Why did this ad REALLY Come down??? Maybe this film knows…

So by now, you’ve all seen the ad that has everyone up in arms. Controversial is an understatement. 

While the overall reaction to this ad was one of unanimous disapproval, the subsequent thoughts from the frenzy have been loosely divided. However, that’s only a by-product of the ever polarizing debate on abortion itself.

Whether or not the numbers provided by the organization behind the ad that claimed Blacks are at ridiculously high rates of abortion cases in the country are factual, the real issue here is why Blacks show up in high percentages in these statistics in the first place. Whether that number is 20%, 35% or 63%, as only 12% of the population in the U.S. , with an already high number incarcerated, any number in the double digits should be unacceptable for Blacks. It’s an indication that something is very wrong, as I can assure you that while every woman should have her choice, there is NOTHING ok about abortion.

I’ve read from comments on this that it is another attack on Black women and their right to choose. That it’s an inferiority tactic aimed to make Black women feel insecure and uncomfortable. If you remember from a previous post that I wrote on these so called “Attacks” on African-American women, this is still just pseudo feminist rhetoric that I  don’t get the logic in. Why would this be a desired outcome? What gain comes from this by the evil factions and powers at play? Just mind games? Ehh…

A more grounded and unfortunately grisly view may be the one that this organization horribly attempted to get across with this fuck-up of an ad. This is the view that organizations such as Planned Parenthood target minorities with a form of coaxing to give up their pregnancies under the guise of empathy. It lends itself to the more stark and grim idea of population control.

This may be old news to some of you, but a heavy documentary about this was released 2 years ago called MAAFA 21. It centers around the Eugenics movement and how it targeted African-Americans and Blacks globally  in attempts to stifle the rise and initially, the continuation of the race. There are excerpts from historical documents and newsletters, the origins of Planned Parenthood and it’s agenda are unearthed, and there’s even a connection between genocide and Charles Darwin‘s theories.

If you have never seen this film, I suggest you look for it and watch it and come to your own conclusions. It definitely has a slant, but is backed by so much empirical evidence, that room for falsehood is little. I don’t know how long this link will exist, but I watched it in 3 parts on a Chinese site here http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/3s6MHdSdehA/

If not, the official site is http://www.maafa21.com/