NBC is calling you “Colored”…But in a good way right?

As I sat home intently watching the 62nd Annual Emmy Awards this past sunday, I couldn’t help but notice NBC‘s light attack on my sensibilities every 10 minutes with it’s barrage of commercials unleashing it’s new agenda.

It’s one thing to have to endure the expected network promo and propaganda during a large, star-studded, nationally televised event, but what makes this particular onslaught especially cringe-worthy, is that it was shoving this new agenda in our faces. Our multi-racial, see-thru-your-B.S. faces.

Apparently, the new fall line-up for primetime NBC programming is Hellbent on putting forward a politically correct and diverse spin on things, by loading the slots with shows spearheaded by minorities and members of subcultural demographics. While there’s nothing wrong with that at all, it’s the manner in which NBC is going about it that kept bugging me out. It’s like they just opened a bag and dumped it on the table and said ‘Here! see?? We can be equal oppurtunity too!’. There spilling it all out there like they’re proving a point. As if we’re supposed to commend them for FINALLY reflecting a broader scope of the nation at large.  To top it all off, the slogan behind this new campaign is  “More Colorful”. What The Fuck does that mean???!!!

This tagline was first brought to my attention by my homegirl, The Jaded New Yorker (See her blog here; http://www.thejadednyer.net/), in my post about the show, UnderCovers, starring Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw. She pointed out how ridiculously questionable this phrasing was and I felt her eyebrow raise. At first, I shrugged it off…..but after seeing this flash in front of me at least 15 times as I watched an ad spot for a new series about a female U.S. Marshall (Chase) , another one revolving around a Latino Judge (Outlaw, starring Jimmy Smits) , a Comedy about outsourcing that looks like it’s going to be laughing at Southern Asians and Middle Easterners more than laughing with , and finally, a show featuring an overly-dramatic Blair Underwood as a Black president (The Event) , I threw my hands in the air!

It’s more like a quota fill than a new slate. I haven’t seen such a deliberate attempt to attract a new audience and show that a network is in tune since the CW first debuted as the WB and UPN gave us such gems as The Steve Harvey show, Sister Sister and Sparks.

With that said, I’m glad someone’s giving minority actors work, let alone leading roles. It’s really just the marketing that’s killing me a bit. Either way, I’ll still be watching Undercovers and hoping it doesn’t suck or get yanked before it gets good.

Thanks Raquel for foreseeing the wompage.

The Top Female Rappers Bringing Hope & Female Rapper dedication wrap – up


It’s over. I’ve dedicated a good amount of time on my examination of the female rapper species. I’ve dug in the crates, relived some memories I’d like to forget, and re-aquainted myself with some lost favorites in my journey. I rated the game’s biggest female flops, failures, false starts and unsung Heroines. I can only hope that in the process, I’ve enlightened you or at the very least, Made you say “Oh Snap! I remember that!

True enough, from the feedback I’ve been getting,  and as I mentioned before, there are plenty of women-folk who I didn’t make note of in my lists. Sure, I could have said something about Sylk E. Fyne, or Marvaless, Jacki-O or Mutha Superior in my forgotten or fail posts. And yes I could have made mention of NonChalant, or Heather B. or E-40‘s little sister, Suga T. I could’ve even taken it a step further and called out that chic Eco from that song “I’ll Call Before I Come” off Stankonia, or Lola Damone, Dutchess, Or 2Pac‘s one and only female Outlaw, Storm, or Outkast‘s other failed female guest rapper from the horrrendous “Mamacita” song on Aquemeni. But that’s what you’re here for. You keep me on my toes.

I already shared my feelings on the delicacies of being a woman in hip-hop and the art of handling just the right balance to surpass expectations. Having that said, I just wanted to end this whole adventure in ladyland by giving you something bright. Yes, some HOPE.

I’ll give you a quick list of my favorite female rappers of all time, and then give you my votes for the New Hope of women using Hip-Hop as their preferred voice of expression who stand a ghost of a chance.

My favorites have always been;


Angie Martinez

Ladybug Mecca

Monie Love

Mc Lyte

Da Brat

Lauryn Hill (A.K.A. one of the best rappers/musicians Ever. period)

And now for…

The Top 10 Female Rappers bringing Hope

Honorable Mentions

* P-Star *

Don’t sleep. I’ve seen this kid do her thing at age 6! Now she’s so cultivated that her flow is just second nature and she’s getting more and more polished every year. She may be chasing that kiddie paper, but her back story is serious and there’s no childs-play about her. There’s even a documentary coming out about her. She may very well be that chic when she’s all grown up. Catch up on her on http://www.pstarrising.com/pstar-blog

*Farrah Burns*

One of those who are naturally nice and has talent just seeping out of her pores, you’d be more familiar if she put more damn work in! her seductive voice coupled with an effortless delivery but slick wit is a match that the game’s been waiting to hear from a chic. If she didn’t hate me so much right now, I ‘d be so about pushing her.

* Mae Day*

She’s Just dope. But we’ll wait to hear more.

10. NeMiss

This petite self-proclaimed “Bombshell” from Chicago is a vocalist and rapstress with style and heart. You don’t know what to expect until she opens up on stage and gets in full mode. She fully embraces her femininity and uses that to her advantage by creating powerful anthems and empowering rhymes without being in-your-face or aggressively beating her point into the listeners head. It’s just like the right dose of awareness you need without waving the “hear me roar” flag. Visit http://www.oz-d.com/Nemiss/bio.htm

9. Nikki Lynette

This name must just be popular amongst women who decide to rap. It sounds right off of the tongue. But sooner or later, this will probably be the only Nikki who’s name will be in your mouth anyway. Another Chicago Syren, She’s brillaint. That is all…

Learn more at http://www.nikkilynette.com/

8. Nina B

Who else has been the most visible female rapper hitting the internets in the last 3 years? Nobody better than Ms. B! That’s really all I have to say. No reason why you shouldn’t know her name at this point. Ask Kay Slay. Get familiar with her on http://remembermeninab.ning.com/

7. Brittany Street

My favorite of the Female rappers bubbling under and about to make a name, this chic is the definition of cool. Like most female rappers, she dabbles a little into the vocals, but her cleverness and quirkiness is what makes her stand out. What defines it tho, and what makes it star-worthy, is that she wraps it up in a laid-back package. So as much as she claims to be a “Martian”,  she always sounds down to Earth. Fly in her stratosphere on http://www.brittanystreet.com/blog/

6. Eternia

The dopest female performer I’ve seen if not one of the best performers I’ve seen period. She’s leading the underground circuit heavy right now and making Toronto look like a hotbed for the best rap talent in a long time. Nevermind being worried about white chics taking over, be worried about Canadians about to run the game! keep doing your thing E!

5. Jasmine Solano

Another super-dope performer and an all around Triple Threat. I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Solano last summer for my first ever Janet Jackson vs. Madonna party. She’s the definition of a grinder and is somewhat of a celebrity and a rising industry tastemaker. So don’t be surpised if you see her rapping, singing or DJing at your favorite somebody’s favorite big event. She’s only gonna keep going up!

4. Diamond/Rasheeda

The best thing about Crime Mob and the only pretty thing that ATL rap has given us to listen to have been putting it down locally for a minute. So much so, that it’s only a matter of time before one of them hits that national level of exposure with a nice radio smash. Diamond’s touched it a couple times, but never on her own. And Rasheeda has the flair, she just has to deliver. Either way, in the words of Andre “the south got somethin’ to say!“.

3. Kid Sister

She does that electro-retro, pop, bubbly, colorful dance stuff alot, but when you listen, She’s mastered her craft. She can speed it up, slow it down, sing… Alot of chics haven’t exhibited that kind of versatility or control, even if they can do it. She’s apart of the new revolution of creative women who you can’t just squeeze in a box. She’s doing what she wants, having fun doing it, and looking good all at the same time. What a concept!

2. Lil Mama

Yeah, yeah, she might be a little extra, but shorty CAN spit. You may only think of her as the “Lip Gloss” chic who ran up on stage during Jay and Alicia’s MTV awards set, but Youtube her and you’ll find some bars. It’s been a long time since you heard that kind of flexibility with the flow, and having already had commercial succes, albeit short-lived, she’s still ahead of the curve. Now she’s tenacious enough to have parlayed her brief fame into extended fame by becoming an MTV mainstay as a judge on it’s America’s Best Dance Crew show, let’s see if she can parlay that into more music success. We’ll see. In the meantime, peep her old rap over the “A Milli” beat.

1. Bran ‘Nu

Say what you wanna say, but Brandy‘s alter ego is going to see the light of day. And how many of you went and checked for her on Timbaland‘s album after watching her and Ray Jj’s reality show on VH1?? Once you listen, you see it’s clear that she actually has a dope rap voice, a believable rap flow, and she writes her own lyrics. And I personally think it’s dope how she incorporates her singing into her rap verses.  And with her lean towards introspection, which is something that only like 2 female rappers have really  done, she may be the breath of fresh air needed or at least a well rounded rapper who takes time to be human and not the flyest, baddest, illest or rawest. I think if she does her next album like a hybrid of both worlds, we may have the closest thing to another Miseducation…dare I say? Maybe I’m bias because I like Brandy, the singer alot. But I’m just saying, the void is freakin’ HUGE, and she has natural talent.

Go Visit The New WWW.MALIK-16.COM!!!

Okay Kiddies,

Back in Full Effect is the site bearing my name. The place where it all started.


There would be no 16’sCandles without Malik-16.com

This was my intro to the world, my first foray into the web universe and the branding of my identity.

This revamp marks the end of an era. As well as a new beginning.

This is the last time working with my beautiful collaborator Amina Brown.

In a way, we both grew a degree or so since Fall 2006 when this all started. Always the astute businesswoman and entreprenuer, I’ve worked with her from her start at Thirdeyedigital media to her own Avenue 8 Design comapny.

She’s taken off to pursue bigger and better things but her work with me is greatly appreciated.

Everything ever done on the site has been a product of us putting our heads together.

I remember my Behind The Rhyme section of the site, which was the springboard for the Hot 16 …Or More… section of this blog. I was ambitious enough to think I could put up monthly videos of myself rapping (In my closet of all places!) and breakdowns of the meanings and literary devices within the verses.

It was a dope idea. And Amina helped me execute it in a dope way, but all things must come to an end…

3 Mission statements, 5 mixtapes and 4 Site Intros later, and what I leave you with is this;

Malik-16.com – The stationary homepage, complete with all you need to get well acquainted with the best artist you’ve never heard of: Co-signs, EPK, Bio, a video explanation, exclusive downloads of my first 2 mixtapes, My now legendary Rap City appearance, and links to this very blog. The Spinoff in a sense…

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