Rich-Education – Chapter 2


Have you ever heard this term before? “Keep It Simple Stupid!”

Its predominantly used in motivational business meetings. It encourages salespeople to learn the product and when selling, explain it in a bare bones sales pitch to empower the customer with the information they need, not the unnecessary gaffe.

You’re asking, What does this derogatory term about consumers have to do with how I run my life 5?

Well I’m glad you asked!

Keep it simple stupid, keep it simple Simon, keep information simply sweet, K.I.S.S., and which ever way it is used in meetings today is a social science on it’s own. If you keep it simple, then more will get accomplished. That is the sole purpose of that term. You accomplish more with less. Lo and behold this term does not only work in business but in relationships, conversations, speeches, directions, cookbooks, school, etc. When you keep it simple then everyone wins. Now, as much as I would love to say, “everyone should follow this motif!”, there is an unfortunate negative side to all this simplicity. The use of acronyms and emoticons are making their way into our school essays, books, commercials, television programs, down to even our english language. Nine out of ten text messages have some form of abbreviation. That being said the K.I.S.S. rule should be applied in moderation as to not indoctrinate our language with bad grammar. My rule of thumb goes back to the decision making post I wrote earlier. Proper timing when answering a question, responding to a text and even writing an essay will allow you to filter the bad behaviors and come up with complete sentences that offer little to no filler. I personally take an extra 60 seconds after I type a reply to read what I have wrote and I find ways to cut certain words off. Make a shorter more complete sentence. I don’t expect anyone to follow my direction, yet I should say that I am one of the most concise people I know when it comes to communication. My background in retail allowed me to hone my craft and create perfect pitches or explanations about any particular product and I have generated a lot of return business for the stores I have worked in. Also with my close friends I am typically the “go-to guy” when someone needs a second look on a particular subject. This concerned effort in simplifying the indescribable allows one to gain a broader perspective in analyzing a situation and with the tools aforementioned they can filter out the filler and make a proper decision.


Ok sorry! Simply put, if you keep it simple now then you reduce the bullshit later.

Rich-Education – Chapter 1


Hello ladies and gents this is Who is Number 5? In his debut entry to 16’scandles. I want to hit the ground running as it’s been a long time coming that I’ve been trying to contribute. That being said let me introduce you to Rich-Education. The culmination of life experiences and the proper guidelines in how to follow them. I came up with this concept while soaking in the behaviors of others and how they differ and/or compare with common knowledge, emotional reactions towards it, my perspective on the subject, the status quo’s, plus many other countless answers to the topics. I am not writing this to stroke my ego because as you read you will see in some examples that I am either guilty of it as well  and/or I am an active participant. I am writing this to make people aware of what it “IS” and what is being done on our part and what can be done to encourage, avoid, or take advantage of “IT” (whatever the topic is).

My first topic is the concept of “Decisions”. What does this have to do with me you ask? Well look at each one of your experiences in life, whether good or bad, and try and connect one with the other. Ok, the next question on your mind should be, “Hey 5?, how can I compare the birth of my child with the time I ran away from home?”. Well its simple. You compare it with the actions that led you to make those decisions. Normally everyone around you and everything that surrounds you affects how you will react and what you ultimately decide to do. In layman’s terms, you are a product of your decisions. I created an equation which sums up my perspective on why we make decisions. It goes Decisions = Opportunity x Timing/Motivation. This simple equation will explain what can affect someone’s decision in choosing one particular action over another. Opportunity is the window that allows you to make the decision. Without opportunity then you can’t very well decide to choose it, end of story. Motivation is the drive you have to pursue that action. Without motivation then pretty much the decision won’t be a pleasant one if you decide to make it. More on motivation later. Now as we get to timing we must first talk about what time does for us. Time in theory is never ending and omnipresent, which means that it does not only pertain to the future, it also includes the past. Without time then there is nothing whatsoever. Timing on a similar note is more specific. Timing is how long that window will be open for. Some of us see timing as once in a lifetime, others create their own timing. Those of us who study, work, raise their kids, struggle to make ends meet, take care of family and/or friends, etc. live a delicate balance between the two and pick decisions that would benefit themselves and others. This is where motivation plays a dominant factor. One is motivated when the decision can create a benefit towards themselves or others they care for. No one will be motivated to do something when their will be no reputable results. It is one of the sole reasons people quit their jobs, don’t perform their jobs to their full potential, and/or take advantage of their job’s resources. For example, if you have an opportunity to clock out and go home before 3pm and still get paid until 8pm, then you will look into your own benefit in doing so. Opportunity in this example is going home, timing is from the time you realize you can leave and 3pm and your motivation is whether you will benefit from doing it at that time. Its a difficult decision to make if you really love your job and/or you really need to work and can’t risk losing your job. But imagine if you hated your job, or your boss just gave you an earful about someone else’s mistake. Now your motivation is higher which makes it an easier decision.

How can I make better decisions??

Ahhh I’m glad you asked. If you’ve noticed in my last example I made the aggressor motivation. Let’s see what happens when timing is the aggressor. Since 3pm is when the decision had to be made what if it was from 3pm to 4 or 5pm. You have an extra two hours to make your decision. What can happen in those two hours? The entire world can happen. Your bosses rant could’ve solved itself or he/she could’ve apologized which eases even the most heated of arguments. Your once hated job may have gotten a little less frustrating because of a friendly coworker or customer. Simply put, the larger amount of time involved then the more time you have to think rationally. Timing divided by motivation is a simple fraction. If timing is larger than motivation then it’s safe to say that you will make a better decision. If motivation is larger than timing then you will look over the irrational and have a higher chance to make a bad situation worse.

Decisions are entirely up to the person, which is why we are all unique in similar ways. The opportunities that are presented to you have and will be offered to others. Depending on what you have gone through will determine the result.

*Zoloft Files Edition* Hot 16…Or More…AMETHYST HAIL (THE RAIN)


Let’s start Volume 2 and Day 9 of The Zoloft Files off with a bang!

This is Track 1 off of Volume 2 and my 2nd Favorite song off of this collection.

It just sets the tone for the whole project, and while it mirrors the sentiments of the 1st track off of Volume 1, “Death Of A Salesman”, it is waaay less intense and particular. It’s actually more telling of the entire mood in which I was in while making this mixtape. It’s bigger than Hip-hop! For real!

Thanks to 9th Wonder for making this beat available for me to dance all over!

Get your umbrellas,




It’s no stones in my cloud!!


them stones coming down:

Amethyst Hail, violet and round

It violently drowns,

the skylight is loud,

the stifling sound of…

Purple Rain – feel like Twilight right now.

But it’s broad day,

it feels like it al-ways,

rains on me…

Personal storm cloud Halo adorns me.

The weather man warned me,

‘it’s gon’ rain!’


-but my attitude was pitter-patter

-like I got my own private Seattle,

blame it on the elevation,

tried to get high off life,

but that precipitation -had something in mind more like…

Final Destination,

Pickett fences visions – went the way of wicked witches.

And they get wet, decay – melt away,

and the drips against the window pane – paints the picture of the fix I’m in cause…

My life is condescending,

I breathe into the glass,

-and write ‘SignMe!’ with my index finger – hopin you pass…

And do just what the fog just said,

Nah! This far from Charlotte’s Web,

no subliminal advertising can hope to market him.

No lighting in a bottle,

just the quiet of the storm,

silent thunder can describe his hunger, cause it’s quite as strong.

But if it’s unheard,

how can they put you on, like a ponch?

Tried to launch my career,

and turn into The Swan

– from the Ugly Duckling,

-stuck here in this muddy rut that,

-that they call comin up and bubblin,


I’ve been up and comin’,

-for an uncomfortably fuckin long time…

And the fault’s mine,

cause I ain’t listen to the forecast,

I saw sunshine.

When it was obviously cummulus,

-now it’s gotta be hubris cause, to think you gonna see son shine,

is comically humurous!

But I’m so serious,

sure there’s a chance in Hell,

I’m only happy when it rains,

I’m so Shirley Manson – Hell!

Or high-water,

my water’s – eyewater,

if there’s a flood inside,

then I’m Noah,

and the Ark is my Art!

And this rain is Acid,

and this pain, has come with disdain and made it vapid,

-like to make it evap-orate,

-but it can torment you…

But how long?

Cause the downpour has been torrential,

on this instrumental – it’s The Rain,

the rain, the rain…”

Hope you learned something…

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