*New Malik-16 & Brandon Carter Track ft. Mel Gibson* – “Pack Of Niggers”

This was supposed to be a surprise song that wasn’t gonna drop until tomorrow when we perform together at Santos, but Somebody wanted to be an eager beaver *ahem*. And as Drake so eloquently pointed out, that “can be the collapse of a dam”.

Good thing we’re just that Dam good at this parody game.

This time we brought Mel Gibson along for the ride to enlighten you Niggers (Yeah, ER). And yeah I name-dropped Clayton Bigsby in there. And Brandon produced the beat, with a little of my input, but he always mixes my verses wack when I record with him…I smell sabotage….what do you guys think?

Enjoy. And download the song at this link


Now you can tell all your friends you officially own the most ignorant song of the summer. You’re welcome!