Debut Download – Have-Knotz “Microphone”


so I’m doing a group team-up album with my brothers Bobby and Komp’L the YungLad and my GemStars LLC family. Collectively, the 3 of us are known as The Have-Knotz, and anyone who knows us or has witnessed my performances, knows all about our penchant for making Broke Baller anthems.

Well now, we’re just gonna take things a step up.

And Gemstars are one of the dopest production teams on the come-up, so be on the look out for our project coming in Spring, lord willin’, and here’s a taste of what the boys sound like together.

This is just a thrown together joint we did over Slaughterhouse’s “Microphone” with a rough mix,

So just imagine what we do when we give you original material that took time and effort.

“We Focused”! – word to Komp’L!