More “Negroes In The News” – Brooklyn Bullshit leads to a killing on tape, Soulja Boy has the ‘Juice’ now & Real Black girls take the Amazing Race stash

Right back at it, I’m going right into the second dose of Negroes In The News.

If you haven’t seen or heard the Obama equivalent to Jay-Z‘s “Takeover”, toward The Donald, hereitgo! 


Last week I woke up to the coverage of this super-unfortunate and super ignorant happening. Apparently, this fool in the video here rode on an elevator with this teenager and shot him dead, with it all caught on surveillance in a Brownsville project building in Brooklyn. The vividness of the video is what caught me. In all of my years, I don’t ever recall seeing gunfire shown on news footage. The other part which is shocking is just how dumb this muthafucka has to be. This took place in the same area where my cousins are from, and where I spent plenty of time as a child back when it was a regular war zone in the 1980’s. Guess it’s trying to live up to its rep. At the cost of more young Black lives…

On the subject of young and Black, and I do mean young, every Hip-Hop purists’ favorite punching bag, Soulja Boy has been causing a stir with his announcement that he is remaking the urban classic film Juice. When I first heard about this, I, like I’m sure many of you are, was utterly baffled and disgusted at the same time. Before you trip however, this is not some big HollyWood studio’s brilliant idea. Now I can break down how Soulja Boy was actually BORN in the very year that the original movie came out, or how at press time, he only had Waka Flocka locked in as a cast member, but it sounds so much more ridiculous when Deandre explains it in his own words and shows you just how flighty and dumb the impetus for this great re-imagining was. makes it even better, is that this news has re-ignited the beef that he had with Ice-T a couple years back. My sister seems to think he’s a genius. I really like the kid for what he does. I do. Yet and still, “the youth is wasted…”

And to wrap things up, How cool is it that the winners of CBS‘ long-running reality hit, Amazing Race, are 2 Black sisters from Chicago? One of them with a ghetto name? Read about it

Obama Pulls the Plug on War, Recharges another…

It’s Officially the 1st day of September,

a hot one at that,

and to kick off the beginning of my season, President Obama has promised to end a whole entire war.

In his 2nd ever address from the Oval office, Obama declared that the combat mission in Iraq is over and that the initial decision to engage was a mistake and this is the admission to that.

It is public knowledge that Obama was opposed to the Iraq occupation from the onset, usually trading sentiments with George W. Bush and other Republican defenders of the war. However, in his address, Obama notes that he personally called Bush and conversed on the situation at hand in Iraq, and then accentuated the positive aspects of Bush’s intentions as a Devoted American.

In either case, While Obama insists that the number one priority in the U.S. is tending to the economy, this withdrawal from Iraq will see 50,000 American troops remaining for support and counter-terrorism training, and only serves as an effort to strengthen the U.S. presence in Afghanistan. So this is a relief in one way, and a headache in another. The agenda continues…I just read that the war in Afghanistan is now the longest since Vietnam. We just don’t hear about it consistently.

We as Americans have forgotten why we are in either territory to begin with. As Anti-Muslim sentiments grow and grow daily in the face of the Ground Zero Mosque debate, none of these Military moves seem to be helping anything. When U.S. soldiers leave Iraq next year, will it be any better than when they entered almost a decade ago?

I commend Obama for his stance on the situation and making a bold move that will reunite families and keep thousands of our brave young men out of an unecessary environment, but the American Government still gets the side eye from me, until all War is on pause for a minute…

How about we worry about the oil spill that we caused that will fuck up an entire OCEAN system for years to come? How about that??

Oh, and I stole this Obama pic from an Associated Press article because it looked so iconic. You gotta love it.