Maybe Rap Beef isn’t DEAD! – Thanks Cudi! Thanks Cocaine!

Let’s make this clear…I’m not one of those people who don’t think rap beef has a place in the game anymore. I want it to come back. I LOVE IT!

This, in case you young dumb fucks don’t know, is what built Hip-Hop into the force that it is now. It’s a thing called competition.

It’s behind the inception of the careers of some of your favorites, and some of the greats. KRS owes his career to it, so does Salt-N-Pepa. Didn’t Freeway come in handling beef for Jay and Beanie during the introduction of the State Property camp? I can go on with the list of who’s made a career of and from battling, but you busters probably should just go back and pick up some copies of Wildstyle and the Beef series.

As I pointed out in last month’s article about Jeezy goin at Officer Rozay, somewhere along the lines, the progenitors of the new millenium killed the art form of battle-rap by just over-doing it. It’s no longer special to call someone out or hear a challenge of who’s better. People have mis-used and abused this secret weapon…Creating false beefs, taking subliminals, building anti-climactic conclusions and just looking emotional. Which brings us to the second reason why beef appears to have died in the last 7 years; The image. The Status Quo has changed dramatically, to the point where wasting your breath to respond or show even the slightest twinge of concern at someone taking shots at your character makes one appear less composed or tough. It’s far cooler now to lend a half a bar towards an antagonist than to go in on them and dedicate a whole song or verse aimed at a particular wayward soul who dares detract from fandom. That would be too much of an investment into them. The majority of us have adopted this snobbish approach in rap, feeling as tho silence is the best retaliation. True enough, this works better in real life, where I wish more niggas would actually put this into practice, but not in rap where the whole premise is bravado.

The third reason would be that 2 of the most prolific and prominent figures in rap music history have died over what seemingly stemmed from a beef. This put to bed how far heads wanted to go with verbally assaulting one another on record and things have never been quite the same since…It would seem niggas would rather air out their grievances with a good gun fight and recording disses that would just leave things artistically settled has become lame. All I know is that somebody’s gonna have to shoot me cause I don’t plan on biting my tongue if I’m not rocking with someone.

Having that said, maybe it was a blessing in disguise that this code of silence has lingered for the past few years. With the exception of the random and desperate jabs made by 50, there has been no major rap beef worth noting in a long time. But some barbs being traded recently have been pointing towards a state of unrest within the game that needs to manifest itself through a good contest of words to bring the balance back. I knew everybody in the biz couldn’t all be buddies like they were trying to have us believe.

The most vivid of these new shots flying has come from Wale and another dude who’s popular like Rozay but makes me wonder if I’m in the Twilight Zone, Kid Cudi – everyone’s favorite druggie. Apparently, amidst revealing his drug habit, news spread this weekend via his interview with Complex mag (Read more on it at this link at ) that quoted him making statements about Wale being a “Silly-ass rapper” and not being able to fuck with him musically because he’s been too nice and laid back towards his haters. I wasn’t even aware that Cudi has haters since everywhere I go it seems that his fans are at stan levels about his weird mood music. He’s just a muthafucka I don’t get and don’t wanna get. Only people I hear bigging him up are weed-heads or worse. You shouldn’t have to be on a hallucinogen to enjoy someone’s music. On another note, weren’t these 2 guys BOYS just a second ago??? I recall reading through XXL‘s 2nd Freshman Class issue, and these guys were all off to their own corner during the whole thing, high-fiving each other. Also, why is this guy still being labeled as a hip-hop artist? He clearly just drones through most of his songs which are usually over trippy hybrid sonic-beds. So he has YET to release a song to the commercial public where he str8 raps, but Drake gets crucified for ‘singing too much‘ when he raps his heart out everytime he does spit and he made it clear that he sings and raps from the gate. Cudi claims hip-hop and makes quite the opposite. Even his demeanor and slant is in a rock-ish electro – pop direction. But alas, tho I could obviously care less about Mr. Rager’s career and his drug habit, I do know potential for a good beef when I see it brewing. His place as a beloved mainstream outcast and underground darling makes him a luminary that garners attention, and being that Wale is a contemporary of his, albeit a less successful one, it does seem to be a beef that wouldn’t go quietly if pursued. And for that and that alone, I thank Cudi, for giving me some hope that there might be a rap battle worth anticipating in the near future. Maybe Wale can get this guy to actually be mad enough to rap and show us all how truly wack he is when he’s not putting us in a trance. Cheers!

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