Redhead drops his second video for my song “Talk White” featuring me and Bobby

Against my better wishes, The homie Redhead was hungry to release the follow-up visual to his lead off video from his instant classic, The Schemata. Straight from a renegade shoot that we did back on one cool day in November/December, his second video is actually the first video off part 2 of my project slated to drop later this year. The song “Talk White” is somewhat of a fabled track in the Malik-16 timeline. Produced by my P.N.C. Khalil a.k.a K.Lio – who just went thru another name change to Jim Nastic, the track laid dusty for 2 years before I took a liking to it and made this concept song that became a favorite among my brief management. My disillusioned would-be handlers thought this song was big enough to be my “P.S.A.” (not likely). But I did like it enough to keep it on the tracklisting. And the homie Bobby from my Gemstars fam loved it, so I decided to spruce it up for a remix and call up  him and Redhead to expound on the paradox of rapping with a less than threatening voice and good enunciation. Red decided to put it on his album as well and so now you can hear 2 different versions of the song. His version features an alternate verse from me and 2 different verses from him. Mine features Bobby and 2 different verses from me. Here’s the video that gives you the best of both worlds…Directed by Redhead and I and edited by Redhead for dolo.

The talent is immense…

New Redhead Video “Aim To Please (Shoot To Kill)”

And this is how I shall start the year off. The first clip from Red’s Dope Schemata album just happens to be for my favorite song. Look out for our joint video coming soon which is for a song of mine that he remixed and then I remixed again.


New Redhead album – “The Schemata”!!!!!

I got 2 treats for you kiddies in the spirit (he he, get it?) of Halloween. The first being the long awaited album from the kid Redhead, The Schemata. A pretty much autobiographical project, Redhead takes us on a ride thru his journey from birth to the now, in always entertaining and introspective fashion. He even features one of my songs from my upcoming album that’s been remixed! Dopeness!

Click on the image of the cover to download and listen 


For mobile users, click on this link

In the meantime, to whet your appetite further, here’s the second trailer for the album.

Redhead drops the trailer for his new album “THE SCHEMATA”

On the kid’s birthday, it makes sense that I post his brilliant trailer to get you guys ready for the release of his album The Schemata, dropping on Halloween.

Who is Redhead? and what the Fuck is The Schemata?? Well, that’s pretty much the question that he’s posing here.

Piece it together…


RedHead x Malik-16 “Kyla Pratt Remix”

Fresh from the end of last month,

Here’s the remix to my Boy RedHead‘s “Kyla Pratt” over the Party Boyz “Flex” track featuring yours truly.

Shout out to Meka for the DopeBoyz Love,

New RedHead “Kyla Pratt”

Since we were on this streak of Ignorant music, I figured I’d conclude it by giving you a dose of something entertaining with a bit of common sense. So on the very same instrumental to what I just informed you in the previous post has become my new favorite rap song right now,

My boy RedHead has just dropped a mixtape track titled “Kyla Pratt”.

Not only does the Young Boy KILL this beat, We also Love the name and his age appropriate affinity for the now Grown-up ms. Pratt, who makes it to his own personal Crush Alot section somewhere out there.

Nevermind the gritty sound Quality. That just makes it Gangsta. It’s a rough Draft he says.

F that! This is Hip-Hop, kids. Enjoy….

The Great Plastic Heist!

So like I told you, I stole these damn Plastic Wine Glasses from the Robin Thicke listening session Last week. This is me coming from the session outside of  Manhattan’s Chung King studio alongside Ms. GangStarrGirl herself and the kid RedHead. Peep the TomFoolery…