Since I brought it up…

The new Avengers Cartoon is the SHIT!! By the way…

It officially premieres on the 20th, but these mini preview episodes I watched last night are better than all of the X-Men animated series I’ve ever seen. Marvel knows what it’s doing!

My Month is gettin Doper…

OCTOBER Starts with discovery of New Planet that can hold Life! But we lose 2 “Planets”

It’s October. My Month.

And I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate than the discovery of a new “Possibly Habitable” Planet to mark the best month of the year!

And as if that wasn’t enough, it resides in the constellation Libra and as such, it lies right in the middle of the habitable zone of the Star(Gliese 581) which it orbits between a hot and cold planet. DOPE!

The discovery was made by a team of west coast astronomers who have been doing research on this region of space for nearly 11 years based on findings from one of the world’s largest optical telescopes in Hawaii.

What makes it possibly habitable is the fact that it’s orbit,  just like that of planets in our solar system is basically circular, but this one is locked tidally to the star which stabilizes it’s surface. More importantly, the area where it sits between the other 2 planets near it, places it where it can sustain liquid water on and within it’s surface. You can read all of the specifics and scientific jargon on this NASA link.

I have my suspicions about what exactly is done concerning space and the information handed to us, but at the same time, I have a huge admiration and respect for the level of depth and intellect goes into it. That means this is exciting either way you slice it.

On another note – Ironically so, earlier on, the GM company announced that it’s Mercury line would shut down for the 2011 season. Adding to the casualty list now is Saturn, a company with the tagline “A Different Kind Of Car”. The line was developed to compete with the rise in popularity of foreign import passenger vehicles, but stalled due to lack of innovation. In my experience, I’ve only really seen women pushing Saturns, and I always thought that the obvious Plastic body design was lame. I don’t generally like American-made cars unless we’re talking Jeeps, but as someone who lost his Pontiac earlier this year, another General Motors manufactured line that got canceled, I feel the loss. I think it’s amazing how life works sometimes…It’s poetic in a way; we find a planet that may host other life, or quite possibly our own in the future, and in the same swoop, we lose 2 figurative Planets. Such is the Balance…

*Zoloft Files Edition* Hot 16…Or More…OCTOBER

October 22nd,

the month I was born. You’ve Never met a rapper more proud of being Born in said month or of being a Libra.

This is my mission statement.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.

“Winter Spring and Summer put on Nice shows,

But when the breeze came, then I put on my coat,

and when the leaves change – that’s the way that I know,


I’m Home

Born into the fall – will I fall? I feel like I have,

Fallin – if I fall – hope it’s forward, and never back.

Brought some more time for him to crawl up – back on his path,

My aura’s always been Orange – also a little Black.

Halloween tinted,

No tricks or treats with it,

-nah – just me and Lenox, Edgecombe and St.Nicholas

– in the crazy 80’s

facing the epidemics,

-cooked cocaine babies…

make believe corner-chemists.

The first day I breathed – 22nd,

weighed me in the same way that them dealers was weighing they crack to sell…

…So here comes baby me – made to be, something special,

-parents made a Libra,

so yeah, I know I about them scales.

I understand the Balance,

but couldn’t stand the boundaries surrounding,

I promised myself, I’d fly out ’em.

But I was more Daedalus than Pegasus,

Dad had made us wings,

but the sun had done away with them.

So back on concrete I created this,

virtual escape with this,

trend that had came in with the kids who was breakin’ an,

kids with tin cans on subways spraying names with them,

Disco DJ’s began scratching – something happened called rapping and it caved me in!

Suddenly became the win,

wings couldn’t work last time – but rhymes gave me wind!

So I couldn’t fly,

just glide…

but that was just fine, cause it took me outside…

Of my life, and the chaos out-right,

-if at least for a minute, that’s enough to buy time.

Now I was introduced to comic books,

same time rhyming shook, the world – so as a 5-year old – I just put…

The 2 in same place…

Cause to me,

Professor X and KRS had the same face!

Their goals were the same, basically:

Stop The Violence,

Use all their natural powers,

naturally I was…

Drawn to it – hopin’ I could, actually try ta,

join the X-Men or De La, or Stetsasonic,

When I get,


and grow up in the mold of – a superhero, who’s blown up on a poster – since…

Being a rapper’s the closest…

Thing to being larger than life – with the exposure…

You can really touch people’s life – in the tone of,

– a whole song…

In a positive light,

Tho’ we know the,

negative is always in sight,

My Persona…

Would be a product of my,

very own month,

It’s funny how the Fall takes life,

just to grow some,

then it brings an earlier night,

like there’s no sun,

then it change the temperature slight,

a little colder,

but then you get to dress up the flyest,

So here’s my Ode ta,

the part of year that’s my favorite time,

when the old does,

away to make room for the new…


Hope you learned something…

Click the picture of the mixtape cover to download it.