbolic and did inspire lots of Black love. I even felt stronger about my situations after reading articles on them. Anyone can tell you that whatever the circumstances surrounding it, a break-up is the craziest feeling and event that can take place in your emotional life, it’s got to be especially tough in front of the public eye. Iam glad that the general sentiment towards this news is one of sympathy and the media isn’t killing them with snide remarks or backhanded talk. Now I’m sure the parade of Eva hounds and Lance Groupies with googly eyes who have followed him since my school days with him at Howard are sure to resurface. I went to college with the kid when he was doing his track star thing and side modeling. Me and my fellow Bison started dying when we saw him pop-up in random videos like Tony Yayo’s “Curious“, and soon becoming the number one ‘it’ guy for getting dissed in Female R&B singers’ songs like Kelis‘ “Bossy” (where he gets slapped) and Mary J‘s “Take me as Iam” (where he gets wine splashed in his face).

Nevertheless, Gaining a starring role in a widely released Hollywood film is definitely a big deal, and for Lance, this has got to be the official stamp that he has made it. You can thank Tyler Perry for giving him his shot, or just hard work and charm. I guess that’s the balance of life at work huh? You gain something big, you lose something big…I hope this is not a sign that you cannot have both Love and success at the same time and be happy. That would just be the most depressing. As someone who has been dealing with the Break-up word alot recently, this puts things in some other kind of perspective for me, but nevermind all of that…

Since it’s Friday, I’m throwing in my 2 cents and suggesting that you when you go out to a movie this weekend, you consider Our Family Wedding. It’s brought to you by the same guy who did The Best Man and Brown Sugar (and we know how you love those 2!). And while it’s not all deep and thought provoking, it does touch on an interesting subject and is everything fluffy that you’ve come to expect and love from Hollywood.

Plus, support my boy!

I’m still proud of mr. Gross. And Iam SUPER proud of the hundreds of Howard kids I keep running into who I see doing their thing. There’s way too many to name, but I see you!! Good to see people working in their fields…

The first 4 years out, it seemed like everybody was teaching and working in restaurants, but now I see the Takeover. I see ya’ll in my Hood to – Harlem= Howard???


“HU, You Know!!!!!”

I leave you with a song…