Groundhog’s Day & The Oscars sees it’s own Shadow!!

I don’t ever really acknowledge this Holiday, let alone remember it. Nor do I know how this whole fuckery with Groundhog’s and their shadows began (I’ll look it up), But I DO KNOW that This movie, starring Bill Murray is one of the funniest ever and one of my Favorite movies of all time. At first I thought EVERYONE loved it like I do, but in recent years, I’ve found that some of you deem it as corny. That saddens me. To that I say, repeat your viewing experience. Meaning watch it again. And again. And again. And again…

Bill Murray is one Genuinely funny guy. While you’re out watching this again for the first time, do yourself a favor and check out What About Bob? and Osmosis Jones. This is what we call PG comedy kids. Before Family Guy confounded our morality concepts, therefore affecting our barometer for what’s funny. Now it’s like something isn’t funny if it’s not involving drugs or offending some group in a politically incorrect way.  Where’s the Balance? can we still enjoy The Simpsons and The Cleveland Show simultaneously? *sigh*…America….

Anyway, can’t mention a movie without bringing up the 82nd ever Oscar Award nominations that were announced today.

This means I’ll be alive (Lord Willing) to see it when it makes the 100th annual Oscar awards. Hopefully, I’ll BE THERE.

But as you probably have heard, the Best Picture category has been doubled this go round. I’m surprised at some inclusions such as District 9, but I’m excited about the movies that made it this year. Really colorful for the Academy, which usually pulls out a selection of the 4 most dramatic films that came out two months before and that 1 random indie that the masses never even really heard of. This time out, there’s all kinds of action films, multi-racial casts, and mostly modern era projects with more-digestable subject matter.

I’m guessing this is a reflection of what 2009 had to offer, and maybe the Academy’s lightening up after seeing the overwhelming response and demand for films like The Dark Knight, that may not have even been on their radar before, to be taken as seriously as the super melancholy and offbeat fare that is usually celebrated. It seems like that, and maybe the fact that there weren’t so many period pieces, full of english actors or Woody Allen and Clint Eastwood movies this year!

I would have Never imagined that such a Disney-esque storylined film like The Blindside would be up for honors, especially since even tho it is based on a true story, we’ve seen this tale told before.

But I did hear that Sandra Bullock did a Great job, so I might go for her. This Gabby chic acted her ass off in Precious, but how do we know that was a stretch for her? And do we want every black actor who wins to be some kind of 1-off fluke because they just lucked up and got their role of a lifetime? (Jaime? Jennifer?)Besides, she just started, she has time to prove herself as a true actress. The nom alone is a huge success. I’m kinda going for Meryl for playing Julia Childs, but I haven’t seen it, and she has enough of these little gold statues…

So you could imagine the same way I feel about Gabby, I feel about Monique’s nom. But on the contrary, I think Mo should and might get it. She has “acted” if you wanna call it that, enough to know where she can go, and hopefully a win would quiet her big, loud ass down for a second and give her that graceful transformation that Queen Latifah and Whoopi underwent.

As much as I want Precious and it’s director Lee Daniels to win, I know the favorite here is Avatar and Hurt Locker.

I still got my fingers crossed for Up and The Princess & The Frog tho…To the point, if Princess doesn’t win something significant (at least best original song) I’mma be Angry-Black-Man MAD!!

Speaking of Avatar, on this yahoo post about Oscar snubs, the writer brings up a great point about Zoe Saldana not getting her acting credit for her role in Avatar, and how maybe the Academy doesn’t yet recognize or understand the art of CGI induced performance. They make a good point. The general consensus is that she carries the movie. I have a semi-crush on her so I feel that.

Here’s that article;

What you think Raquel?