Nate Dogg Moments in time; R.I.P.

More Than just a Hook-Man.

I remember I was dealing with this Cali chic back in college. I was riding in her car and looking through her CD collection. She was the only person in the world I knew of who owned Nate Dogg’s entire solo album. I mean, not a single, but the whole thing. And she loved it!

I was very fond of his song “I got Love” and I still am to this day. It was super musical, and the remix was catching a buzz on the East and featured a rapper that my brother began co-managing at the time.

I always told myself, if I ever do karaoke, it has to be at a place that has Hip-Hop, and ONLY if I can perform “Regulate” with one of my friends. When that moment comes, I’m gonna dedicate it to the homie.

In the meantime, I leave you with some of my favorites.

(These are the songs I was just playing this past weekend)

The list is so much longer, but this is enough for now. That’s one more artist I will never get to work with.